How to Split Squat

If you want to amp up the heat on your glutes, then learning how to split squat is a key movement to have in your arsenal. They’re a staple of just about every booty building workout for a good reason – they get some serious results. Imagine your standing lunge, but then make that booty burn about three times more intense. That’s exactly where we’ll be taking you with the split squat.

Hone in on your booty and grow some powerful butt strength with this guide on how to split squat.

How to Split Squat

1. Stand in front of a bench, facing away from it

2. Take one leg back and rest your foot on top of the bench

3. Jump your front foot out until you feel like you can comfortably lunge, without your knee tracking over your toes

4. Bend your front leg until your knee angle is around 90 degrees and your back knee is almost touching the floor

5. Firing through your glute, push up and straighten out your front leg

Tip: Start off at body weight then begin to add weight to this movement. Also remember to perform the same amount of reps on each leg, so you don’t end up with one cheek bigger than the other!

The benefits of a split squat

As we’ve mentioned, the split squat is your go to if you’re trying to hone in on those glutes and boost your booty strength. They also put load through your quads as well as giving your core a really tough workout.

This movement is incredibly effective in building strength and size in your glutes, and is therefore a huge part of our 4-Week Bigger Booty Workout Plan. Check it out! 

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