Leanbean Review 2020 – Why Does Everyone Love it?

Find out whether this popular fat burner is as good as it sounds

Leanbean is one of the most popular and talked-about fat burners on the market. Online, you’ll find thousands of testimonials from women across the world claiming it’s helped them to lose weight. But what makes it so popular? We’ve performed a Leanbean review to find out. 

Before we get started though, it’s worth noting that, after we performed a thorough review of the best fat burners for women in 2020, Leanbean came out on top. If you’re looking for a quality product that contains well-researched ingredients, that comes with backing from thousands of women across the world, Leanbean ticks all the boxes. 

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leanbean best fat burner for women

Or, read our comprehensive Leanbean review and find out why we rated it so highly.

Leanbean ingredients

  • Glucomannan (3000mg) – This is the anchor of this formula. For women, hunger and cravings can mean the end of an otherwise excellent dieting attempt, and glucomannan has been proven to reduce hunger, cut down calorie intake and ultimately result in weight loss [1]. With a 3000mg serving, it could help you to stay in control of your eating habits [2]
  • Garcinia cambogia extract (100mg) – This isn’t our favourite ingredient in the mix as it’s not the most widely researched. While some studies say it could help to reduce cravings, we’ve found nothing conclusive. 
  • Green coffee bean extract (50mg) – This is a very popular and widely used ingredient in these types of supplements as many studies report it contains lots of health-boosting compounds [3]. On top of that, the caffeine within these little beans has been linked on multiple occasions in a range of studies to heightened metabolism [4]. This could lead to more calories burned and more weight lost. 
  • Turmeric (50mg) – You may be used to seeing this in your daily cooking, but you may be surprised to find out it’s also a thermogenic ingredient. This means it can help to up your metabolic rate, which may contribute towards weight loss. 
  • Acai berry extract – This is another popular ingredient you’d expect to find in a fat burner.

On top of these well-known fat burner ingredients, Leanbean also contains key vitamins like B12, B6, Zinc and Potassium, which will all help to contribute towards a healthy body and a strong metabolism. On the whole, our Leanbean review of the ingredients reassured us it’s a quality supplement, with the potential to help you support your goals.

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leanbean ingredients list

Is Leanbean really designed for women? 

Our main concern when reviewing fat burners here at, is understanding whether these products are appropriate for women. Many supplements out there, particularly those created for men, don’t follow any guidelines that ensure safety. After our Leanbean review, we found that this supplement is a little different. 

On top of that, women are proven to be more susceptible to the negative side effects that can come with too much caffeine [5]

With that in mind, we’re always on the look out for a supplement that offers natural ingredients and a responsible approach to caffeine. In these respects Leanbean is a good fat burner for women.

It doesn’t contain any added caffeine apart from the small amount found in the Green Coffee Beans, and each ingredient is natural and targeted towards boosting overall health. After our own Leanbean review, we found the supplement to be gentle, and we didn’t feel some of the jittery side effects that can often be associated with fat burners. 

Having carefully reviewed many of the thousands of glowing testimonials, it appears that the majority of women took this without any negative side effects or safety issues.

Does Leanbean work?

Of course, we can’t definitely say whether or not Leanbean will make you lose weight, and it’s always worth bearing in mind that only a health calorie controlled diet and exercise is the proven method for weight loss. 

Having said that, with the ingredients used in this supplement, we think it could help to give you a better chance of succeeding with your diet.

The strong serving of glucomannan means it could help you to stay in control of your portions and calorie intake to support a calorie deficit. Ingredients like Turmeric and Green Coffee Beans could help to support your metabolism as you try to burn more calories. 

Most of the ingredients in this fat burner have been well-researched and come with some kind of justification as to why they’re in the formula. 

On top of that, many women have left very positive testimonials, saying this product helped them to lose weight and supported them in their weight loss programme. 

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How to take Leanbean

A single container of Leanbean provides you with 180 capsules, which is enough for 30 days of supplementation. 

You should take two capsules, three times a day. To get the best out of the appetite suppressant Glucomannan, we recommend you take each serving just before a meal. 

