Leanbean Reviews [2023] – Legit Fat Burner or Weight Loss Scam?

We’ve performed a complete Leanbean review to bring you the latest informationincluding reviews from real customers who have tried this weight loss supplement.

Once again, we’ve gone through all the ingredients, checked out the research behind the ingredient choices and compared the product to similar options in the market to find out whether Leanbean can really burn fat and whether it is worth investing your money into. Read on to find out more.

Created by the people over at Ultimate Life, Leanbean fat burner is one of the most widely known and talked-about fat burners on the market.

Online, you’ll find many testimonials from women across the world claiming it’s helped them to lose weight and plenty of customer reviews too. But what makes it so popular? We’ve performed a thorough review of the Leanbean fat burner to find out.

leanbean fat burner review

Leanbean Review – Quick Overview

  • 9.5/10 Quality
  • 9/10 Research support
  • 9.5/10 Customer Feedback
  • 8.5/10 Price

Find out more about Leanbean here

Key features:

  • Appetite suppressant
  • Metabolism boosting
  • High-quality natural ingredients
  • Vegan Friendly Capsules
  • Widely used supplement

Research shows:

  • Could improve energy
  • Improve fat metabolism
  • Reduces feelings of hunger

Brand info:

  • From Ultimate Life
  • GMP Facilities used
  • Well known in the weight loss industry
  • Leeds, UK based

What is Leanbean?

Leanbean is described as women’s body fat burner, which has been created by Ultimate Life Ltd with the intention of supporting women with their weight loss efforts.

This supplement comes in pill form, and uses only natural ingredients such as caffeine, green coffee beans and konjac fiber from a root in order to potentially support the weight loss process.

Due to its natural ingredient profile, Leanbean has become a popular supplement with many women, and has a strong cohort of customers who have shared their support for the effectiveness of the formula. It was the strong show of support from real customers that drew our attention to this supplement.

Gymgirlfit note: While the information provided on this site has been researched as well as possible, it is only intended for informational purposes and does not constitute professional, medical or healthcare advice or diagnosis. It’s solely our opinion on the product. Therefore, the information in these articles shouldn’t be used in this way. None of the information written in these articles has been reviewed by a medical professional or the FDA. Therefore, neither this website nor the information on it should be used to treat an illness or to try to prevent any kind of illness, disease or condition.

Leanbean contains the following ingredients

  • Konjac Fibre (3000mg) –  This is just another name for glucomannan, which you might know well if you’ve researched fat burner supplements like this one.  Glucomannan has been linked to reduced food cravings, cut down calorie intake and ultimately result in weight loss in some scientific studies [1]. With a 3000mg serving, we found it to be a very strong offering, especially compared to competitors and served at a level that has been supported by research [2]. This is a common ingredient in women’s fat burners. Leanbean offers a very competitive serving.
  • Garcinia cambogia extract (100mg) – This isn’t one of the more widely researched options in this formula. While some studies say it could help to reduce cravings, we’ve found nothing conclusive, so we don’t want to comment on effectiveness.
  • Green coffee bean extract (50mg) – This is a very widely used ingredient in these types of supplements as many studies report it contains lots of health-boosting compounds [3]. The caffeine within these little beans has also been linked on multiple occasions in a range of studies to heightened metabolism, although the serving isn’t huge [4]. With a low serving, it may not lead to the results in the study, however this may be preferable if you’re looking for a very low serving of stimulants.
  • Turmeric (50mg) – You may be used to seeing this in your daily cooking, but you may be surprised to find out it’s also a thermogenic ingredient. This means it could help to up your metabolic rate, which may contribute towards weight loss. This would be down to the serving however and our Leanbean review found this serving to be a little on the small side.
  • Acai berry extract – This is another popular ingredient you’d expect to find in a fat burner, although there is little conclusive evidence compared to others on this list

On top of these well-known, natural ingredients, Leanbean also contains key vitamins like B12, B6, Zinc and Potassium, which may help to contribute towards health and metabolism. On the whole, our review of Leanbean’s ingredients reassured us that the formula offer strong levels of research, are of a good quality and that they are commonly used in this industry.

