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Best Legs Workout for Women | Exercises to Strengthen Your Legs

Tone up, boost your strength and add power to your lower body with this, the best legs workout for women.

We’ve created an all-round legs workout for women, that will hit just about every part of your lower body.

Whether you’re after a perky butt, or shapely thighs, with this workout, you’ll be working all areas to make it happen. With this one under your belt you’ll bring new levels of gains and so many health benefits.

We’ve combined a range of compound and isolated movements designed to drill deep into these big muscles and help you craft and shape your legs.

Read on for:

  • Why do you need a legs workout?
  • How heavy should I lift?
  • The best leg workout for women
  • Leg Muscles

Why do you need a leg workout?

There’s a whole lot of power in those legs!

By factoring in a good lower body workout on the regular, you’ll be creating a powerful physique from the ground up.

Leg muscles are also some of the biggest in your body, and by working and growing them, you’ll benefit from a whole heap of health benefits. For example, you’ll feel stronger, your metabolism will increase as they grow which will help you achieve a healthier body composition. Dreamy right?

Let’s also mention that, with a little more muscle on your legs, you’ll create that coveted perky butt, shapely quads and visible hamstring. Absolute goals.

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How heavy should I lift?

Muscle only grows when you’re challenging your body.

In weightlifting, we call this progressive overload. By continuously lifting a demanding weight, you’re breaking down the tiny fibres within your muscle. To adapt to this new strain, your body uses protein to grow these muscles back, stronger and better.

Essentially, if you lift the same weight over and over again for every workout, you’re on the fast track to nowhere.

So, during your leg workout, we recommend you choose a weight that is doable, yet still challenging and heavy. As soon as something begins to feel easy, you won’t be reaping any rewards from it. Your body has no reason to adapt.

So no slacking here, we want to see you working for those muscles!

To help you get started, we’ve created the best leg workout for women, that’ll grow muscle and power in your lower body. Check it out.

The best legs workout for women

Exercise Sets Reps
Barbell Back Squat55
Leg Extension48
Split Squat48 each leg
Hamstring Curl48
Leg PressDrop 28 then 15

Read on for more information on how and why we’ve added these movements to this hardcore legs workout for women, along with links to our exercise guides…

Leg Exercises

Barbell Back Squats

Woman performing a barbell back squat in the gym

5 sets of 5 reps.

This compound movement is the perfect way to kickstart this legs workout for women. It pulls in a huge range of muscles, including quads, hamstrings and the glutes to build some serious lower body strength.

We’ve also gone for the 5×5 set and rep pattern, which is widely used among beginner powerlifters to challenge the muscle and bring some serious strength to your body.

Remember to keep your form tight and your chest high as you move through the sets, as this one will get challenging. You. Are. Welcome.

Check out our guide on how to barbell back squat

Leg Extension

4 sets of 8 reps

Let’s take a moment to focus in on those quads. This isolated movement will put them straight under the spotlight, so make sure you’re going heavy here.

By adding these into the mix, you can create strong, shapely upper legs whilst adding to the overall power of your squats. It’s definitely a must for a well rounded legs workout for women. Just be careful walking down the stairs tomorrow, ok?

Split Squat

woman performing a Bulgarian split squat

4 sets of 8 reps, each leg

We hear you, every good legs workout for women should have a little focus on the butt. Split squats are the absolute bomb, for that exact reason. Take a weight in each hand and you’ll soon feel the fire in your glutes.

Whether it’s an all-round leg day, or a more focussed booty workout, a split squat is a sure fire thing for glute growth. It also pulls in your quads, but overall, this is a key movement if you’re all about lifting your butt.

Check out our guide on how to split squat

Hamstring curl

4 sets of 8 reps

Just as the name suggests, this one really homes in on the hamstrings, isolating them for a serious burn in the back of your leg. It can be easy to forget about the hammys when you’re focussing in on those glutes and quads, however they’re essential to creating a rounded shape and a powerful leg.

We’ve gone for four sets of 8 reps which will make for a fiyahhh legs workout for women. Most good gyms have a hamstring curl machine, so you don’t need to worry too much about form. Smash them out, girl.

Leg Press

woman performing a leg press in the gym

Two drop sets:

8 reps to 15 reps

To finish off this legs workout for women, we’re going to put your lower body power to the test. The humble leg press puts just about every muscle in your runners to good use. But because it’s isolating the your legs, you can lift more weight than you can with a squat if you have back problems, or something similar.

What’s more, you can change the focus on this bad boy. Place your feet higher on the plate for more of a glute focus, or lower to bring the quads in.

We’ve made this one a drop set because, well, it’s a hardcore way to finish a leg workout and we want to see you give it your all. So choose a heavy weight for the first 8 reps, then drop it to around half and smash out the final 15. It will burn, but you totally have this.

Leg Muscles

This workout will home in on a brilliant range of leg muscles that will challenge your body and build a stronger, more powerful lower body.

If you weren’t sure about any of the references with the leg muscles above, we’ve provided a handy diagram that will help you understand at a deeper level.

But, in terms of what we’ve been talking about, the glutes are the group of muscles that make up the back butt, quads are the front of the thigh, hamstrings are the back of the upper leg and the calf is the back of the lower leg.

Leg Muscle Anatomy

The final rep – gymgirl hints and tips

Remember girl, every workout is as hard as you make it.

To really progress and grow, you need to make sure you’re lifting heavy, with excellent form. Once you’ve got that nailed, this workout has the potential to kickstart your leg gains.

We also recommend you perfect your form before attempting any of the big lifts, so if you’re a beginner, check out our exercises guide here.

Now, go get em! Take this legs workout out for a spin yourself. Just remember to stretch and drink your protein!


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