How to Military Press

Strengthen your shoulders when you learn how to military press.

This compound movement is a must for every good upper body day workout. Whether you want to grow strength or build defined shoulders, this one has to be in our program. Check it out.

How to military press

1. Prep a barbell in a squat rack at just below shoulder height

2. Grip the bar at just within shoulder-width, step forward, bending your elbows under so they’re pointing directly in front of you and you’re holding the bar against your shoulders and lower neck

3. Next, step the bar up and out of the rack

4. Adjust your elbows so they’re now pointing down rather than in front of you

5. From here, push the bar directly upwards until your arms are completely straight

6. Return to the start position by lowering the bar in a controlled way back to your shoulders

The benefits of the military press

The military press is one of the best ways to grow size and strength in your shoulders. It works all three deltoid muscles with a focus on the front (anterior) muscle. As a compound movement, it also works a number of upper back muscles and your core too. Bonus.

Not only does it build your strength in your shoulders, it compliments your other upper body lifts too. Shoulder injuries can be very common in lifters if they don’t have strong muscle to support them, so by performing the military press you can keep injury at bay, strengthen your bench press and stabilize the joint.  

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