We are very familiar with all of the ingredients in this supplement and were pleased to see research surrounding a majority of them, which helps to justify their place within the overall formula. We can’t say in our Leanbean review whether any of these actually contributes to weight loss definitively, but it is reassuring to see a sensible approach to researching and a generous approach to serving sizes for these ingredients.

In our humble opinion, you could definitely do a lot worse when it comes to finding a fat burner supplement.

We have to say, the serving of Glucomannan is the most eye-catching part of this formula. As we mentioned above, it’s a really strong serving size, especially compared to similar products we’ve reviewed, so we’re happy to have found this in our Leanbean review.

On top of this, unlike other similar supplements, we like that this supplement is vegan friendly, making it a more inclusive choice for many of our readers out there.

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at the official Leanbean website 

leanbean ingredients list

How does Leanbean work? 

We’ve taken a look at the ingredients so far in our Leanbean review, but we also find it really beneficial to understand how a supplement like this is meant to work, especially if you’re comparing it to other similar products. So, to help you understand what you should be on the lookout for, we’ve tried to make how Leanbean works as clear as possible below. Take a look.

Fat Metabolism

The Leanbean formula offers a range of natural ingredients which support thermogenesis, the body’s method of heating the body just slightly to burn more calories and fat.

In response to this element of the fat burner, many women have left their own Leanbean reviews and testimonials online, saying this product helped them to lose weight and supported them in their weight loss programme. This is an extremely important factor in considering how this supplement is performing, so of course, we’ve taken that into account in our own testing of the product.

Energy boosting

Some research has suggested that women are proven to be more susceptible to the negative side effects that can come with too much caffeine [5]. However, in this formula it’s served at lower levels and this is found within the green coffee bean extract.

Caffeine can help to boost energy levels, which is helpful on a calorie restricted diet. It can also contribute towards thermogenesis too.

The blend of B6 and b12 vitamins in Leanbean fat burners can also contribute towards a more energetic outlook.

When trying out Leanbean ourselves, we found that the caffeine was palatable. It wasn’t too strong to leave you with a headache or anything like that, which we know can be a concern for women who are looking to buy a supplement like this for the first time. Compared to other products, we noted the stimulant level was lower than other options out there and when we tried it, we didn’t have any negative side effects.

Appetite Suppression – Fewer Calories Consumed

In the realm of women’s own weight loss pills and supplements, there’s a bigger focus on appetite suppression, compared to those projects geared towards men. Research has highlighted that women can be affected by food cravings quite strongly [6].

So if we are really looking at a supplement that’s made for women here, it makes sense that it has been created with this in mind. This appears to be reflected in the formula. Glucomannan, as we’ve mentioned above, could be effective at helping with fat loss, suppressing appetite and reduce portion sizes.

This is a highly complex fibre that can absorb water and expand into a gel like substance. When in your stomach it kind of ‘fills up’ and expands which makes you feel like you’re full. It’s been tested quite thoroughly and is generally considered safe, although it could make you feel more thirsty and some have reported feeling a little bloated [7].

When we tried it, we did notice that we felt fuller, but no crazy bloating or anything like that occurred. In all honesty, we weren’t comparing how much we’d eat whilst on and off of Leanbean, which would’ve given us a better idea of whether we really were eating less.

But, with that in mind, the lack of side effects and the fact the serving is backed by a couple of bits of research was reassuring for us.

Find out more

at the official Leanbean website or at Ultimate Life 

Potential Benefits of Leanbean

In addition to the fat burning benefits you may experience with Leanbean, we also noted that there are some health benefits due to the natural ingredients and the addition of some vitamins and minerals in the formula.

Increased metabolism

There are an array of health benefits that come with increase metabolism, and Leanbean has a range of ingredients that support with this.

And, if you are on a calorie restricted diet, you should see weight loss too, which also come with a huge amount of health benefits.

