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13 Vegan Fitness Instagram Influencers You Need to Follow – 2023 UPDATE

As we head in to 2023, we took it upon ourselves to refresh our list of the best vegan fitness Instagram influencers to bring you the latest, most inspiring people out there. We looked at all the newcomers from 2022 and assessed the long-standing vegan heroes we love to bring you the definitive list of vegan fitness influencers you simply NEED to follow. Check it out.

If you’ve just turned vegan and you’re looking for hints and tips on how to keep up your hard work in the gym, or you’re already living that plant-based life, and want to start working on your health, then you need to find the best vegan fitness Instagram accounts.

Nowadays, so many of us are turning to the vegan lifestyle, whether it’s for sustainability purposes, health or moral reasons. For quite some time, there wasn’t really a lot of information out there on how to be both vegan, and build plant-based muscle.

But in recent years, things have changed. As more people opt to become vegan, the ‘secrets’ to building muscle have become more and more prominent. And one reason we know so much about this is down to one of our favourite social media platforms – Instagram.

To help you share in the love, we’ve found some of the most inspirational girls out there. Check out our 13 favourite vegan fitness Instagram influencers in 2023 and look to these lovely ladies for all things vegainz.

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Our Favorite Vegan Fitness Instagram Accounts

Tia Blanco

tia blanco best vegan fitness instagram account

Tia Blanco has made a splash in the world of health and fitness as an internationally acclaimed pro surfer. Not only that, she’s powered completely by plants.

In both 2015 and 2016, she won the International Surfing Association (ISA) Open Women’s World Surfing Championships.

As a passionate vegan, she claims that her plant-based diet has helped to improve her performance on the water. Her Instagram account is packed full of inspirational shots of her active lifestyle, as well as a few hints and tips on vegan-friendly snacks and foods.

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Grace Beverley

Grace Beverley best vegan fitness instagram account

Fitness influencer, YouTuber, business woman and all round great gal Grace Beverley is a must for your vegan fitness Instagram inspiration.

Her feed is sprinkled with workouts, training tips and loads of vegan-focussed content. From healthy meals to indulgent treats, she’s got you covered with plenty of plant-based dishes you can enjoy.

What’s more, her feed offers lots of tips and hints on how to build muscle and keep it on a vegan diet.

Now with more than a million followers to her name, she’s definitely worth a follow. She’s also a proud business owner now, with several brands under her name. What an absolute girl boss. We love it.

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Amanda Fisher

best vegan fitness instagram account

Fitness model, yogi and personal trainer, Amanda Fisher is all about inspiring others to switch to the plant-based lifestyle.

Her own story is a pretty amazing one – she lost 30kg when she switched to a vegan diet and documented the journey on her Instagram account. As a vegan influencer, she packs in plenty of varied and wholesome dishes, along with some truly inspirational content.

If you’re looking for something a little more based around a varied vegan diet, with some really fantastic content on motivation and personal training, then she’s a must follow.

From motherhood to training, healthy meals to plant-based treats, her vegan fitness Instagram account covers it all.

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Natalie Matthews

best vegan fitness instagram account

If anyone knows about how to be fit and enjoy a nutritious vegan diet, it’s Natalie Matthews.

Bikini model competitor, surfer, fitness model and vegan chef – she has all the credentials to warrant a follow from you.

And with the handle @fitveganchef, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your plant-based menu! As far as vegan influencers go, you’ll find that offers up a great combination of workout advice, along with hints and tips on how to create a varied, nutrition diet, all from plant-based foods.

With meal inspiration and even tips on which vegan supplements you should check out, she knows a thing or two about maintaining her physique on a plant-based diet. Check out her Instagram feed to get inspired.

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Crissi Carvalho

best vegan fitness instagram account

Fitness model and coach, Crissi Carvalho takes a holistic approach to her fitness and nutrition. She runs her own website and Instagram account focussing in on living an active lifestyle alongside a vegan diet.

She knows what she’s talking about too – in 2016 she won the Arnold Classic against others on a meat-based diets. What an amazing lady!

On her vegan fitness instagram account, you’ll notice plenty of food inspiration with a really big emphasis on getting plenty of complete proteins into your diet too – something that’s super important for anyone on a vegan fitness journey.

Carvalho is also a passionate chef, so you’ll find plenty of plant-based recipes on her vegan fitness Instagram account.

Bianca Taylor

best vegan fitness instagram account

Taylor combines her love of bodybuilding with her passion for a vegan lifestyle. She shares food, workouts and general lifestyle content on her Instagram and YouTube channels.

Check out her story and you’re likely to find a load of inspiration, whether you’re cooking up a high-protein, plant-based meal or about to hit the gym. She’s another fantastic vegan influencer who can offer up actionable advice that will help you promote your plant-based gains, whilst providing amazing food inspiration and workout advice too.

