How to Bench Press

Perfect an all round physique and boost your upper body strength when you learn how to bench press with your gym girl.

Now, we know a lot of girls out there are worried about working bench, because they’re concerned they’re gonna get bulky. We’ll clear that up right away and say, unless you’re taking dodgy steroids, that’s probably never gonna happen. What you will see is more toned arms and a gorgeous, full rounded physique. Trust us, we love the bench. Even if we have to fight a couple of guys off the bar.

How to Bench Press

1. Lie on the bench with the bar in the rack so it’s sitting above your face

2. Hold the bar at around shoulder-width apart with a hook grip

3. Push the bar up and out of the rack so your arms are completely straight and the bar now sits above your lower throat/upper chest

4. In a controlled motion, bring the bar down to touch your chest where your nipples are

5. Push the bar back up in one smooth movement until it sits above your lower throat again

Top Tip: Don’t worry if you can’t achieve a smooth, powerful movement the first time you bench. You’ll be working stabilizing micro-muscles throughout your body for a deeper, more rounded muscular balance.

The Benefits of Bench Press

Working the bench press is like laying the foundations of your upper-body.

It will work your arms, chest and even shoulders in a functional way to boost strength and improve the way your muscles communicate with each other. If you’re looking to boost your upper body strength, or are aiming to achieve that hourglass figure, this one has to be in your workout plan.

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