Hydration packets for Water – Do you need them? 

On your various expeditions out into the world of health and fitness supplements, you may have come across something called hydration packets. These small packets of hydration powder have grown in popularity, both in the fitness world and the ever profitable area of hangover cure or remedies. 

But, if you’re unsure of exactly what a hydration packet for water is, or whether you even need them, look no further. We’ve answered all your questions on this supplement, so you can decide whether you really need them. 

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What are hydration packets? 

Hydration packets are sachets filled with powder. This powder is a mix of key electrolytes like magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium, to name a few. These electrolytes are minerals that help your body process water most efficiently, so you get all the important nutrients and get rid of waste products. 

Simply add the powder to a measured amount of water (it’s different for each packet) mix, and drink. From there, the idea is that your body should be primed to utilize the water in your body most efficiently. 

Many people opt for a packet rather than a full tub of powder, as you don’t have to measure them out, and you can easily throw a sachet in your bag to take to the gym. 

Do hydration packets work?

The question that so many want the answer to, from fitness fiends to anyone trying to get through a hangover – do hydration packets work? 

In terms of research, there’s not much out there to say that yes, they definitely do. However, a top up of electrolytes when you need it most isn’t going to hurt. In fact, when you look at what your body loses through sweat when you exercise, and then it makes sense to supplement with minerals and electrolytes to get your body back in tip top shape. 

What’s more, so many elite athletes and day-to-day fitness fanatics use them to help them stay on form.

So, although there’s no actual research out there at this point, there really is no reason why they won’t work. We certainly use them on the regular! 

Are hydration powders good for you?

Any good hydration powder can be great for you – after all, you’re topping up the essential minerals your body needs to function at its best. What’s more, they can help improve your recovery rates after a workout. As with anything, when taken in moderation, hydration powders are good for you.  

It’s always best to remember that this is a supplement. And the very meaning of the word supplement means it’s designed to add to your healthy, balanced diet. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t rely on hydration powders for all your electrolytes and minerals every day or with every drink. If you get too much of them you ay experience negative side affects. 

Should you drink Electrolytes everyday? 

You can safely drink a high quality hydration or electrolyte powder every day without worrying about any side effects. They can help to supplement your diet and ensure you have all the vital minerals you need. 

However, as we mentioned above, you shouldn’t overdo it and add your hydration powder to every drink. It would be best to have just one hydration sachet a day. That will be more than enough to give you a good boost after a workout or supplement your diet. 

Too much of anything could make you feel unwell or give you side effects. So make sure you stick to the recommended daily amount on your hydration powder packets. 

Should I use Hydration packets? 

Hydration packets are great if you’re a stamina athlete, if you feel like you’ve had a particularly sweaty workout, or you simply want to ensure you’re achieving the proper mineral levels your body needs. 

If your chosen sport is a particularly sweat one, or requires hours of your time, then you’re probably more in need of an electrolyte boost that anyone else, as sweating and excessive exercise can strongly impact your internal levels. 

What’s more, many people use hydration packets when they’ve had a drink or two the night before. Let’s take a look at whether hydration packets actually work for a hangover! 

Do Hydration Packets Cure Hangovers?

Obviously, the best way to say goodbye to a hangover is to avoid drinking. But, one of the side effects of drinking is dehydration and the drop in electrolytes that comes with that. A good serving of water and a hydration packet can help to alleviate that side effect. 

We’d also recommend a workout and a good shower and! It’s tough, but surprisingly effective! 


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