She’s all about spreading the love for the planet and puts a big emphasis on the environmental benefits of a vegan diet, as well as the positive influence it has on your body.

Lilian D. Aguilar

While many people on our list have turned to a vegan diet in recent years, Aguilar has been a longstanding advocate of the plant-based lifestyle – she’s been a vegan since 2002!

She’s one of our favorite vegan influencers because she knows exactly what she’s talking about and she is proof it works. When it comes to fitness, being vegan and building muscle has always been considered difficult due to finding really strong protein sources.

However, Lilian has been proving people wrong for years! She’s a pro when it comes to building muscle on a vegan diet and just look at her! She’s amazing at it. A must follow vegan fitness instagram account for anyone looking to boost their protein intake and gain muscle.

With so many years as a vegan under her lifting belt and plenty of experience as a body builder and personal trainer, she is your go-to-girl for pairing the plant-based diet with fitness.

Check out her Instagram for vegainz for days.

Samantha Shorkey

This vegan influencer is all about the fitness and her number one passion is bringing a plant-based diet to the masses.

She’s got her own website where she talks about the secrets of building muscle completely from plants. As a personal trainer and certified weight management specialist, she’s literally a pro. When it comes to finding a really informational vegan fitness instagram account, we love this one as she offers up fitness tips and vegan inspiration in equal measures.

She puts her health, fitness and even her youthful look all down to her vegan diet.

So, if you’re thinking about starting on a plant-based fitness journey, this girl is a must follow for us. Check out her Instagram to get inspired.

Michelle Muench

Muench is all about approaching the vegan lifestyle from a holistic point of view. So if you’re into achieving all-round wellness from a plant-based diet and exercise, then this is your girl.

Her feed is packed full of inspirational messages and some truly amazing yoga snaps. Check out her vegan fitness Instagram account here.

Brin Dillon

Although she’s only got a few years of the plant-based lifestyle under her belt, Dillon is hugely popular on Instagram.

A self-confessed vegan foodie, she loves find delicious new dishes and sharing them with her followers.

While she’s not as into fitness as the other influencers on her list, she is an excellent follow for food inspiration for any vegan out there.

Naturally Stefanie

naturallystefanie female fitness instagram influencer

This Glasgow-based gal is one of our favourite vegan fitness influencers. She’s got a huge following of plant-based fitness fanatics, and for a good reason too!

Her feed is sprinkled with challenging workouts and some truly delicious food pics.

What’s more, all those food posts are completely plant-based, so you can take some inspiration from this vegan fitness influencer’s own diet and cooking skills. What’s not to love!

As far as vegan influencers go, she’s done some amazing things with her fitness journey too, so be sure to click follow for Stefanie!

Steph Elswood

Steph Elswood vegan fitness instagram influencer

London-based Steph Elswood is a vegan fitness influencer that’s been on our radar for a while now. She’s all about that wholesome plant-based lifestyle and provides some amazing Instagram inspo. Give her a follow for some great lifestyle content and some tasty plant-based recipes and fitness inspiration.

She also offers some great guidance with meditation and stretching, which is all part of building a well rounded fitness level.

What’s more, her physique is fantastic, and completely plant powered too, proving it can all be done as a vegan influencer. Check out this amazing vegan fitness Instagram influencer for all that and more!

Catra Corbett

Catra Corbett female vegan instagram

This super cool chick is an incredible plant-based ultra runner. When she’s not running 100 or 200 miles (!?) she’s posting incredible pictures like the amazing vegan fitness Instagram influencers she is.

There’s been loads of research around the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle as an endurance athlete, and Catra is proof that it really works! So, if you’re a long distance runner looking for a vegan influencer for inspiration, or you’re starting out on longer distances and want to know a little more about what your nutrition will look like as a vegan athlete, then call of the search! You’ve found your vegan fitness instagram account that’s a must follow!

Her profile is so cool (and features the most adorable pups!) it’ll make you want to strap on your running shoes and get out there yourself!

Give her a follow and discover one of the most inspiration vegan fitness instagram influencers out there right now!

Female Vegan Influencers – the final word

There are so many amazing plant-based women out there doing incredible things, and the more everyone knows about them the better!

Not just about the incredible athletic feats they’re achieving, but about the fact they’re doing it on a completely vegan diet too. There’s still a bit of a stigma about being vegan and being able to achieve the same things as people who eat meat for their protein sources.

These amazing female vegan influencers are proving all those people wrong!

Give these amazing ladies a follow and share our article with others to spread the word – achieving amazing athletic fitness goals is totally possible on a plant based diet!

Why not give it a try yourself and let us know how you got on in the comments below!


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