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7 Best Female Fitness Instagram Accounts in 2023

Discover the most inspiring accounts on Instagram

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, workout ideas or nutrition tips, checking out the best female fitness Instagram accounts is the perfect place to start. Our 2023 update brings you all the best female fitness influencers to watch out for this year, taking into account all those rising stars we’ve seen making waves back in 2022. Check out our hottest latest picks for 2023!

To help you hit follow and find that inspirational female fitness influencers who clicks with you, we’ve rounded up our favourite women’s fitness Instagram accounts. From their super positive attitudes, to their gruelling workouts, their workout clothes to their enviable breakfast bowls, there’s plenty to discover.

These ladies have got some serious grit, determination and physiques, check out our top picks for the best female fitness Instagram accounts for 2022.

7 Best Female Fitness Instagram accounts in 2023


1. Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines best female fitness instagram account

Of course Kayla had to make it to the top. From her Bikini Body Guides, to her Sweat app, she’s pretty much taken over the world as a female fitness influencer. And her Instagram is one of the most popular out there, with more than  12.7 million in 2022, she’s racked up another million for 23, with 13.9 Million to her name at the beginning of the year!! Wowzers.

As far as fitness girls on Instagram go, not only is she dominating the game, she’s also super empowering too. She’s travelled the world training and inspiring women across the globe to get up and sweat.

Also, since rising to Instagram fame and launching her workout app Sweat, she’s become one of the wealthiest women in Australia and the world. On top of all this, she also regularly uploads great inspirational content, workouts and food snaps too (not to mention some cute doggo pics too!).

Aside from being one of our favorite female fitness influencers, we appreciate Kayla for being a general girl boss. There’s lots to be inspired about when it comes to her, so give her a follow and see for yourself what all the hype is about.

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2. FitGurlMel

Fitgurlmel best female fitness instagram accounts

When it comes to finding fitness girls, instagram has trainers aplenty. So how do you know you’re following a really amazing account?

Well, ever heard of a little known celebrity called Kim Kardashian? Yeah we thought so. Well, @Fitgurlmel, or Melissa Alcantara is her trainer! Not only is she responsible for perfecting one of the most famous peaches in the world, she’s also got a pretty incredible transformation story herself.

Although once she wasn’t really into fitness at all, she’s completely transformed herself, and her career. And, apparently, it was Mel’s transformation story that made Kim K get in touch and ask her for her training expertise.

Unlike many female fitness influencers who only want to show themselves at their very best, Mel often shares pictures of herself before her transformation and talks about the changes she made both physically and mentally to get to where she is today and we LOVE it.

So, if you’re after some inspiration, booty workouts or some incredible morning oats recipes, Mel is your gurl.

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3. Grace Beverley

Grace beverley female fitness influencer

In recent years, Grace Beverley has taken the female fitness Instagram world by storm. Originally starting out as a fitness fanatic herself, she quickly rose to fame as an influencer and has since then reeled off a string of super successful (and effective!) products.

From her booty-growing workout plans, she progressed on to her own resistance bands, and now she’s the founder and director of TALA, a sustainable clothing brand, B_ND, her exercise bands, and Shreddy, her workout programs.

She’s also vegan, so if any of you plant based ladies out there are looking for some inspo, she’s got you covered with all kinds of dishes. While her Instagram isn’t totally focussed on fitness anymore, she’s still a fantastic female fitness influencer to have on your feed.

4. Whitney Simmons

Womens fitness instagram accounts

If you feel like mixing up your usual workout routine, then Whitney Simmons should 100000% be on your follow list. Scroll for just a couple of seconds and you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to a toning upper body workout, peach-growing booty day and a killer fat-burning HIIT session.

On top of all those workouts, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to food and fitness-wear. Whitney’s an ambassador for GymShark, so you can shop her looks as you go. What more could any female fitness fan want?!

When it comes to fitness girls, Instagram has plenty. So it takes a lot to stand out. Whitney Simmons has been a popular choice for many for years now, so she’s definitely doing something right! We like Whitney’s style and how incredibly effective her workouts are. Check them out for yourself.

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5. Kelsey Wells

Kelsey Wells

All you fit moms out there, say hello to Kelsey Wells. Mom of one, she’s your go-to female fitness influencer for post pregnancy workouts, healthy family inspiration and post pregnancy transformations.

She’s actually a Sweat trainer (for our girl at the top, Kayla) and is also the founder and creator of PWR, which offers a huge range of fitness programs for women.

She’s incredibly empowering and offers up a fantastic array of workouts, mixed with inspiration to make sure women know that it’s absolutely possible to achieve your goals. We love reading her comments and find her an all-round dreamboat!

Check out her workouts, be inspired by her life as a mom and definitely give her a follow!

6. Tia Toomey

Tia Toomey Female Fitness Influencer

What. A. Legend.

As six time CrossFit Games champ, Tia Toomey is easily one of our top pics for best female fitness instagram accounts you just have to follow.

Long standing fittest woman on earth, she’s dominated the Games for 6 consecutive years by several country miles each year. She’s the most decorated CrossFit Athlete of all time, for both men and women. And what’s more, she just seems like an absolutely great girl!

She trains harder than anyone else out there, she’s incredibly talented and she’s down to earth too – everything you want from your female fitness influencer right?

She’s not the most hands on influencer to be completely honest. She doesn’t post because she needs to, she’s an athlete at the end of the day after all. But her content is still super inspiring and worth a follow!

If you want to be truly inspired to hit a CrossFit Workout, or get out there and put in some hard work, then give Tia a follow. Trust us, you won’t regret it one bit!

7. Mal O’Brien

Mal O'Brien best female fitness instagram

Continuing on with the CrossFit theme, we’ve picked out another female fitness influencer we’re really excited to see on the Games Circuit.

In the 2022 CrossFit Games she came in second, beating many of the sports top athletes to a spot at the podium and taking a few even wins too! And the best bit? She was only 18 when she did it!

If you’ve got kids or you’re looking to get into some kind of sport like CrossFit, then following Mal O’Brien on Instagram and seeing all the hard work and dedication she puts in to her training is definitely a good way to get the inspiration flowing!

Again, she’s not directly an influencer herself, but she’s got all that good, empowering content that will make you want to pick up a bar, hop on the rower and give it your all. Plus, she’s got years of amazing competing coming up for her (we called it early!), so get on board now and watch that story unfold!

Female Fitness Influencers – The final word

When it coems to finding truly inspirational fitness girls, instagram is always our first point of call. We love reading about other amazing women and their fitness journeys, and the gram offers up the perfect medium for just that.

Be inspired by transformation pics, explore amazing workouts for free or find out what’s on the menu for other female fitness influencers.

With all this right at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to get inspired by other fabulous fitness ladies. Why not follow some of our top picks from above and let us know what you think! Or, leave some more recommendations for us in the comments below.

You never know, they might make it on the list too!


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