How to do Walking Lunges

Take the humble lunge up a notch and start working your body in a more functional, muscle-building way when you learn how to do walking lunges.

Not only will these work your glutes and lower body to help you craft enviable strength and size, but by using dynamic walking movements, you’ll be working stabilizing muscles throughout your core to develop a powerful, harmonious physique.

How to do walking lunges

1.Begin with your feet at hips width

2.Stride out with one foot so you’re in a long stance, maintaining the shoulder-width

3.Bend your front knee to drop the hips and back knee. Your torso should remain straight and upright, while your back knee should stop around an inch from the floor

4.In this position, check to ensure your shin on your front leg is perpendicular to the floor and your knee isn’t tracking over your toes. If it is, step out a little further on your next rep for good form

5.Using power from your glutes, push upward and bring your back foot forward to meet the front

Walking lunge benefits

When learn how to do walking lunges, often our main aim is to tone and shape certain parts of our bodies, like glutes and hamstrings. However, there’s a whole host of other stabilizing muscles that need attention too – and the walking lunge homes right in on these.

We’re talking about the inside and outside of your legs, along with a huge selection of muscles hidden away within your core that can easily go neglected.

They may not be as obvious as the bigger muscles we know well, but it’s essential you challenge them for an overall more athletic physique.

By learning how to do a walking lunge, you’ll feel these benefits:

  • Better balance
  • A stronger, more stable core
  • A more functional physique
  • Symmetrical muscle development
  • Enhanced hip muscle flexibility
  • Toned legs and glutes

Expand your leg day and add these exercises to your workout:


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