5 Best Resistance Bands for Glutes in 2020

Discover the best resistance bands for glutes - reviewed

If you’re serious about building an enviable booty, or shaping out your legs, finding the best resistance bands for glutes is essential. We’ve updated our list of the best resistance bands for glutes in 2020. 

Compared to big weights and barbells, these handy fitness tools fly under the radar, however they have the power to help transform your body and your lifts.

Don’t underestimate them, there’s nothing that can get your butt muscles firing like resistance band for glutes.

What’s more resistance bands for glutes are just about the easiest bit of gym kit to bring with you. They’re light, small and easy to throw in your bag ready for an intense, burning session ahead.

They’re the key to a really deep booty workout, but they can also help you reach the next level on your big lifts if you use them for activation and mobility.

So, stop double folding those long looped bands that hang from every corner of your gym, and check out these top quality, booty-growing alternatives.

We’ve reviewed and ranked the best resistance bands for glutes to bring you our 5 favourite products.

Which are the best resistance bands for glutes?

We found that the GymB bands were our best glute bands. Buy them at the official website below, or keep reading to find out why we rated them so highly. 

best resistance bands for glutes

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What makes the best resistance bands for glutes? 

Your glutes are the biggest muscles in your body, so it stands to reason you’ll need a slightly more powerful resistance band for glutes than your average all-rounder product. 

As such, we’re looking for something that provides a high enough amount of resistance to really challenge the muscle fibres and grow in size and shape.

What’s more, you need a small looped band. No more doubling over longer bands or tying one at the ends to create a loop.

As we explore the market, we want to be on the lookout for the following qualities in the best resistance band for glutes:

  • Thick material
  • Long lasting quality
  • Small loop
  • Reasonable price
  • Don’t roll up

Check out the best resistance bands for glutes here

1. GymB Resistance Bands 

    • Best for Booty Growth

best resistance bands for glutes


  • Thick material
  • Range of colors
  • Durable
  • Small loop
  • Won’t roll up!
  • A range of difficulties


  • Can only buy 3 at once

These bands are also top-quality resistance bands for glutes and legs. They come in a pack of three that offers increasing levels of difficulty. They’re available in a smart selection of colors, including pink, grey and black which represents the heightening resistance.

GymB resistance bands for glutes also provide a protective bag that makes it easy to pack and take around the gym with you. These bands also appear to be of a high-quality, so they should be durable and last for quite a while. According to the site, they can also be used for a number of different purposes, including full body workouts, but we still think this is one of the best resistance bands for glutes and legs.

Unfortunately, with this brand you can only buy them in a pack of three, so if you are just looking for a single band over a set, then there may be more cost effective options available.

Buy GymB Resistance Bands


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2. Recredo Booty Bands

recredo booty bands

These resistance bands for glutes are top quality. They’re a thick, knitted style which will really challenge your booty and help you to activate the fibers and grow in size. This kind of band is good for someone who might be used to training and muscle pain. Recredo are also available in a pack of three, each with increasing resistance.

This allows you to start light and move up as you get stronger, which should cover you for quite some time as you focus on progressing strength and size. As there’s three in a pack, you shouldn’t have to buy anymore bands for quite a while, meaning it’s a one-off purchase. If you don’t want to buy all three, you also have the option to pick just one band, although it’s better value for money if you go for all three.

The bands are available in a range of colors, which look bright and attractive in the gym, and they come in a protective bag that you can easily pack along with you gym kit. It also comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can expect at least a year’s worth of booty growing workouts from this brand. We found this reassuring for the quality and value.

Looking at the price, we think it’s good value for money, based on the quality of the bands and how many you get.

Overall, Recredo ticked all our boxes for the best resistance band for glutes, but it’s just quite a pricey option. 


  • Thick material
  • Long lasting quality
  • Small loop
  • Reasonable price
  • 1-year guarantee

Shop Recredo Booty Bands here


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3. Letsfit Resistance Bands

letsfit resistance bands for glutes

These bands are also made with high-quality, knitted material, making them both challenging and hardy. Rather than coming in increasing resistance, they’re available in a range of sizes, which should help you alter the difficulty of the exercises you’re working on.

One great option with this resistance band for glutes is you can buy all three at a very reasonable price, considering their quality. This also comes with a protective carry bag, which is great for maintaining quality and keeping them in great shape. 

Overall, it’s a fantastic resistance band for booty growth, at comes at a great price point too. You really can’t go wrong with these LetsFit bands. 


  • Thick material
  • Long lasting quality
  • Small loop
  • Useful carry bag
  • Won’t roll up
  • Great price


  • Buying all three may not suit everyone

Shop Letsfit Resistance Bands here


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4. Resistance Band Set with ebook and workout video guides 

  • Best For Beginners

best glutes resistance bands for beginners


  • Easy to pack and carry
  • Good for beginners
  • Comes with ebook guide
  • Reasonable price


  • Resistance not as high as fabric
  • Material not as durable

In third place we have the Limm set, including a users ebook and workout videos. They’re popular rubber bands that should be beneficial to your leg and glute development. They offer five bands, ranging from light to extra heavy resistance, so you can layer them up to adjust the resistance to suit you. As they’re rubber rather than woven fabric, they won’t offer as much resistance as the heavier bands in higher positions on this review, but they can provide a good amount of resistance – ideal for a starter.

These rubber bands are also available at a much lower price than the others in the list, and come with an ebook outlining how to use them and workout videos, which will provide guidance for any beginners out there. Once again, this is the ideal choice for someone starting out with resistance bands for glutes.

Bunching and pinching is always a concern with a rubber band however, we believe this is made of a stronger material, and therefore shouldn’t pinch as much. If this is something you’re worried about, we recommend a fabric option. 

Limm Resistance Band Set


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4. Yogi Reistance bands for glutes 

yogi resistance bands

Coming in fifth on our list is the selection Yogi resistance bands for glutes and legs. With this set you get five rubber bands, which you can layer up as much as you want. They also come in a convenient bag that you can throw in your gym kit with ease. While they’re not as sturdy or strong as the woven bands we’ve viewed above, they’re still made of reliable materials.

As such, they’re available at a much lower price, which may suit some people better. Although they may not be as challenging as a woven fabric option, they will still provide resistance and the ability to layer them may make them more appealing to some.

They’re also available in a range of colors so you can find the best option to suit you.

One thing many women don’t like about rubber resistance bands, is the fact they can bunch up and occasionally pinch as you workout. This may not bother you, so it’s worth considering before you buy these bands for glutes. 


  • Easy to adjust resistance with layering
  • Lightweight and easy to pack
  • Good price


  • Resistance not as high as fabric option
  • Material not as durable
  • May bunch up


Buy Yogi Resistance Bands


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These are the best resistance bands for glutes available. We’ve carefully reviewed each one and, while all of them should help you build the booty you dream of, GymB Resistance Band for glutes stood out as the best for us.

We also found that the resistance band set would be a great choice for any beginners out there.

Find your best resistance band for glutes on our list and start building your butt today. We’ve provided Amazon links for each one, so you can get the best prices. 



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