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Hip Abduction Machine – Do You Need One? 

The hip abduction machine has been around for quite a while now, however it’s recently become an extremely popular piece…

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Exercise Before Bed – Will it Negatively Affect Your Sleep?

Exercising regularly is beneficial for your health in so many ways, one of which includes its ability to improve sleep…

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Should I Eat Before or After Workouts?

Exercising regularly and eating properly are essential to staying healthy and both these factors go hand in hand. To perform…

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Muscle Gain for Women – 6 Game-Changing Things to Try

If your main goal is muscle gain, for women it can be hard to see the results you want. Whether…

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Is Power the Key to a Longer Life? – New Research Says Yes

Any girl that lifts weights on the regular can rave about the health benefits of training. From improved strength to…

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Exercise During Period – The Benefits and What to Avoid

Our periods can affect us in a huge number of ways, both mentally and physically. But is exercise during period…

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CBD Oil – 6 Benefits According to Science

CBD is a natural health remedy that many are using to help treat common issues like pain and anxiety. Also…

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5 Health Benefits of Meditation – Connecting the Mind and Body

Find out more about the health benefits of meditation and how they’re connected to your physical fitness right here.  …

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What is CBD? – Health Benefits and Products

 CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s completely naturally occurring and is…

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