Black Wolf Pre-Workout Review [2023] – Can it Improve Performance?

There are quite literally hundreds of pre-workout supplements out there, so finding the right one can be difficult. In our Black Wolf Pre-Workout review, we’ll put this product under the microscope to answer the all-important question – will it help you to improve your workouts? 

Now, you may have noticed that this product looks pretty male-focussed and sure enough, like so many pre-workouts out there, it’s definitely marketed towards men. However, let’s not write it off yet – packaging doesn’t make a pre-workout supplement appropriate for women, the ingredients do.

And, after performing a thorough Black Wolf Pre-Workout review, we’ve found that this supplement could have a lot to offer when it comes to boosting your training sessions. 

The team behind Black Wolf claim it uses ‘powerful ingredients with effective dosages’. Let’s find out if it lives up to these claims in out Black Wolf Pre-Workout review. 

Black Wolf Pre-Workout review

BlackWolf Pre-Workout Review – Quick Overview

  • 10/10 Quality
  • 10/10 Research support
  • 9/10 Customer Feedback
  • 9/10 Price

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Key features:

  • Amazing flavors
  • Good servings of stimulants
  • High-quality natural ingredients
  • Stim-free option available
  • Popular pre-workout with customers
  • Vegan friendly

Research shows:

  • Could improve energy
  • Could boost performance
  • Appropriate for a range of exercises

Brand info:

  • GMP Facilities used
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Made in the USA

Black Wolf Pre-Workout Review  of the Benefits – what should you expect? 

Every supplement company out there makes big claims when it comes to the performance of their products, and with Black Wolf Pre-Workout it’s the same. After reviewing the supplement, we found you can expect the following: 

  • Amazing flavors – We’ve tried a lot of pre-workouts and we pretty much always expect them to taste a similar way – pretty nasty. However, Black Wolf Pre-Workouts actually really deliver. Blue Raspberry is sweet and sour, tasting more like one of our favourite energy drinks than a pre-workout. Green Apple is our favourite, making us think of candy, while Fruit Punch is like a non-fizzy soda. 10/10 on flavor for us. 
  • Natural ingredients – It’s always a big thumbs up from us when a supplement uses all natural ingredients. This usually means it’s less likely to cause side effects and is often well researched, making it an overall more reliable product. 
  • Backed by research – This is also very important. So many poorly produced products fail to use ingredients that are proven and well-researched. Without scientific backing, you’ll be wasting your money. We’re happy to say, the majority of the ingredients in this supplement come with a good amount of research behind them, reassuring us of this formula. With that in mind…
  • … It should work – Based on the research surrounding the ingredients and the great servings of key ingredients, Black Wolf Pre-Workout has the potential to be an excellent pre-workout for women. 

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Black Wolf Pre-Workout Review of the Ingredients 

Black Wolf Pre-Workout Ingredients

Now we know what we can expect from this supplement, let’s take a closer look at the ingredients, and the research surrounding them. 

Before we get stuck in, it’s worth noting that the Fruit Punch pre is a little different to the other two Black Wolf Pre-Workouts. It’s the CAFFEINE FREE option. This is fantastic, as one genealogical study shows that women can be more prone to the side effects of caffeine than men are [1], so if you’re looking for a caffeine free option, then fruit punch is ideal for you. 

With that in mind, we’ve split the ingredients into two sections, covering the two caffeinated products (which use the same formula) and Fruit Punch option separately. Many of the ingredients between them are the same, so in the Fruit Punch Black Wolf Pre-Workout review, we’ll mostly focus on the alternative ingredients you’ll find in the formula. 

Blue Raspberry and Green Apple Black Wolf Pre-Workout ingredients: 

