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5 Best Massage Guns 2022 – Our Favourite Picks!

Discover the powers of percussive therapy! If you haven’t tried a massage gun yet, it’s definitely worth your time. They’re…

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Bob and Brad Mini Massage Gun Review – Powerful or Disappointing?

Bob and Brad have launched to fame thanks to their YouTube channel, and since then a stream of new products…

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12 Best Machines for Cardio at Home – Ask Our Trainers!

When it comes to home workouts, we always want to get the best out of a training session, and you…

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10 Best Fitness Trackers for Small Wrists

Here at gymgirlfit, we often have queries sent to us about what are the best fitness trackers for small wrists. …

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3 Best Reverse Hyperextension Machines Reviewed

When it comes to building strength and power in the posterior chain, many of us know that deadlifts, squats and…

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Best Rowing Machines in 2022 Reviewed!

After an amazing full body workout? Or a reliable piece of cardio kit for your home gym? Our list of…

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5 Best CrossFit Shorts Women Should Try!

If you’re looking for the very best CrossFit shorts women can buy, that offer comfort, style and peak performance, then…

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5 Best CrossFit Grips in 2022

Ripped hands? Sore calluses? We’ve been there too and now we have a solution. Check out our top picks for…

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4 Best Knee Sleeves for Women

Whether you want the extra support at the bottom of your squat, or want to build up your confidence ahead…

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