Reduces Fatigue

Due to the vitamins and the small serving of caffeine in this formula, you should feel the benefits of being more energised and focused too.

Reduces Food Cravings and Overeating

By suppressing the appetite, reducing overeating and consuming fewer calories, you can expect to see many health benefits, including weight loss, less food cravings and all the benefits that come with that.

Potential side effects

Due to the extremely low level of stimulants within Leanbean, side effects are unlikely to occur. We have to say that, having tried them ourselves, we didn’t experience anything noticeable at all.

After exploring other Leanbean reviews from customers too, we found that many women enjoyed the gentler nature of this supplement compared to high caffeine options on the market.

We did spot that the glucomannan might make you feel a little more thirsty as it will use a little water to expand. This observation was rare with customers, and not something we felt ourselves, but something to be aware of for sure.

However, not everyone is the same and your body may react differently. If you’re concerned about experiencing any Leanbean side effects, we strongly recommend that you speak to your doctor before taking this supplement or any supplement.

Always read the label carefully and if you feel unwell at all from taking a supplement, stop immediately and speak to your doctor.

How to take Leanbean

A single container of Leanbean diet pills provides you with 180 capsules, which is enough for 30 days of supplementation according to the usage instructions.

According to the instructions on the bottle, you should take two capsules, three times a day. To get the best out of the appetite suppressant Glucomannan, we recommend you take each serving just before a meal. This may help to control your food cravings, and overeating and it’s what we did when we sampled the product.

While the serving of caffeine is very low in this supplement, we also recommend you avoid taking it too close to going to bed, as this could affect your ability to fall to sleep.

Some of us on the gymgirlfit team can be prone to tossing and turning if we have caffeine too late in the day, so we took our last serving at 16:00 latest. You might find this helpful if you’re taking it yourself!

During our Leanbean review, we found that this supplement is easy to take in three simple servings. Simply wash each two-capsule serving down with a glass of water a little before each of your main meals and you’re good to go.

Should you take Leanbean?

After a thoroughly trying and testing this product and looking at the customer Leanbean reviews out there, we found this supplement is a quality option with a competitive formula.

However, despite the lower chances of side effects, it still might not be for everyone. Let’s take a look at who should and shouldn’t take Leanbean weight loss pills.

Who should take Leanbean?

  • Someone committed to weight loss through healthy means, looking for a support
  • Those looking for a vegan friendly option
  • People who might be looking for appetite suppression
  • Someone looking for additional B vitamins
  • Folks looking for low stimulant supplements
  • Someone who has experienced weight gain

Who Should Avoid Leanbean

  • Those who don’t want to feel more thirsty
  • Someone looking for an effortless, quick fix
  • Someone who’s looking at weight loss on a budget

Leanbean Customer reviews – what do real women think?

One of the most important parts of analysing a product like this is exploring the customer reviews. It’s all very well speaking to one or two women about their own thoughts on the product, but that only gives us a tiny snippet of how well it’s received. Instead, we scoured the internet to get a bigger cross section of opinions.

Luckily, because this is such a well-established and loved product, Leanbean reviews are very easy to find.

When exploring the Leanbean reviews from real customers, we saw an overwhelmingly positive response. Women from all over the world say that the ingredient list on this supplement has helped to support them on their weight loss journey.

Disclaimer alert! As we said above, we can’t say with any certainty that these women experienced weight loss due to taking Leanbean and we can’t verify any claims. They may have simply lost weight due to a calorie controlled, healthy diet, and plenty of exercise. However, their Leanbean reviews do help to give us a wider view of the scope of this supplement and the experience of those who have taken it.

This can help us in determining how suitable it is for women and whether or not there are likely to be any unwanted side effects. And, with the mostly positive Leanbean reviews we can deduce this: a lot of women out there appear to like it.

In terms of effectiveness, many Leanbean reviews claim that the high servings of glucomannan helped to keep hunger at bay and support them, even when cravings came into play. Many of these pieces of feedback say they took the supplement before they ate to help control overeating too.