    • L Citrulline-Malate – This amino acid can be found in watermelon, and offers unique vasodilating benefits. This means your veins expand slightly, allowing more blood to flow, which has been shown to improve your endurance in fitness [2]. It’s a great ingredient to have in the mix, and at 6g, it matches the servings used in the studies we found. 
    • Beta-Alanine – This is another naturally occurring amino acid, which has been shown to reduce muscle fatigue for women during exercise [3]. While a very popular ingredient in pre-workouts like Black Wolf, there is a slight side effect with this ingredient. It can cause tingling in your arms and legs, however research has shown this is still a safe ingredient [4]
    • Creatine Monohydrate – We’re very happy to see this ingredient in Black Wolf Pre-Workout as it’s one of the most extensively researched and proven supplements in the industry. Studies have concluded that creatine ‘is the most effective ergogenic nutritional supplement currently available to athletes’ [5]. The same study said that regular servings of around 3-5g a day can support increased physical performance in exercise. Black Wolf offers 3g in each serving so, if taken regularly, it could help improve fitness performance. 
    • Betaine Anhydrous – Another popular natural ingredient for pre-workouts, betaine anhydrous has been linked to reduced fatigue after regular supplementation [6], and servings of 2.5g a day (just a little more than the serving in Black Wolf Pre-Workout) has been linked to increased rep count in exercise [7]
    • L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate – Research has show that this has been linked to reduced fatigue which has then been linked to improved work capacity during exercise [8][9]. On the Black Wolf Pre-Workout website, it says that VO2 max was improved 80% thanks to using this ingredient, we’ve taken a look at the research and we don’t think this is possible from simple supplementation alone. That being said, it has been linked to reduced fatigue, so it could help with that.
    • Taurine – We’re also very familiar with Taurine, as it’s a regular ingredient in the world of pre-workouts. Taurine has been shown to delay the time until exhaustion [10]. This could help to increase your work capacity during exercise. 
    • L-Tyrosine – This one is a little different for a pre-workout, but we think it’s an interesting choice. It’s more common in nootropics, as this naturally occurring amino acid is present in your body (and high protein foods) and has been shown to help reduce stress by playing a part in the production of dopamine [11]. Black Wolf say this is in the mix to help you stay focussed during your workouts. We think if it does work, it can only have a positive impact. 
    • Coconut Powder –  This is occasionally seen in pre-workouts but, in a more general sense, it’s known as a superfood. We also know that it’s jam packed full of electrolytes, which can run low after a hard workout [12]
    • Caffeine Anhydrous – This is one of the most common and highly researched faces in the pre-workout supplement industry, and you may recognise it from your cup of coffee! When it comes to exercise performance, caffeine has been linked to distinct improvements in a range of studies. We’re talking improvements in endurance [13], power output and exercise performance [14] and a reduction in perceived exertion too [15]. The serving of 200mg in line with the research indicating it could help to increase power, whilst also being safe to consume [16].
    • Dynamine (Methylliberine) – This is a compound supplement of methylliberine, which is found in the kucha tea leaf. It’s been shown to energise and increase concentration, similar to the nootropic L-Tyrosine [17].
    • Bioperine Black Pepper – This is a common ingredient in many pre-workout supplements. It’s like the supporting act to the rest of the ingredients, as it’s been shown to increase the bio-availability of other ingredients [18]. So, it could help you to get the most out of the other ingredients in the Black Wolf Mix. 

Fruit Punch Black Wolf Pre-Workout

  • DMAE and Huperzine – These are the two are only in the Fruit Punch mix and are there in place of the caffeine. They’re not stimulants, but DMAE occurs naturally in the body and produces acetylcholine, which has been linked to increased focus and concentration. Huperzine has been linked to reducing the breakdown of acetylcholine, so by pairing these two ingredients of the supplement, it my help to improve your alertness overall. 

Overall, we’re impressed by the Black Wolf Pre-Workout Ingredients. Not only are they ingredients we know well from other, similar supplements, we’re also impressed with some of the servings in this formula. 

For example, the L-Citrulline Malate, Creatine, Caffeine (in Blue Raspberry and Green Apple) and the Beta Alanine are all served at excellent levels. Some of which match the amount used in the studies we found. 

We’re also happy to say that our Black Wolf Pre-Workout review found that the Fruit Punch flavor is completely appropriate for vegans too!

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Is Black Wolf Pre-Workout A Good Supplement for Women?

This is a very important element for our Black Wolf Pre-Workout review, as we want to recommend only the best products that are appropriate for our readers, women. When we’re looking at pre-workouts for women, we want to ensure it’s likely to benefit you in your workouts, whilst also being safe enough for a comfortable and effective experience. 

While you don’t need to do a Black Wolf Pre-Workout review to know this hasn’t been specifically made just for women (just looking at the packaging will tell you that), we still think it’s definitely a supplement that could benefit women. The ingredients are well-researched and responsibly served, so we think it would be a good option. And, if you don’t like the stimulants, the caffeine free options is definitely great alternative.  

As such, we found the following: 

  • Well-served ingredients – We think the servings on the majority of Black Wolf Pre-Workout ingredients are served at good levels, that are both effective, in line with research and not too harsh.
  • Researched ingredients – Almost every ingredient in this supplement is backed by a good level of research that has been linked in some way to improved exercise performance. It therefore, may help you on your fitness journey.
  • Good stimulant levels – Caffeine levels are important when understanding how appropriate a supplement is for women, as high levels can negatively affect women. In Black Wolf Pre-Workout, the caffeine levels are in line with research, but still at the upper end of the safe spectrum (it offers just about two coffee cups worth of caffeine). That means it should still be safe, but if you’re sensitive to caffeine or worried about it in any way, then go for the caffeine free option.
  • Caffeine free option available – As we’ve mentioned, women can be more prone to the negative side effects of caffeine, so if you feel like you’re sensitive to the effects of the stimulant, then the caffeine free option may be better suited to you and still offers a great selection of ingredients served at very competitive levels. 

