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We’ve reviewed the latest release from the popular massage gun company to find out just how good it is – find out more in our addsfit Elite Massage Gun review. Or, see if it makes the cut in our review of the 5 Best Massage Guns

Massage guns have seen a huge boom in popularity as a favourite alternative to the very low tech classic methods of fixing muscle pain. Forget foam rollers or, if you’re really brave, regular sports massages, massage guns like the addsfit Elite are now the new, accessible way to stay in shape between workouts. 

We’ve done reviews into the bigger and smaller siblings to the addsfit Elite, the addsfit Max and the addsfit Mini respectively. We were impressed with the spec of both of these products and were excited when we saw the creators had made a sleek-looking mid-size option. 

Bigger than the addsfit Mini, and smaller and lighter than the Max, we were interested to give the addsfit Elite a thorough review and find out whether it offers the same impressive performance and spec as it’s siblings. 

Read on to find out more in our addsfit Elite review. 

What is the addsfit Elite massage gun?

As we mentioned above, massage guns are now a widely used piece of kit, which can be used to help alleviate knotted muscles and tension in the muscles that may occur after a workout. 

The percussive nature of a massage gun like the addsfit Elite can help to break down troublesome and painful knots, flushing out inflammatory toxins and improving blood flow. All of this can help to relax the muscles. 

Compared to other massage guns on the market, addsfit Elite is relatively small and won’t give you the most powerful performance. However, it’s only a few hundred Reps Per Minute (RPM) below much bigger alternatives, which means it does appear to hold it’s own in terms of power performance relative to its size. 

It’s also a lightweight option that comes in at a portable size, so the addsfit Elite massage gun might be good for you if you’re looking for something light that can be stored easily. 

Benefits of the addsfit Elite massage gun

  • Four Speeds – with four speeds ranging from 1600 to 3100 Reps Per Minute, you have a good variety of percussive intensity to choose from. It also provides an extra increment compared to the addsfit Mini. 
  • Five Heads – With four silicone heads and one exclusive EVA option, you have more variety than the addsfit Mini and just as many as the Max, meaning you can also easily alter the intensity of the massage by simply changing the head. 
  • Price – It comes in cheaper than the Max, but slightly more expensive than the Mini
  • Easy Storage – The addsfit Elite comes in a hard shell case, which has been designed so the gun and all the heads fit in slugly. It’s also light and small so storage is easy. 
  • Worldwide Shipping – addsfit offer worldwide shipping, although there may be a charge attached depending on where you’re located. 
  • Free warranty – addsfit offer the option to extend the warranty of your massage gun for free, which offers peace of mind that if something should happen to the gun, you could claim it back. You can find out more about their warrant on their official site
  • Portable – Coming in at just larger than the majority of smart phones, and delivered in a compact case, the addsfit Elite should be easy to carry or throw in your gym bag. 
  • Silicone handle – We found that this, in comparison to the completely aluminium Mini handle, gave better grip throughout.

What do you get with your addsfit Elite?

Addsfit elite review

When you’re choosing a massage gun, you need to know about the technical specifications of the gun, and also about the heads you’ll be receiving too. They can be just as important as the power of the gun in determining the effectiveness of the massage you’ll be receiving. 

In the addsfit Elite package, we found the following heads and have outlined what they can be used for, and how effective we found them:

  • Dampener – Low Impact – The large surface around makes this good for particularly tender areas, especially close to bones. A good starting point, we found this very tolerable even on the higher speeds.
  • Triggered Flat – Low-Med Impact – Just a slight step up in terms of intensity from the dampener, this also offers a larger surface area with a few additional pressure points. We found this worked well on larger muscles like quads and glutes. 
  • Thumb – Med-High Impact – A bit of a jump up from the previous two, the apty named thumb has a much smaller surface area for a more targeted approach. We would recommend building up to this, as it can be more intense. 
  • Fork – High Impact – This is the most intense option in the box. We rarely use it and find it to be quite hard. However, it can be useful if you’re looking for a very targeted option, just build up to it and use with caution. Stop if it hurts. 
  • Ball – Low Impact – lightweight and with a large surface area, this is the exclusive EVA option that comes only with the addsfit Elite. We found this to offer a very effective softer touch for tender areas or around bones, making it a good choice for beginners.

One issue we have with the addsfit Elite, which is one we highlighted in our review of the addsfit Max, is that it can be difficult to remove the silicone heads. Due to the way the attachment is styled, they can get stuck on quite firmly and it can be hard to pull them off again. 

In terms of the addsfit Elite case, we found it to be of a matt black, offering a hard shell exterior that provides a good amount of protection for the massage gun. It also is completely compartmentalised so everything is easy to organise. We also found the smaller size makes it easy to store. 

