How to do a Burpee

Love it or hate it (probably hate it!) find out everything you need to know on how to do a burpee!

Find out how to do a burpee with our easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.

A firm favourite of the Crossfit community, the humble burpee is a notoriously famous movement. When seen in a workout, there’s usually a sharp intake of breath and a whisper of ‘not burpees’. But despite that, we keep coming back for more! And why? Because they’re simple in concept and incredibly effective.

Who knew getting down on the floor, back up again and doing a little jump would be so hard? Well, if you do that over and over again, you’ll find out that actually it is pretty hard!

The magic of a burpee is that it involves every single part of your body, giving you an unbeatable range of movement. And, on top of that, it also gives your cardiovascular system a hard time too, meaning you’ll definitely feel this on in your lungs.

So, if you’re looking for something to up the ante on your cardio conditioning workout, then the burpee is your new best friend. And let’s be honest, they may be tough, but really we absolutely love to hate them! There’s nothing quite like them. So, without further ado, let’s look a little bit closer at how to do a burpee.

How to do a burpee

  1. Stand with your feet at around shoulder width apart
  2. Bend forward and put your hands on the floor, jumping (or stepping) your feet back until you’re in a high plank position
  3. Bend at the elbows to lower your chest down to the floor, try not to flop at the waist here, but lower your knees to the ground first if you’re struggling with a full press up
  4. When your chest touches the floor, push up again with your arms. Again, if you can’t do a full press up keep your knees down
  5. When your arms are straight, jump your feet up so they’re under your hips, or thereabouts
  6. Carefully stand up fully so your hips are fully extended
  7. In this position, jump as high as you can, reaching your arms up and above your head as if you’re trying to touch the ceiling
  8. When you land, start the process all over again.
Top tip: If you’re just starting out with learning how to do a burpee (and especially if you like wearing shorts to the gym), you might find this can be a little uncomfortable on the knees. If so, we recommend using a mat or a sit up cushion if your gym has one. This should give you a little extra cushioning and keep bruises at bay. That way you can do more burpees the next day too!

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There you have it! now you know how to do a burpee! And now you know how, you’re sure to want to include them in every workout you do… right?

Even if you don’t like them, they’re so good for you body that, trust us, after a while you’ll kinda, sorta, come to love them. And, you know they’re always there in your back pocket just incase you’re doing a workout and start to think it’s getting a little easy!

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