Powher Pre-Workout Review – A Good Pre-Workout for Women

Find out whether this supplement can improve your physical performance with our Powher pre-workout review

This is a fresh face on the supplement market, and has been created for women to help you achieve more in every workout. But is a women’s product necessary? Find out in our Powher pre-workout review.

As a woman who likes to work out, and who may be looking for a good quality pre-workout, you may notice that the majority of the supplements out there are marketed and formulated for men.

That’s the reason why we get so excited to find a pre-workout that’s designed for females. And, upon a thorough review of Powher Up Pre-workout, we found this to be our best pre-workout for women! You can buy it securely on the Powher official website by clicking the button below, or keep reading to find out more:

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Powher is one of few pre-workout supplements that has been specifically created to suit women. High caffeine levels have been shown to negatively impact women far more easily than men [1]. With the stimulant being such a prominent ingredient in the world of pre-workouts, it makes sense that women need a slightly different approach.

Designed by UK supplement company Ultimate Life, Powher pre-workout is brimming with some widely-used and well-researched ingredients. They’ve also steered away from excessive stimulant levels, which looks good to us.

Despite this, does it have what it takes to take your workouts up a notch? We analyze in more detail in our Powher pre-workout review.

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Powher pre-workout ingredients

The true representation of how well Powher pre-workout can perform comes down to the ingredients within the formula.

In our Powher pre-workout review, we look at the scientific research surrounding the ingredients used in this supplement to assess how well we think it can perform. Before we get started though, we want to note that we can’t prove how well Powher will work or guarantee results.

Now introductions are out of the way, the next step of our Powher pre-workout review is analyzing the ingredients within:

  • Natural caffeine (100mg) This is where your energy comes from. The natural caffeine is available in a low 100mg serving, which is appropriate for stimulant sensitive women. Moderate to low servings like this have shown to enhance strength, endurance and overall physical performance during a workout [2] [3] .
  • EnXtra® (300mg) – This is the first pre-workout to use this branded ingredient. According to their website, this is a natural, caffeine free botanical ingredient that has been clinically proven to enhance alertness and focus for up to five hours [4]. It can do this without caffeine, however, it’s been dubbed a caffeine amplifier. When paired with the stimulant, it has been shown to provide a smooth lift and avoid crashes [4].
  • Vitamins B6 and B12 –  You may not expect to see vitamins in a pre-workout, but these are essential to a number of metabolic processes, and could therefore help to reduce fatigue and help you create energy more efficiently [5] .
  • RedNite® – This is another branded ingredient and is responsible for workout enhancement, and the cute pink color of the powder. It’s a beetroot concentrate powder, which is standardized to offer 25x more nitrate than beetroot and 10x the antioxidants [6]. This makes it a potent vasodilator. A vasodilator like beetroot may help to delay the point of fatigue and boost endurance [7].
  • L-Citrulline – This is a popular ingredient in pre-workouts. Found in watermelon, this amino acid is a vasodilator and may help improve your endurance [8].
  • OxyJun® – Another branded project shows promise with helping to improve with your cardiorespiratory performance and enhancing endurance performance [9].

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powher up pre-workout ingredients

What makes Powher a good pre-workout for women?

Creating a pre-workout specifically for women is about far more than creating a pretty pink powder. According to the Powher website, this supplement is suitable for specifically for the female fitness fanatic for the following reasons.

  • No energy crash

As we mentioned above, women can often experience unwanted side effects that come with high levels of caffeine. They claim to have avoided this by pairing a low serving of the stimulant alongside EnXtra, the caffeine amplifier.

  • Low stimulant content

So many supplements out there are over-filled with caffeine, for no reason other than to compete with each other in order to offer the highest levels. This attitude towards supplementation is outdated and dangerous for both men and women.

By opting for a lower stimulant content of 100mg they’ve made it far more suitable for women. We like this attitude as it’s responsible and it shows they’ve really considered the needs of their consumer.

  • No creatine

According to the Powher website, creatine is not suitable for women in a pre-workout because it:

“makes your muscles retain water in order to make them appear bulkier than normal. Not good for a woman!”

We disagree with this statement in general. Creatine is one of the most highly researched supplements available and has been shown definitively to increase power output and athletic performance during a workout [10]. As such it should be on the list of a high-quality pre-workout.

While some women may not like the water retention it causes, it’s a big assumption to say that women care more about looking ‘bulky’ over doing more in a workout.

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Is Powher pre-workout effective?

Judging the effectiveness of this supplement in our Powher pre-workout review comes down to more than just the ingredients included. We need to know whether the ingredients are well served. We can assess this by comparing the amounts used in the formula to the available research.

Caffeine is a good place to start since it’s so widely used and well known. As we said above it can help with overall physical performance and can even improve strength in workouts.

While some supplements overfill with caffeine to provide the supplement with the ‘biggest boost’ it’s not necessary. Research has shown significant performance improvement in moderate to low servings [11]. This indicates Powher Up should offer sufficient stimulant levels to be both safe and effective.

This combined with EnXtra® should offer a slower release of energy and avoid crashes.

At just 2g, the serving of citrulline is lower than we’d expect, as the optimal serving is around 6g according to research [12]. Beta alanine also offers a low serving at just a gram. While they may contribute towards lower fatigue, it may not be as effective as other supplements on the market.

RedNite®, OxyJun® and EnXtra® may all help to improve performance in the ways we’ve outlined above in the ingredients section. While the data out there does look good, at the moment we can’t find a lot of it.

As such, without more evidence, we can’t say how effective they may be in their separate roles within the formula. Having said that, we like this use of innovation and dedication to potency within ingredients. Time will tell how effective they are, but they appear to be off to a good start.

Our Powher pre-workout review found this to be an overall appropriate option for women. The ingredients used and serving sizes make it a strong product compared to others on the market.

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How to take Powher pre-workout

The manufacturers suggest you take one 10g scoop of Powher up pre-workout and mix with water around 30 minutes before you’re due to start your workout. This should give the ingredients time to take affect.

We’d suggest leaving at least 5 hours between taking Powher pre-workout and going to bed. Otherwise the stimulants within this mix could interrupt your sleep and make it difficult for you to drift off.

Powher pre-workout taste

This pre-workout is only available in a Pink Lemonade flavor. While we know many women prefer to have options when it comes to taste, we actually are a big fan of the Powher Up flavor.

It goes a dark red color when shaken, and smells like it’s going to be quite sour. However, it’s a sweet, refreshing raspberry flavor that goes down very easy!

For us, we wouldn’t choose a different flavor even if there was one.

Powher pre-workout price

One container of Powher Up pre-workout offers 25, 10g scoops.

One bottle of Powher Up pre-workout: $45 or £29.99

Two bottles + free UK and US shipping: $90 or £59.99

Three bottles + one free bottle + free UK and US shipping: $135 or £94.99

While it may seem like a big upfront cost, the three bottle bundle is one of the best options if you decide to take this supplement in the long term. It can save you a significant amount of money.

Powher pre-workout review – final thoughts

It looks good, it tastes good and many of the ingredients are backed by science. All of this adds up to a pretty good pre-workout for women.

Powher combines several well-known elements, and some new faces to provide a high-quality, unique supplement. While these newer ingredients aren’t something we’re used to, they appear to offer some great results.

Whatever your sport or your training goals, our Powher Pre-Workout review found it to be an excellent choice.

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