Trimtone Review – Is this Fat Burner Worth Your Money? 

Find out whether this well-reviewed fat burner is worth your money with our Trimtone review. 

Supplements like Trimtone, that claim to help you lose weight and drop fat, are usually a fad. As we well know, the only proven way to lose weight is to eat well and burn more calories than you consume. That’s a fact. 

However, we know there’s plenty of similar products out there that claim to help you along in your weight loss journey.

To help you find out whether this is a reliable product, made of trustworthy ingredients that could support you with fat loss, we’ve tried and tested Trimtone to bring you a comprehensive review.

This way, we hope to provide you with our most honest opinion of what you can realistically expect from Trimtone, based on the ingredients in the formula, and our own experiences on regularly taking the supplement.

So, if you are thinking of trying Trimtone yourself, you’ve got all the information you need to decide whether or not it’s worth your money and time!

Don’t forget, everything on this review is based on our opinions alone!

Trimtone review

Trimtone Review – Quick Overview

  • 9.5/10 Quality
  • 8.5/10 Research support
  • 9/10 Customer Feedback
  • 9/10 Price

Buy Securely

Our key features:

  • Big Focus on Metabolism Boosting
  • High-quality Natural Ingredients
  • Can Help with Cravings
  • Widely used supplement

Research shows:

  • Could boost energy levels
  • Improve fat metabolism
  • Reduces cravings

Brand info:

  • Health Nutrition Ltd.
  • GMP Facilities used
  • Well known in the weight loss industry
  • USA Made Product

What is Trimtone?

Trimtone is a fat burner supplement. These supplements are supposedly designed to help you lose weight. From years of experience in reviewing supplements like this, we know that fat burners alone cannot help you lose weight and shouldn’t be relied upon to do so. Always use healthy, calorie controlled eating and plenty of exercise before you turn to a supplement like this. 

Trimtone has been specifically created as a fat burner for women. This should mean that the formula itself, and not just the (albeit pretty) pink packaging should reflect that. We’ll discuss that further on in our Trimtone review. 

However, many women claim that fat burners are a good support to their weight loss attempts. Focus on the word support here. It’s there as a helping hand, not a complete solution.

Whether this is true and products like Trimtone do offer an additional crutch during fat loss or they have some kind of placebo effect, we can’t ignore the opinions of so many women who claim it has helped them in their weight loss journey. 

According to the Trimtone website, you can expect the following from this product: 

  • Increases energy – With a reasonable, yet not overwhelming serving of caffeine, Trimtone could offer a energising boost
  • Burns fat – Something many supplements like this one claim to do, this is meant to be the overall benefit of a combination of the below benefits (reduce appetite and boost metabolism)
  • Reduces appetite – As women can be susceptible to cravings more so than men [1] this can be beneficial to women. however , ingredients that offer this benefit must be served well. 
  • Boosts metabolism – If your metabolism is higher, you could burn more calories. Some ingredients have been shown to impact metabolism, however the effectiveness of these ingredients entirely depends on servings and quality. 
  • 100% natural ingredients – This is a good sign, as chemicals are never good for your body. We’re happy to see a natural approach which is more likely to agree with a woman’s body.

These are highlighted as the main benefits of taking Trimtone, however we’ll judge how well they achieve these benefits as we further test out the product and take a closer look at the ingredients. 

Trimtone Ingredients

Trimtone review of ingredients

As with any supplement, the crux of our Trimtone review comes down to the ingredients list. With Trimtone, we’re mostly concerned with whether or not this supplement delivers on the claims they made in the first section. 

Here’s a reminder of what the Trimtone manufacturers said this supplement can do: Burn fat, Reduce appetite, Boost Metabolism and Use 100% natural ingredients. 

This is all important as the ingredients in Trimtone directly impact on how we, as the users will react to, or experience the supplement.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Trimtone ingredients in closer detail to see whether or not they achieved this: 

    • Caffeine Anhydrous – Recognise this from your morning cup of coffee? A common ingredient in this type of supplement as it’s known for increasing the metabolism [2], which in turn can help to increase the number of calories you burn and improve your ability to lose weight when paired with a healthy calorie controlled diet. We can be wary of caffeine in any women’s product, as high levels can be dangerous. However, at 120mg, this is a reasonable serving that is only slightly more than that morning cup of coffee and will give you a nice energising boost. This might be beneficial for those who suffer with low energy on a diet, and this serving should be conservative enough to avoid substantial side effects.
    • Green Coffee – Green Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which has been linked to weight loss when paired with a calorie restricted diet, however studies used much higher levels of around 400mg showed results [3]. We can’t say whether the serving of 100mg will reap the same weight loss rewards. 
    • Green Tea – This ingredient is very common in fat burners like Trimtone and is well known for its health boosting benefits. Little compounds called catechins within Green Tea have been linked to increased metabolism [4]. What’s more, this also contains caffeine, which may also help to boost metabolism and increase your performance in the gym [5]
    • Glucomannan – We’re always very happy to see this in a woman’s fat burner supplement, as this natural ingredient is well known and well tested for its ability to help suppress appetite. This complex fiber expands slightly in your stomach, creating a feeling of fullness that has been shown to help reduce hunger and even reduce calorie intake [6]. However, research shows that the ideal portion of Glucomannan is around 3000mg across the day [7]. At just 100mg, this is 30 times lower than that, so we can’t say what the result of this will be. 
    • Grains of Paradise –  Admittedly, this isn’t something we’ve seen before in a supplement, however upon closer research, we found it’s part of the ginger family, which is known for it’s thermogenic effects. This too has been shown to boost thermogenesis at a serving of 30mg [8]. So with a serving of 40mg in Trimtone, they have exceeded the successful serving in the trial.