We also found a common theme among Leanbean reviews from customers, saying that the supplement was gentle and that side effects were very few and far between. We found this reassuring, but we’ll say again, if you are concerned at all, please speak to your doctor as everyone is different.

To bring you the latest information, we’ve refreshed the Leanbean reviews for 2022, so you can get an up-to-date idea of how well this supplement is performing. You will find plenty of Leanbean reviews from real customers on the official site.

Overall, we found the the experiences of these real customers supported our findings and helped to reinforce this as one of the best fat burners for women on the market. The overwhelmingly positive response from so many women makes it a fantastic option for women who might need help with craving control and who want to avoid jittery, or anxious feelings.

If you’re looking for Leanbean before and after pictures too, head to their website and where you’ll find examples. Some of these Leanbean reviews show before and after shots. Check them out.

Leanbean before and after

Leanbean vs Top Competitors

An important part of any Leanbean review is its standing vs other, similar products. It’s one thing looking at this product and all the customer Leanbean reviews out there, but to really understand whether it’s worth you money, you need to know how well it performs vs the rest of the market. And, let’s be honest, with so many products out there, it can be pretty murky when trying to find the best product for women.

We’ve reviewed plenty of similar products ourselves so, to save you going through the long and potentially expensive process of doing it yourself, we’ve taken our joint experience as a team and done it for you. Hopefully this will help to give you a good idea of where it stands in comparison to other, similarly priced products.

Leanbean vs Hourglass Fit

We’ve compared these two in our Leanbean review because they’re a similar price, similar quality and they’ve both been created specifically for women.

Both are created with the female customer in mind, and offer a low stimulant formula, vegan capsules and a really fantastic serving of glucomannan.

In fact they both have exactly the same amount of glucomannan at 3000mg, which is one of the most generous servings on the market.

In terms of ingredient profile, they have a great focus on vitamins, with Hourglass Fit providing a nice thermogenic in the form of cayenne pepper, while Leanbean gives you green coffee bean extract and turmeric too. The performance of these may be helped within Leanbean by the offering of BioPerine which may increase the bio availability of these ingredients.

But, for us, what really helps Leanbean come out on top when it comes to Leanbean vs Hourglass Fit, is the fact they offer 6 capsules a day, rather than four. This means you can have a serving of that all important glucomannan before each and every meal.

Leanbean comes out on top in this comparison.

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Leanbean vs Powher Cut

Quite new to the scene, but with a strong formula, Powher Cut is on our radar as a good contender for best fat burner for women. It’s also made by the same people who have created Leanbean. And, since we’re a big fan of Leanbean, it will be really interesting to see how these two compare to eachother.

We can see that the creators have taken the same approach when it comes to appetite suppression, with both offering an extremely competitive serving of 3000mg.

Where Leanbean focuses on those B vitamins to support health and wellness, Powher Cut offers up minerals like magnesium and iron, all of which are very important to maintaining general health and wellness.

The biggest difference when it comes to Leanbean vs Powher Cut comes down to the stimulant. Powher Cut provides 100mg of caffeine which, truth be told, isn’t a big serving. It’s about the same as a cup of coffee. So, while it’s not a no stimulant option, it’s still within safe realms. However, if you do want a low stimulant option, Leanbean is your winner.

Leanbean vs Trimtone

In this section of our Leanbean review, we’ve compared it to a relatively new fat burner, Trimtone.

While both come in lovely pink packaging, they’re not necessarily the same beast.

As we know, Leanbean is all about the appetite suppression, whereas Trimtone takes a much more relaxed approach to this side of things. Instead, Trimtone offers up a 120mg serving of caffiene, which is reasonable but not great if you want a low stim option. However, if you do infact find that you suffer with low energy and blood sugar levels, when dieting, then Trimtone might be the one for you.

They also both offer up green coffee bean extract, but Trimtone offers double the serving of that, and comes with green tea too, so there’s plenty of superfoods to play with.

