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Name: Grace Beverley

DOB: 16th February 1997

Location: London, UK

Profession: Student/ Influencer

Instagram: @gracebeverley

Twitter: @gracebeverley

Meet Grace Beverley

Grace Beverley

This girl is one of our favourite influencers out there right now. She’s sassy, funny and has her physique on lock down.

Her relationship with fitness wasn’t always so easy. As a child she was a talented gymnast, but when she ended up getting hurt in a car crash at age thirteen, her gymnastic career was over.

Upset and confused, she turned away from fitness for a few years. After relaxing her workout regime and eating pretty much what she wanted, she felt a little unhealthy.

At this point, she decided to get back to it. She started hitting the gym, working out and documenting her incredible progress on Instagram.

From there, by tracking her transformation, she very quickly became something of an instagram celebrity. She earned followers from all over the world due to her impressive workout videos and, of course, that peachy booty.

Since then, she began to sell her own products and workouts. The gracefit gym accessories have taken off, with everything from resistance bands to barbell pads to help you complete your booty workouts.

She also sells her own gracefit guides, designed to help you achieve that trim physique and craft an amazing, rounded booty.  The transformation pictures from her customers speak for themselves, her workout plan is the real deal.

In recent years she’s also become something of a girl-boss in the business world too. Well… she literally has. In 2019 she brought out her own fitness clothing brand – TALA.

Grace created the brand with the mission to create an affordable, high-performance active-wear range that’s 100% up-cycled. It’s also been made for all women, whatever size and the whole thing is simply empowering. Nice job Grace!

Grace Beverley training techniques:

Grace Beverley working out

Grace Beverley’s booty might be the bomb, but she works her whole body to achieve that gorgeous, toned bod.

However, when you check out her insta, you’ll see a fair amount of booty work going in to her workouts.

She’s a fan of working the booty in just about any way you can. She usually forgoes big squat workouts for isolation butt movements, but you can rest assured she uses some serious resistance to build size and shape in her glutes.

According to her instagram, she picks a few focussed movements, then works them in some high volume circuits. Not only will this encourage hypertrophy (aka bigger muscles), circuits will help you get in that fat burn on.

She’s also no strange to the resistance band to build shape (well, she sells her own hardcore loop bands). With these she gets a full glute workout that crafts a rounded, peachy booty.

Grace Beverley Nutrition:

Grace Beverley in Bikini

Grace enjoys an entirely plant-based diet. She wasn’t always about the vegan gains, and moved to the new nutrition plan a few years ago.

She often posts on her Instagram story and YouTube channel about her vegan diet, and the transition to plant-based food as a fitness enthusiast. If you head to the archives, you can head back in time and find out how she made the change.

Overall, she generally enjoys a healthy, wholesome diet, but she’s no stranger to a few treats every now and then. Check out her Instagram and feel the food envy.

Since becoming a vegan, she’s posted a few times that she doesn’t always track her nutrition, instead she says she’s got a much healthier relationship with the food she eats.

Grace is also a big fan of promoting the power of food. She often provides examples of herself when she was eating too few calories compared to now. The transformation into a healthy, body positive influencer is impressive.

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Grace Beverley: key takeaways

Our main takeaway from Grace Beverley is when you enjoy a healthy, fun relationship with your fitness and your overall health.

Whether that means turning around your physical fitness, or enjoying a more fulfilling diet, you can make it happen with the right know how. You can even turn your booty into minor Instagram celeb if you want!

Grace’s bod and fitness levels might be incredible, but overall, it’s her attitude to working out, enjoying life and eating a healthy, wholesome diet. Go give her a follow, it’s worth it.

Check out these workouts and start your own transformation today:


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