5 Best Massage Guns 2022 – Our Favourite Picks!

Discover the powers of percussive therapy! If you haven’t tried a massage gun yet, it’s definitely worth your time.

They’re used by physical therapists, trainers and day-to-day athletes to help promote recovery, get blood flowing through your muscles and reduce muscle soreness. 

What’s more, they’re not an exclusive or expensive item anymore!

Because there are now so many great products on the market, you can get your hands on a really fantastic product, without spending loads on big brand names. This is great if you’re looking for a more affordable Theragun alternative. 

After our review of the best massage guns on the market, we found the following top five products: 

5 Best Massage Guns 

Best Massage Gun Overall – HoMedics Massage Gun

Best Massage Gun on Amazon – Bob and Brad T2 Massage Gun

Best Massage Gun under 100 – OLsky Massage Gun

Best Mini Massage Gun – Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun

Quietest Massage Gun – Hydragun

Best Massage Gun Overall HoMedics Massage Gun

HoMedics best massage gun overall

The HoMedics gun is a great all rounder for our top pick for best massage gun overall. It offers up fantastic levels of power which competes well with other top massage guns, so performance wise, it’s up there for us. 

On top of that, it’s got a few nifty additions that make it our top pick for this review. It comes with five heads, but one of these offers a heated head for additional promotion of blood flow through the area, or a frozen head which offers cold therapy too. 

When we used the HoMedics gun we found it a smooth, quiet experience that delivered on power and usability. It flowed well over clothes or directly on skin and was easy to use too. 

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Best Massage Gun on Amazon – Bob and Brad T2 Massage Gun

Bob and Brad T2 Massage Gun

When it comes to convenience and delivery, finding a good massage gun on Amazon can be just what you need. It’s easy to order, delivery is super quick and reliable too. 

With that in mind, our top pick for best massage gun on amazon has to be the Bob and Brad T2 Massage Gun. It’s a good, powerful piece of kit that comes with five heads to ensure you’ve got everything you need to pull in an effective massage. 

Our favorite part of the Bob and Brad T2 is the fact that it’s developed by the very popular physical therapists, Bob and Brad who you may’ve seen on their YouTube channel. They’ve worked on the design to offer an effective massage that you can trust. 

Due to the popularity of Bob and Brad, their smart design and effective massaging power, we picked this out as our top massage gun on Amazon, as it’s not something you can get anywhere else. 

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Best Massage Gun under $100 – OLsky Massage Gun

Best massage gun under 100

For this, we’ve picked out the OLsky design for best massage gun under $100. If you’re on a budget, you want to be on the lookout for something that offers up great value for money, and we think this model does the job very well. 

This massage gun comes with 30 different speeds that will allow you to choose the right option for you, and ten different heads. So really, you are getting quite a bit of bang for your buck.

Realistically, we’re spending less on this massage gun so we weren’t surprised or disappointed to find out we’re not getting the same amount of speed or finesse as other options on this list. However, for a budget massage gun, we found we were pleasantly surprised. 

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Best Mini Massage Gun – Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun

Best mini massage gun

When you’re looking for the best mini massage gun, you need something streamlined, convenient to carry and store, light and, most importantly, powerful. 

We’ve gone back to Bob and Brad again for their Q2 massage gun. Weighing less than a pound, yet competing nicely with some of the bigger guns when it comes to power, we found this dinky little massage gun very impressive. 

What’s more, it comes with five heads in a small, light travel case that makes it super easy to carry around, whether it’s at the gym or on a trip somewhere. 

Overall, it’s a really thoughtfully designed mini massage gun, and we really couldn’t find fault with it. 

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Quietest Massage Gun – Hydragun

Hydragun quietest massage gun

The Hydragun is also another massage gun that’s been on our radar for quite some time. While it looks fantastic, is easy to use and offers up some very impressive power outputs, we’re also big fans because it’s our quietest massage gun. 

Coming in at between 30-50Dcb, we found it very quiet indeed, and nowhere near as loud as other options out there. And, with an amplitude of 12mm and a max RPM of 3200, that’s pretty impressively quiet. 

What’s more, we just find it a lovely piece of kit to use anyway, so if a quiet, yet powerful performance is your priority, then the Hydragun won’t disappoint.

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What should you look for in a massage gun? 

When looking out for the best massage gun, there are a few key elements that you need to keep in mind. These are the elements we use to assess whether we thinking a massage gun is worthy of making on to our exclusive list of the best massage guns. 

  • Performance

Performance comes down to a few key elements. These include the output you’ll feel from your massage gun. Speed is an important one, with anything coming in at above 3000RPM as a max speed a really top notch massage gun. 

Furthermore, you want to check out the amplitude, which highlights the range of movement for your massagers head. This gives an idea of depth, so if you’re looking for a really deep massage, the higher amplitude should be on your radar. 

Next up, you might want to look at sound as we know a lot of people out there are pretty concerned about ensuring their gun is quiet – no one likes the sound of a drill! Look out for the Decibels of the product as this will tell you how quiet it is. Anything below 60 DB should be pretty quiet. 

  • Quality and design

You don’t want to feel like your massage gun is going to fall apart as soon as you start going in for a deeper tissue massage. Something that’s made of light aluminum or strong plastic will have your back when it comes to applying the pressure on a much needed deep tissue massage. 

You also want to think about how you’re using it. For example a grippy material for the handle such as silicone will ensure you won’t experience any slipping during use. 

We also find a really simple interface is preferable, as you don’t want to be searching around for the ‘right’ button halfway through a massage. Instead, something simple with a simple click through each speed or setting is much more preferable. 

  • Accessories

This mainly refers to the number of heads you get with your massage gun. While the offer of 10-15 heads might seem like a brilliant idea, most of the time we find a favorite 2-3 heads and stick to using them and cycling through them depending on the need. 

So, don’t be convinced into making a purchase based on the number of heads you get! We often think something in the region of five heads is more than enough to provide the massage support you need. 

Furthermore, in recent years the introduction of heated or frozen heads can also make a difference. It is certainly very cool to have a heated head, as it could help to improve blood flow to muscles, but it’s not essential. We find that the head tends to heat up with use anyway, meaning we think the benefit is pretty small with a heated head. 

Oh, and absolutely always buy a product which comes with a charging cable for the battery! 

  • Battery life

This is a pretty important one. Some of the massage guns we’ve got on this list can be used daily for at least a week without needing charging, which is awesome. 

You should look out for something offering up 4-6 hours of use between charges, which is enough to get you through plenty of gym sessions at around 15 minutes of massaging each time. 

Furthermore, you definitely want a rechargeable battery, so make sure you look at the specs to ensure you’re not replacing any fiddly batteries every couple of weeks! The cost will rack up pretty quickly that way! 


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