How to Take Black Wolf Pre-Workout

Black Wolf Pre-Workout Review

The following instructions cover how to take Black Wolf Pre-Workout:

Add one scoop of Black Wolf Pre-Workout to water and mix thoroughly. Drink it 15-30 minutes before you’re due to workout

The amount of water isn’t specific, but we recommend using 500ml or more so everything dissolves well. 

We definitely recommend drinking before the workout as mentioned in the instructions. This allows your body time to absorb all the ingredients and give them time to work. 

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Black Wolf Pre-Workout Reviews from Customers

This is a well known and well-reviewed pre-workout, which is one of the reasons we wanted to test it out for ourselves. It’s all very well us trying the supplement out for ourselves and writing up our thoughts, but we find the best way to find out how good a product is, is by looking at Black Wolf Pre-Workout reviews of other customers and those who endorse it. 

We were impressed by the fact that among the Black Wolf Pre-Workout reviews were endorsements from successful athletes like double Olympian swimmer Ekaterina Avramova, who is willing to put her name to the supplement. 

This is good as athletes generally only endorse products they can trust, and that they feel comfortable putting their name to them. 

Ekaterina’s Black Wolf Pre-Workout review says:

“BlackWolf gives me everything I need from a pre workout boost before morning sessions to keep me going”

Next up, we need to look at the Black Wolf Pre-Workout reviews from real customers. By looking at a large cross section of reviews, we can further dig in to how well it’s been received and where there might be any sticking points. 

We found the following Black Wolf Pre-Workout reviews online: 

“Delicious! Good balance between sweet and sour, like sour sweets”

Jenny F.

“I love this pre-workout! Black Wolf is super tasty and I feel great when I take it in a workout Super focused and I always get more out of my workouts. I do feel the tingles, but I haven’t had any side effects or anything! I’d definitely recommend” 

Alice C.

“ I’ve used a lot of pre-workouts before, but now I’m sticking with Black Wolf. It does everything you want from a great pre-workout, like focus and energy and I feel so strong taking it. But the best bit has to be the taste, I’ve never had a pre taste so good.” 

Katie B.

From looking at the Black Wolf Pre-workout reviews, we can see it’s widely well received. A lot of women seem to be going for the caffeinated option, which is interesting as we rated the caffeine at the higher end of the spectrum.

Despite this, it appears that very few side effects are reported in the Black Wolf Pre-Workout reviews, apart from the tingles from the beta alanine. 

Overall, we’ve been really impressed with the Black Wolf Pre-Workout reviews we’ve seen and were interested to see a lot of the key takeaways matched our own. 

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Black Wolf Pre-Workout Side Effects and Safety

When taking any supplement, it’s always a good idea to do your research first. Black Wolf Pre-workout is generally considered a safe supplement, however there may be some side effects so it’s a good idea to know what to look out for in advance. 

Due to the levels of caffeine in Black Wolf Blue Raspberry and Green Apple flavours, you should definitely aim to take this supplement at least 5 hours before you’re due to sleep, otherwise you may experience insomnia. 

You should also look out for jitters, headaches or the symptoms of anxiety, as a bad reaction to caffeine can cause these if you’re particularly sensitive to it. 

This supplement also contains beta alanine, which can cause tingling in the arms and legs as the vasodilators get to work. This isn’t harmful or unsafe, it’s just a sign that the pre-workout is starting to work. If you feel uncomfortable with this however, stop using the supplement. 

Pregnant women should avoid any kind of stimulant, so do not take Black Wolf Pre-Workout if there is a chance you could be pregnant. 

If you’re concerned about taking this supplement, or any supplement, always consult your doctor first. If you experience any negative side effects whatsoever, stop taking the supplement and speak to your doctor immediately. 

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Black Wolf Pre-Workout Price and Value


One tub – $54.99 / £49.99

Each tub offers 22 servings, which should cover you for just over a month of workouts (if we’re talking 5 workouts a week!). 

Overall, we think this supplement is definitely at the upper end of the spectrum in terms of price, but we’re really not mad about it. We’ve found other supplements, of lesser quality with a similar price. 

We’re all about value for money, and we do think that, after a Black Wolf Pre-Workout review, this is good value for money. The quality of the ingredients, the strong serving sizes and the great level of research for each ingredient all adds up to make a really strong pre-workout supplement. 

We’d say that, overall, it’s worth your money. 

Black Wolf Pre-Workout Review – Conclusion

Overall, we really enjoyed testing out this supplement in our Black Wold Pre-Workout review and, after using it in workouts ourselves, we can say it’s a great pre-workout we’d happily use and recommend to our readers. 

Although it might be at the upper end of the price spectrum, we think the excellent ingredients, research, servings, flavors and the reviews make it worth the money. 

Why not try it out for yourself. Check it out at the official Black Wolf Pre-Workout website. 

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At the official Black Wolf Website


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