How to Incline Bench Press

Change up the focus on your upper body workout and learn how to incline bench press with your gym girl. This one is the perfect accessory to your conventional bench press and will help you build some serious strength in your chest, shoulders and arms.

How to Incline Bench Press

1. Set up a bench with around a 40 degree incline under the bench rack

2. Lie on the bench with the bar sitting above your face

3. Push it up and out of the rack so your arms are completely straight and the bar is above your upper chest

4. Lower the bar to touch your chest. It will probably touch higher on your chest compared to the conventional bench press

5. Push the bar directly upwards until your arms are completely straight and the bar is above your upper chest again

Top Tip: Once you’ve mastered the bar, try this with dumbbell weights. The unilateral nature of this movement will work those deep stabilizing muscles for an unbeatable burn.

Benefits of incline bench press

By learning how to incline bench press, you can focus in on your upper chest muscles and put more of an emphasis on the deltoid muscles of your shoulders. By just working your bench press alone, you’d never get this kind of upper pectoral development – perfect if you think you’ve got weak spots or you’re trying to achieve that coveted chest line.

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