While the serving of caffeine is very low in this supplement, we also recommend you avoid taking it too close to going to bed, as this could affect your ability to sleep. 

During our Leanbean review, we found that this supplement is easy to take in three simple servings. Simply wash each two-capsule serving down with a glass of water a little before each of your main meals and you’re good to go.

Leanbean side effects

Due to the extremely low level of stimulants within Leanbean, side effects are unlikely to occur. After exploring other Leanbean reviews, we found that many women enjoyed the gently, side effect free part of this supplement.

However, not everyone is the same and your body may react differently. If you’re concerned about Leanbean side effects, speak to your doctor before taking this supplement.

Despite this, it would be surprising if you did feel any adverse effects from this very gentle supplement.

Leanbean reviews

One of the most important parts of analysing a product like this, is exploring the customer reviews. Luckily, because this is such a well-established and loved fat burner, Leanbean reviews are easy to find.

When exploring the Leanbean reviews out there, we were impressed to see an overwhelmingly positive response. Women from all over the world say that the ingredient list within Leanbean helped to support them on their weight loss journey.

Many claim that the excellent levels of glucomannan helped to keep hunger at bay and support them, even when cravings came into play. Check out these fantastic Leanbean reviews from real customers:

Regan, US

I’ve been using Leanbean for a little over a month now, and it has not only helped me lose weight, but it also helped me maintain it, while I got off track of my diet!

This is extraordinary because usually when I get off track, I gain weight like nobody’s business! But while taking Leanbean, I never gained a pound back! I’ve lost about 10 pounds in the month or so that I’ve been taking Leanbean, but it’s not about the numbers. It’s about how you look and feel! Leanbean also really did help curb my appetite, and keep me energized, too.

I also noticed that my cellulite has lessened and its appearance! There are not enough good things I could say about this product! Definitely recommend!

Hannah, UK

I had tried a few fatburners in my life, ranging from horrid tasting powders to capsules. Previously when I had tried other products I had this jittery/ anxious feeling which could also make me quite angry!

So reading about Leanbean it was sounding overall just what I wanted. Well I have to say I’m VERY PLEASED! No jitters at all, I didn’t get ‘ragey’, they made me stop my snacking, made me sweat more when I did exercise (meaning more calories burned!) and most importantly I lost the stone in weight I had gained in 2 months, meaning it was slowly lost. So hopefully, it will now stay off! All my clothes now fit me again and I’m still not smoking, but back to normal weight wise.

I would highly recommend Leanbean to anyone. In fact, I’ve already recommended them to my friends, and one is already using them!

Overall, we found that the Leanbean reviews out there supported our findings and helped to reinforce this as one of the best fat burners for women on the market. The overwhelmingly positive response from so many women makes it a fantastic option for women who need help with craving control and who want to avoid jittery, or anxious feelings.

If you’re looking for Leanbean before and after pictures too, head to their website and you’ll find loads of examples of how this supplement appears to be helping women. Some of these Leanbean before and after shots really are impressive. Check them out.

Leanbean before and after

Leanbean price

  • $59 /£39: One bottle
  • $118/£79: Two bottles + FREE US and UK shipping
  • $185/£117: Three bottles + One FREE bottle + FREE US and UK shipping + FREE ebook workout guide

In terms of price, Leanbean is at the upper end for this type of supplement, but it’s by no means the most expensive. We also believe that you get what you pay for and this supplement uses quality ingredients. 

For the very best value, our Leanbean review found that the multi-buy option works out the cheapest per container, and it gives you enough of the supplement to support a prolonged weight loss effort, which is the most effective and sustainable way to lose weight. 

Leanbean review – the final word 

Before we started our Leanbean review, the first thing we noticed about this supplement was how popular it is and for us, it lived up to this popularity.

It contains well-known, well-researched ingredients, which we are used to seeing in fat burner products. On top of that, our Leanbean review found that it really does cater to the needs of women. With so many testimonials and evidence-based Leanbean customer reviews out there, you can’t argue with some of the results. 

It’s also unique in that it comes with thousands of testimonials claiming it’s helped women across the world to support their weight loss journey.

This winning combination of good reviews and a strong ingredient profile makes it our favourite fat burner for women.  

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