I’m Lauren and I’m the mind, author and creator behind gymgirl.fit

When I started this website I wanted to create a safe space, where women can come to learn more about all things fitness. From learning new movements, to reading up on the science, gymgirl will have you covered.

I’ve lived and breathed fitness for most of my adult life. When I was younger, myself and my whole family were quite unfit and definitely weren’t very educated on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

When I was 17 my Dad and I joined a CrossFit gym. The rest is history. We got fitter, lost weight and began to lead a healthier life. From there I learned about nutrition, read more into how the human body works and developed my own fitness.

After a while I found powerlifting in a bid to become stronger and fitter, and have been training in this way for years. When it comes to choosing a discipline I’ll do anything that feels good for my body. I’ve tried climbing, running, cycling, yoga and more, but I always come back to strength training as my go-to.

After a while I combined my love of writing with my enthusiasm for fitness. I’m a writer by trade and I’ve written blogs for a number of big names in the industry like MyProtein, and I currently write for a number of health and fitness websites.

Now, my whole life is different and it’s all down to health and fitness. What better way to share this big passion than by starting my own project: GymGirlFit

Lauren x

If you’d like to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you! Visit out Contact page to find out more.

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