From perfecting your back squat, to learning how to do a pull up, we’ve covered everything with our selection of exercise guides.

We provide step-by-step instruction on a huge range of exercises. Whether you’re trying a new workout or simply want to grow you skills, this is where you’ll find everything you need to know.

On top of that, our exercise guide will tell you how you’ll benefit from each movement, so you can piece together the perfect workout. It might be booty day, or you might want to tone up your arms. If you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered here at gymgirl.fit.

Explore our full range of exercises guide today to perfect your form, and learn new movements.

Once you’ve got the exercises nailed, check out our workouts for women. 

Benefits of Active Stretching: Increase Mobility and Prevent Injuries

Are you tired of feeling stiff and limited in your movements? Do you want to prevent injuries and improve your…

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Foot Placement on Leg Press – 5 Placements You MUST Try!

Today, we’re diving deep into one of the most effective leg exercises for all round leg and glute strength –…

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7 Amazing Long Head Biceps Exercises for Women

For so many men and women out there, training biceps seems pretty straightforward – get your curls in and you’ll…

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Calisthenics Chest Workout – 9 Amazing Exercises!

Want to create a strong and powerful chest, but don’t have the weights? Or maybe you prefer a good old-fashioned…

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9 Best Leg Exercises with Bands

The band has become and increasingly popular piece of gym equipment, down to both it’s effectiveness and the fact it’s…

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13 Best Indoor Cardio Exercises – No Equipment Workout

Whether you’re in lockdown (boo) or you prefer the privacy of your own home when you get your workout on,…

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How to do Hack Squats and whether you should try them

Legs day is pretty much the biggest day (or days!) of the week, so it’s important that you know whether…

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How to do a Burpee

Find out how to do a burpee with our easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. A firm favourite of the Crossfit…

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10 Amazing Hip Dip Exercises You Should Definitely Try!

You’ve been putting in all the hard work to perfect your glutes, you’re eating right but there’s one area that…

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