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Fitness Motivation for Females: Our Top 10 Tips

Whether you’re stuffing to get started or you’ve hit a rough patch with your training, staying motivated with your fitness is absolutely crucial to hitting your goals. 

We so often find that we get started with all the best will in the world, but then, after some time, struggle to keep it going. So, to help others who’ve been in the same situation, we’ve made a list of essential hints and tips for fitness motivation for females. 

Whether it’s reading a book, or putting on that killer playlist, you’ve got to find your fitness motivation for females. Take a look at our list and see if any of these get you in the mood to hit the gym, and stick to your routine. 

Fitness Motivation for Females – Our Top Tips

Read these motivational books

So often, we find that the stories of others achieving greatness and pushing through barriers is just what we need to motivate ourselves to take the next step in our fitness journeys. 

With that in mind, we recommend picking up an inspirational motivational fitness book, which features some of the most determined and powerful athlete stories we’ve ever seen! 

So, if you really want some fitness motivation for females, check out these amazing titles. 

A CrossFit-inspired book focussing on the mindset behind hard work in the box. Stephen Madden give you all the tools you need to reimagine your thought process and relationship with the pain that comes with hard work in a WOD. Definitely a great read if you find yourself holding back in a workout! 

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Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve reached a plateau with your running, this book from Dr Starrett demystifies the secrets behind running and helps you unlock your potential and take your training to the next level. Just what the doctor ordered! 

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Inspired by training journals used by professional athletes, the Believe Training Journal gives you hints and tips for keeping motivation high and allows you to plan your workouts and track results with ease. We love seeing how far we’ve come and planning a training structure, so it’s a favorite in the GymGirlFit team! 

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Chrissie Wellington OBE, four time IronMan World Champion, is pretty much the most badass female athlete there is when it comes to grit, determination and unbelievable mental power to just keep going. There’s a lot we can all learn from her about putting your head down and putting in the work. Whether you’re a triathlete or not, this is a must read. 

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Take ownership and make it happen – something we all want to do as part of our fitness journey. Find out more about how you can change your mindset and take control of your overall fitness journey with this inspirational book. 

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Listen to this motivational podcast

If you’re not a big reader, it’s no worries – you don’t have to be to get your fix of fitness motivation for females. These days audible books and podcasts are so easy to get hold of, so you can listen on your commute to work or even while you’re at the gym! Perfect timing. 

Check these motivational podcasts! 

  1. Fitness Disrupted with Tom Holland
  2. Diet Starts Tomorrow
  3. Motivational Speeches
  4. Fit, Healthy and Happy Podcast
  5. Look Good Move Well

Remember this top tip

Someone said this in the GymGirlFit office many years ago and it’s one that’s always stuck with us when we’re having a really bad day, and feel like that last thing we want to do is hit the gym. 

“The workouts you don’t want to do are the ones you get the most out of.”

It’s one of those motivational fitness quotes that just always seem to ring true! If you’re not feeling great mentally and don’t want to go to the gym, it always seems to be the only thing that will help is a good workout! Despite how you feel about staying in and chilling on the sofa. 

And, even if you go and only give it 80% of your usual effort, you’ve still been and take another step towards your goals. So, don’t forget this one next time you feel like giving a session a miss.

Unless you’re ill or injured obviously, don’t over do it! 

Remember the benefits

What are we doing this for? That’s one of the key motivating forces behind why any of us got into fitness in the first place. 

Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, feel more confident or improve your mental health, there are so many benefits to exercising. 

So one of the key fitness motivations for females is surely the benefits, and it can be hard to remember these when you’re just not in the mood. So, we like to take a moment each day to reflect on why we started our fitness journey in the first place. 

Keep that in mind and you’ll start to feel that motivation coming back to you. 

Think about where you started

Keeping the last point in mind, it’s always a good idea to remember where you were when you started. 

Perhaps your fitness levels have increased, or you’re feeling more positive mentally due to regular exercise. Whatever it is, think about where you started, how far you’ve come and it’s very likely you’ll start to feel positive and proud of your progress. 

Getting fit is constant work, and that can be draining if you feel like you’re not getting anywhere. But, chances are you’ve already made some amazing progress that will help spur you on to your next challenge. 

Make it fun and social

No one likes to do something if it’s boring. Fair enough, getting fit can be hard, but there’s no reason why it can’t be fun too! 

One of the best ways to do this is to join a club. Whether that’s a running club, cycling, weight lifting or a CrossFit class, having like-minded people around you can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of your chosen sport. 

Spend time trying different things and make sure you find something that you really enjoy. And, why not do a few different sports all at once! Variety can really help mix up your week and keep you on top of your fitness motivation. 

Reframe Exercise

This takes a little bit from the previous point but it’s super important. If you’re not loving something, then you’re going to find it hard to stick to it. It’s really that simple. 

Women have been programmed to think of exercise as a means to an end: weight loss. And along with that comes some pretty awful connotations of hating your own body. Not cool. 

So, if you reposition that thought process rather than thinking I want to lose weight, try thinking things like I want to be healthier, I want to get stronger, I want to be the best version of myself, then you start to love your body and your progress a whole lot more. 

It’s about taking the positive angle and finding that type of exercise that really resonates with you. Maybe you get rid of running and start lifting weights, if that’s the exercise that makes you happy and makes you love your body, then it’s probably a lot easier to get your fitness motivation on! 

Make a plan

Having a structure and a plan around what you’re going to be doing is a great fitness motivation for females. It gives us something to commit to and aim for, which is why we love it so much. 

It can be anything you like too. Whether that’s just committing to Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes at your local CrossFit Box, or planning out each workout each week, it can be the level of detail that works for you. 

With everything set out ahead of you, it encourages a more focussed approach that will help you to progress more quickly, and see results too. All you need to do is stick to it! 

Personally, we think one of the best things to do to help with commitment and motivation is to have a workout plan. Which is why we’ve developed our popular 6 Week Body Recomposition Workout Plan

As it’s a 6 week programme, it’s a great shorter term commitment that will also help you to reflect on where you started, as we’ve specifically created it to go back to that first week of workouts so you can see the results at the end. 

And, with this, all you need to do is download it and commit, we’ve sorted out everything else for you! 

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Go with a friend

So you’ve got a plan, but you’re still struggling to find your fitness motivation. For females, we often find that going with a friend is a great way to keep you focused and to help with those moments when you don’t really feel like going to the gym. 

Simply make sure you’re on the same page. It’s no good working out together if you know you’re both going to say ‘shall we cancel today and go for a drink instead’ 15 minutes before you’re due to set off! While it is super fun, you need someone who’s going to agree to be committed and who’ll help you get off the couch and workout. 

Once you’ve found that person, you’ll be surprised at how much more motivated you’ll be. 

Think long term 

Getting motivated sure can be difficult. But the most important thing to remember is that fitness doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s constant work. So, while you may be aiming for some ‘end goal’ or ‘target weight’ don’t forget it happens over a longer period of time. 

So, progress might not be something drastic and immediately noticeable, but as long as you stick to your guns, commit to the work and keep going, it will happen for you. It’s science! 

With that in mind, don’t think about those shorter term goals, think long term and keep congratulating yourself for those moments when you can see you’re on the way. Whether that is lifting a new weight or running your fastest mile, it can come in any form you like. 


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