Where Leanbean comes in miles ahead is the all important serving sizes. As Leanbean offers a massive six capsules a day (where Trimtone give you just one), Leanbean gives you a lot more volume than Trimtone. Specifically, as we know, in the appetite suppression department.

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Leanbean price

  • $59 /£39: One bottle
  • $118/£79: Two bottles + FREE US and UK shipping
  • $185/£117: Three bottles + One FREE bottle + FREE US and UK shipping + FREE ebook workout guide

In terms of price, Leanbean is at the upper end of the spectrum for this type of supplement, but it’s by no means the most expensive. We also believe that you get what you pay for and this supplement uses quality ingredients, especially when you compare the product to other, similar competitors on the market. 

For the very best value, we found that the multi-buy option works out the cheapest per container, and it gives you enough of the supplement to support a prolonged weight loss effort, which is the most effective and sustainable way to lose weight. 

However, if you don’t want to take the dive straight away, and want to check it’s the right, and safest option for you, you can always purchase one bottle and see if it works for you. And, with the 90 day money back guarantee, you have the additional safety there too.

From there, however, once you know you like it we’d suggest a more sustained approach. Losing weight over a longer period of time is healthier, more achievable and should help you to keep the weight off in the long run.

Leanbean reviews – the final word 

Before we started our Leanbean review, the first thing we noticed about this supplement was how popular it is among women who have paid for it and used it. The sheer number of Leanbean reviews from customers speak volumes. For us, it lived up to this popularity when compared to other products on the market.

It contains well-known, well-researched ingredients, which we are used to seeing in these types of weight loss supplements. On top of that, our Leanbean review found that it really does seem to have been designed to address the needs of women.

With so many testimonials and evidence-based Leanbean reviews from real customers out there, we were further reassured that this supplement is a strong competitor.

Very few products of this type come with so many positive reviews, making it unique. It’s part of the reason why we wanted to review it in the first place. And, now that we’ve performed a full and extensive Leanbean review, we can say that we found it a worthy product to sit at the top of our review of the best fat burners for women.

This winning combination of good reviews and a strong ingredient profile makes it a good choice.

Buy Securely

at the official Leanbean website or at Ultimate Life 

Read our Hourglass Fit review right here.

* may receive revenue if you click on a link and buy a product

Why you should trust our Leanbean review

During this review, we’ve looked into the most recent studies that have come to light recently, explored the latest testimonials and Leanbean reviews online and brought all this together in one article to provide a reasonable account of what this product could realistically do for you.

We haven’t sugar-coated anything and we’ve been as honest as possible in our experience of testing out this product so you can make an informed decision on whether you want to spend your money on using Leanbean yourself. As we’ve performed this Leanbean review, we’ve thought about is as if we were following the instructions on the bottle: that means an active lifestyle and a calorie controlled diet. Because we all know, weight loss will not happen without those two important factors.

We’ve tried to bring you more information than you might get just from the manufacturer too, in that we’ve compared it to other products, looked at real reviews from real women and tried to understand how it would really work for you.

Of course, everything here is based on our own research, opinions and experiences, but we’ve tried to be as honest and helpful as we can!

We hope that all of this should help to give you a good idea of why we rated this as our top option for best fat burner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Leanbean Vegan Friendly?

Yes! The Leanbean capsules are made with completely vegan friendly ingredients, so it’s suitable for all our plant-based readers too.

Is Leanbean FDA Approved? 

No, it’s not. The FDA don’t actually approve dietary supplements, like fat burners. So, while the facilities used by Ultimate Life are of a high, FDA approved quality, the actual supplement itself is not.

Does Leanbean contain caffeine? 

Yes. While it’s not listed as an individual ingredient, you will find a small amount of caffeine in the green coffee bean extract. On review, we found that most customers didn’t experience jitters or anxiety with this small serving.

Is Leanbean Fat Burner Safe? 

The answer to this is yes. The natural ingredient profile doesn’t show anything alarming or potentially harmful and the caffeine level is very low. It is unlikely you’ll feel any adverse affects to taking Leanbean fat burner.



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