During our Trimtone reviews, we found that the ingredients examination was a bit of a mixed bag. We liked the ingredients we saw on paper – they were all natural and well known to us within the world of supplements. 

For example, caffeine anhydrous, green coffee, glucomannan and green tea are all natural plant extracts that we’ve seen before and we know are backed by some good research that supports their ability to promote weight loss.

In this supplement, we also felt a nice energy boost, that wasn’t too aggressive when we used it. Some similar supplements can really amp up the caffeine which can leave you feeling over stimulated and unwell, however none of us felt like that having tested Trimtone.

The grains of paradise were a little unfamiliar, but it looks to also be backed by scientific trials which show positive results. 

The issue lies with the servings in this supplement. Each serving is just one capsule, which means they are slightly limited when it comes to how generous the ingredients can be served. 

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For example, the glucomannan is much lower than we’d like to see. While it’s a good, natural ingredient, it’s not served as strongly as we have seen in other supplements, like Leanbean.

However, a plus side to lower servings of glucomannan is that none of us felt bloated by the supplement, which can occasionally be the case with this ingredient.

However, appetite suppression isn’t the be all and end all of a product like Trimtone. In our Trimtone review, it seems the emphasis on this formula is definitely on thermogenesis and metabolism boosting, which is offered by all the ingredients, apart from the glucomannan. 

As such, the ingredients could have a synergistic effect, which may help to increase your metabolism and aid you in increasing your calorie burn, which is something that could help with weight loss when paired with the right diet and exercise.

When testing it ourselves, most of us found the caffeine levels palatable. While we did experience a nice pick-me-up sensation, we can’t comment on thermogenesis as that’s all happening at a molecular level!

Find out more

At the official Trimtone Website

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Is Trimtone designed for women?

We always want to make sure that, when we’re reviewing a product like Trimtone, that it really is appropriate for our audience – women. 

As such, during our Trimtone review, we need to ensure that the supplement has been made with women in mind. 

Looking at the box and the bottle, it’s clear this has been created for women. It’s pink, soft and pretty to look at. It definitely stands out as being a high-quality product when compared to other, similar products out there. 

When it comes to the formula, we can see a lot of emphasis has been put on the metabolism boosting side of things. With plenty of thermogenesis-inducing ingredients in there, it could help to support your metabolism. 

We are slightly concerned about the level of caffeine we’re seeing from the caffeine anhydrous, green coffee and the green tea. All of this could run the risk of giving you jitters after taking it, especially if you’re particularly sensitive. However, we still think it’s much lower than other products available on the market, with the caffeine serving coming in at just over a standard coffee. But it’s definitely something to keep in mind if you’re prone to caffeine sensitivity as some women are. 

However, if you do find that you need an energy boost when you’re on a low calorie diet, then this little serving of caffeine might be perfect for you!

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning of our Trimtone review, women can be more prone to cravings, which may impact weight gain. With this in mind, we often like to see an appetite suppressant in a women’s fat burner, as it may help to keep these cravings at bay. 

While Trimtone reviews reveal it does offer glucomannan, which is one of our favourite natural appetite suppressants, we were disappointed with the serving. We thought the serving was a little low and, having tested it out, none of us really felt a big difference when it comes to cravings and food intake. 

Having said that, the level of metabolism boosting elements is promising.

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Does Trimtone work?

Trimtone review does it work

If you want to depend on Trimtone alone for weight loss, then stop right here. As we say with EVERY other fat burner supplement, this won’t make you lose fat when used alone. The only thing that will is an active lifestyle paired with a healthy, calorie controlled diet. 

However, after a Trimtone review, we can say it might help you on your weight loss journey. And, we have to say most of us had a good experience when taking Trimtone – no nasty side effects to report. 

There are several ingredients within this formula that have proven metabolism boosting properties. With that in mind, Trimtone may help you to burn more calories and support the calorie deficit you need to be in to lose weight. 