You also receive a USB charging cable. There is no plug, however we haven’t yet found this an issue as we have many USB adapted plugs lying around from using smart phones. If you don’t have a smart phone this might be an issue for you, or you could plug it in to a computer to charge. 

There is also a manual in with the addsfit Elite, which provides more detail on the specifications of the gun, advice on which heads to use for what and more details on how you can extend the warranty on this product. You can also find more information on the warranty by clicking on the link below. 

Find out more at the addsfit site


Addsfit Elite massage gun specifications

 Take a look at the technological specifications of the addsfit Elite massage gun below:

Size and weight – 19.5 x 43.7 x 12.5cm. 640g

Amplitude – 12mm

Force range – 28.6lbs

Speeds – 1600/2100/2600/3100

Battery – Rechargeable

Battery life – 858 minutes

Let’s take a look at what all of this means. 

In terms of size and weight, as we mentioned it comes in at just slightly bigger than your average smart phone. Weight-wise, it’s lighter than the bigger guns out there, and only slightly heavier than the smallest option on the market at the time of writing – the addsfit Mini. 

Amplitude basically means the size of the vibration aka – how deep will the gun massage? For a smaller massage gun, addsfit Elite does really well and matches the amplitude of the addsfit Max. So you’re in for a deep massage with this model. 

In terms of speed, Elite offers four options which is better than the smaller Mini, as it gives you smaller increments, meaning you have more control over the intensity. It goes up to 3100RPM which is just 200 RPM than the Max. And, it can exert a relatively strong force at more than 28.6 lbs, which sits at the mid range of the Max. 

When it comes to battery you’ve got more than 15 hours work of massaging available on a full charge. 

Find out more at the addsfit site

How to use the addsfit Elite Massage gun

Simply follow these steps to use the addsfit Elite massage gun: 

  • Take the attachment plug and put it in the gun. From there, push the head you’d like to use onto the end of the plug until it’s firmly in place
  • Turn it on by holding the on button. This will start the massage gun 
  • Press the on button again and you will begin to increase the speed
  • Continue to press the on button to cycle through the speeds to find the right one for you
  • Gently apply the head to your problem area and glide the gun over the area to increase blood flow
  • When you’re done, press and hold the on button to turn the gun off. It will stop vibrating and the lights will turn off

Before you do use the addsfit Elite massage gun, be sure to follow the below rules:

Disclaimer before using any massage gun: 

While massage guns like the addsfit Elite are now widely available, they should always be used with care. Follow these rules to ensure you’re using it safely and effectively: 

  • Don’t use a massage gun if it’s creating more pain for you. Massaging muscle knots can be uncomfortable but if pain is getting worse or flaring up stop using it immediately.
  • Only ever use a massage gun on soft tissues such as muscle. They should not be used on bone as this can be painful or even damage them
  • Never use a massage gun on your neck. Your carotid arteries run up the sides of your neck and the intense vibrations could damage them. 

If you pay attention to these rules, you should have everything you need to use the addsfit Elite massage gun safely. 

Addsfit Elite design

As we’ve mentioned, the addsfit Elite is a mid-range gun from the people over at addsfit. As such, we found the overall lightweight aspect of the design to be good. 

It looks sleek and simple, and the light weight makes it easy and effective to use. The choice of aluminium helps to keep it light, whilst ensuring it’s sturdy and durable. It’s also easy to keep clean.

We felt one thing that really improved the addsfit Elite from the Mini was the addition of the silicone handle. This allowed for better grip throughout the massage, which was a great improvement from the smaller design. 

We also found this to be a very quiet massage gun. While it’s not the quietest on the market, or advertised as such, we still felt it was much quiet compared to its larger counterpart.

If we’re nit picking, we found the heads were too difficult to get on and off. But they do come off – it’s just not as smooth as the rest of the design on the gun. 

Overall, our general view was that this massage gun was smart, sleek and ergonomically easy to use. 

Addsfit Elite price and value

Addsfit Elite – £101/$139.99

Due to its mid-range size, this massage gun comes in at a relatively mid range size. Once again, it’s helpful to compare it to its sister massage guns. With the Max coming in at around $50 more and the Mini at about $35 less, it’s about right, if a little on the more reasonable side. 

The specifications are great, whilst still providing a small convenient size, which makes us think this is a good value product. 

Addsfit Elite review – Conclusion

With a mid-size product like this one, you really can’t go wrong. It offers great power, speed, amplitude and heads, whilst still offering the smaller size and the lightweight of the smallest option available.

We found the quality of the massage gun to be very good, as we usually do with addsfit, and we think that what you get for the money give it great value too. 

Overall, it’s a strong product and the performance specifications argue strongly in it’s favour. It’s a big tick from us. 

Find out more at the addsfit site


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