Bob and Brad Mini Massage Gun Review – Powerful or Disappointing?

Bob and Brad have launched to fame thanks to their YouTube channel, and since then a stream of new products have been released featuring their names. 

What’s more, with such a great reputation behind them as physiotherapists, we want to know if the Bob and Brad range of massage guns and foot massagers is also as highly respected in the industry. 

Developed by the two physical therapists themselves, we had high hopes for their range, and we weren’t disappointed. When we weighed up the key features and compared them to other, similar products, we found this to be a really great mini massage gun. 

Take a look at our quick overview below or find out more about the Bob and Brad Mini Massage Gun with our comprehensive review. 

Bob and Brad Mini Massage Gun – Quick overview

Bob and Brad Mini Massage gun review

  • Developed by physical therapists
  • Small, easy to carry design
  • 3000RPM speed, 7mm Amplitude
  • 4 Hour battery charge
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 5 Heads included
  • Carry case included
  • Quiet engine

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Bob and Brad – The Brand

The Bob and Brad brand is a little different to other massage guns we’ve reviewed, as this two physical therapists shot to fame via their YouTube channel. They’ve amassed a great following over social media providing actionable advice as physical therapists, and reviewing products like massage guns.

From there, they have developed their own massage guns and range of massage equipment to ensure there are high quality, useful pieces of equipment available, in line with the needs of a physical therapist. 

We like this approach, as we can take peace of mind in the fact that the products in this range have been developed under the watchful eyes of experts, people who know what they’re talking about. 

Bob and Brad Mini Massage Gun Design

Bob and brad mini massage gun design

The key thing that struck us when taking the Bob and Brad Mini Massage Gun out of its case for the first time was the look. It’s a little bit thicker than other mini massage guns, like the Addsfit Mini, but that doesn’t mean by any stretch that this is a heavy product – it weighs less than a pound! 

What we mean is, we found the mini massage gun to offer a good, substantial feel that we found reassuring. 

So, when you’re in the middle of a massage, it really felt like you can trust the durability and solidity of the Bob and Brad Mini. And we didn’t feel any give or hear any creaks when we applied some pressure – it feels like a product you can trust. 

Furthermore, it looks great. 

With a thicker handle, is covered in a soft-touch matte material which offers up a good, reliable grip. Contrasting this, the ‘barrel’ of the massage gun is in a shiny plastic, which gives it a really smart feel. Although it does leave fingerprint smudges behind! 

The interface is super simple, making it really easy to work. Simply press the button to cycle through the different speeds and intensities of the massage gun. 

Overall, we found the combination of smart style and practical design a winner, what’s not to like.  

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Bob and Brad Mini Massage Gun Power

We’re unboxing and so far, so good – it looks great. So does it perform as brilliantly as it looks? In our eyes, yes. 

The key thing to remember about this product is it’s a mini massage gun. It’s designed to be convenient, portable and light. With that in mind, this is never going to be the most powerful massage gun you’ll find. 

But that’s completely fine! Because it still offers up a really competitive performance and power output. 

At 3000 RPM (repetitions per minute aka your vibration speed) it’s only 300RPM below one of the bigger, more powerful massage guns we’ve reviewed, the Addsfit Max

Now that’s pretty impressive for a mini massage gun that’s about half it’s size. And, it’s worth remembering that unless you’re an athlete, these slightly lower RPM are probably more than enough for you anyway. 

So, although it’s not the biggest or most powerful gun we’ve seen when it comes to speed, we were actually really impressed with what it has to offer for a massage gun this small. 

So, if you were worried about a smaller gun not providing enough power, don’t worry anymore. This little gun has more than enough punch in it. 

What’s more, despite this power, the Bob and Brad Mini Massage gun is also super quiet, like we were actually quite surprised and the power vs noise ratio. 

Battery Life for the Brad and Bob Mini Massage Gun

Within the Brad and Bob Mini Massage Gun, you’ll find a 2500m-Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which offers up around 4 hours of use. 

On the face of it, 4 hours doesn’t seem like a lot, however when you consider you probably spend about 10-15 minutes massaging a day, that’s actually not bad going. From unboxing, we’ve been using the Mini Massage gun for about a week now and so far we still haven’t had to plug it in for a charge. 

In terms of the plug, you get a USB-C charging included, so you can plug it in to your laptop or a usb to plug converter (which we all have lying around by now!) to recharge your mini massage gun. 

All of this works nicely with the idea of a portable, convenient product that you can carry with you easily. 

It’s a thumbs up from us. 

Bob and Brad Head Accessories

Bob and brad mini massage gun review

The Bob and Brad Mini Massage gun comes with a selection of 5 heads which can be used to target the different massaging needs you might have. 

Compared to other mini massage guns (like the Addsfit Mini) where you only get two heads, this is a massive thumbs up from us. 

The five heads range from cushioned and rounded which provides a softer, more subtle approach, through to the fork and thumb heads, which provide a more intense massage. 

For us though, we really liked the flat plastic head, which gave just enough toughness and pressure to provide a really satisfying massage, without the intensity that can come to those smaller surface heads. 

Within the case you’ll also find a manual for the massage gun, which provides detailed information on what’s included in your case, but also how to use it all. So if you have any further queries, you’ve got the answers to hand in the case. 

Bob and Brad Mini Massage Gun vs Competitors

Here at GymGirlFit, we’ve reviewed a few massage guns in our time, and the Bob and Brad should definitely be compared to another mini. 

Throughout this review you may have noticed we’ve referenced the Addsfit Mini a few times. 

As far as we can tell, the RPM is the same, the battery life on the Bob and Brad is a little lower, but our key takeaway with this is the number of heads you have available in this product. 

Five compared to two is a no brainer for us, so in this case the Bob and Brad Mini Massage Gun comes out on top. 

Bob and Brad Mini Massage Gun Review – Should You Buy it? 

As always, it depends on what you need from a massage gun. 

This one is small, light, powerful and offers up great variety. So, if you don’t think you need that extra 300RPM ( which most of us don’t quite honestly) then this option is a great choice. 

We want to say because it’s smaller it would be a really convenient portable option too, but we can’t help but think it’s fine if you don’t need a portable option too. 

With five heads to choose from and a great array of speeds, we found it stood up to other similar products that are designed to be used at home. 

So, if you think any of the above rings true with you, why not give the Bob and Brad Mini Massage Gun a whirl.

It’s available on Amazon too, which makes it super easy and convenient to order. Discover the latest price below.

Buy the Bob and Brad Mini Massage Gun


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