How to Barbell Back Squat

The barbell squat is the cornerstone of every good legs workout. It’s one of the best ways to build strength and muscle in your lower body, and it can even help you craft gorgeous abs. Add this to your workout routine and you’re in for a booty-building, burner of a workout. We’ll talk you through everything you need to know to safely work with the bar and boost your strength. You’re welcome girls.

How to barbell back squat

1. Prepare an empty bar on the rack. Start light to get the form on point, before you start testing your strength
2. Grip the bar just outside of shoulder-width and duck under it, so it rests across the back of your shoulders
3. Stand up fully under the bar, taking the weight across the back of your shoulders and stabilizing it with your hands
4. Step back slowly until you’re out of the rack
5. Stand with your feet at just outside hip-width and your toes point outwards slightly
6. Keeping your chest high and your back strong, begin to move your hips back and down
7. Focus on keeping the weight on your heels so your knees don’t track over your toes and you don’t fall forward
8. Stop when your hip crease is aligned with your knee crease, then fire through your glutes to stand up. Keep your knees strong and don’t let them cave inwards.

Top tip: It’s essential that you keep the weight on your heels and your chest high now you have weight on your back. Otherwise, you could spill the bar or damage your back as you stand up. Keep it strong and tight.

The benefits of a barbell back squat

Girl, if you thought the squat was good, adding weight is a gamechanger. You’ll feel stronger and more powerful than ever once you’ve got this one nailed. If you’re looking for strength in your lower body, stop the search – this is your new go to. Maybe you’re after that perfect booty? With a weighted squat you’ll accelerate your journey to butt goals.

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