How to Front Squat

You’ve nailed your barbell back squat, now it’s time to change the focus on your legs day and work those quads. By moving the weight to the front of your body, you’re upping the ante on those muscles on the front of your legs. You’ll be challenging your legs in new, muscle burning ways to improve your overall strength and grow gorgeous, shapely quads.

How to Front Squat

1. Prepare an empty bar in the rack. We’ll start off light so you get a chance to perfect that form before you up the load

2. Grip the bar at about shoulder-width apart

3. Whilst holding the bar, step forward so the bar is resting across the front of your shoulders, and your elbows are pointing straight out in front of you

4. Push the bar up and step back out of the rack

5. Keeping your elbow pointing forward and your chest high, move your hips back and down

6. Stop when your hip crease is just below your knee crease, then push up through your quads and glutes to stand up safely

Top Tip: Now the weight is on the front of your body, it’s key that you keep your chest and elbows high throughout the movement. Otherwise you risk dropping the bar or arching your back, which could lead to injury. No thanks girl. Keep it light until that form is perfect.

Benefits of front squats

Learning how to front squat is game changer for your overall leg strength. It shifts the focus onto your quads, so you can develop and challenge those muscles in a new way. Don’t get us wrong, this one will also work your glutes and hammys, but the main benefits will be quads for days.

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