An appetite suppressant is in the formula too, however, at such a low serving we can’t say whether that will impact any kind of weight loss attempt. 

Just don’t expect any results if you depend on the capsules alone. Weight loss comes with hard work and this supplement is just there to make it a bit easier and your results potentially a little better. 

How to take Trimtone

According to the instructions that come with Trimtone, this is how to take the supplement: 

Take one capsule in the morning with a glass of water before breakfast every day. 

We’ve taken a closer look at what this means in our Trimtone reviews.

We believe the instruction of taking it before breakfast is to allow the appetite suppressant to work, therefore potentially reducing the portion size when eating breakfast.

Try not to take this supplement anywhere close to bed, as the stimulants in the mix could keep you up! Definitely stick to breakfast time.

There’s an emphasis on taking the supplement daily, which we support. Sustainable weight loss happens through consistency over a long period of time. By taking the supplement consistently, we believe you’ll be more likely to see the results that could come with this product. 

Trimtone side effects

After a careful Trimtone review, we believe the side effects would come down to the stimulants within this product. 

The ingredients are natural and well known to us, so we know that, in general they are considered to come with very low risk. Having said that, we recommend you speak to your doctor before taking any kind of supplement. 

The caffeine levels in this product, while they aren’t alarmingly high, could leave you with some side effects if you are particularly sensitive to caffeine. 

While none of our team who tested the supplement experienced any side effects, it’s worth remembering that everyone is different.

If you experience any jitters, feelings of anxiety or headaches, stop taking this supplement immediately. 

If you are pregnant DO NOT take this supplement at all. The caffeine within this could be harmful. 

Discover more

At the official Trimtone Website

Trimtone reviews – what do real customers think?

We can sit and look at the product and the formula, but we’re just one team – the real benefit of a product can be seen in the real Trimtone reviews that come from customers. 

At this time, this is quite a new supplement on the market, so we’ve struggled to find Trimone reviews from real customers. We’ve found plenty of other blogs performing a Trimtone review, and found similarities with our own findings. 

However, at this moments, we’ll have to wait until this product has a few more customer responses before we can comfortably feature some Trimtone reviews that accurately represent the majority of results. 

Trimtone and competitors

This is an essential part of any good Trimtone review. When you’re looking at purchasing a supplement, or any product really, you’ll want to know how it stands up against other, similar products to make sure you’re spending your hard earned cash on the right option for you.

So, to make thing’s easier for you, in our Trimtone review, we’ve compared it to one of our favourite women’s supplements – Leanbean.

Trimtone vs Leanbean

Where Trimtone might be great if you’re looking for an energy boost, due to that good serving of caffeine, Leanbean instead offers appetite support. The glucomannan in Leanbean should be a better option if you’re looking for appetite suppression.

In terms of price, they come in at about the same price. Where Leanbean offers you six capsules a day, with Trimtone, you get just one a day, which might be better if you prefer ease when it comes to a supplement, but you won’t get as many ingredients in the mix.

Overall, we think the bigger serving sizes in Leanbean generally make it a better supplement, however if you want an energising boost, then Trimtone might be better for you.

Read more about Leanbean here.

Trimtone price and value

1 box (30 capsules): $49.95

2 boxes + 1 box FREE: $99.90

3 boxes + 2 boxes FREE: $149.85

In our Trimtone review, we found that the more you buy, the better the value for money. If you were to go for one of the bundles, you do get additional boxes with your purchase. This could be beneficial as, if this fat burner does work and offer a support to your weight loss effort, then it will do so over a longer period of time. Therefore it makes sense to go for the bigger bundle. 

Despite the increase of value when you opt for multi-buys, we’d rate Trimtone as being at the more expensive end of spectrum, especially when you consider that the appetite suppressant is served very low and the serving is only one capsule a day. But, with that multi-buy option, you’ll definitely see more bang for your buck. 

If you do want the best value for money from this supplement, a multi-buy may be the best option.

Trimtone review – the final word

Overall, our Trimtone review found two key issues with this supplement: 

  • The appetite suppressant is served too low
  • And one capsule is not enough to provide sufficient servings of key ingredients.

We do believe that, while there are good ingredients in this mix, you can find fat burners out there with better servings, that take more care when it comes to supporting women with their weight loss efforts. 

Having said that, the thermogenics in this supplement are high quality, natural and well researched, so you may see results with Trimtone too. One key way of knowing will be when there are more customer Trimtone reviews in the future. We’ll keep an eye out for them and update this article when we’ve seen more Trimtone reviews. 

But when we consider other supplements on the market we can say it’s definitely not a bad product. Our Trimtone review has revealed that clear thought has gone into creating this and while it’s not a complete all-rounder, if you’re most concerned about a metabolism boost, then this could be the one for you.

Find out more

At the official Trimtone Website


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