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6 Best Low Carb Fruit and Vegetables

Throw in a couple of low carb fruit and vegetables into your daily meal plan! An absolutely fantastic nutritional advice we get to hear all the time. Infact the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearly recommends two cups of fruit (or fruit juice) or half a cup of dried fruit per day for adults [1]. Fruits are great. Vegetables too. They are rich in the supply of the body’s much needed vitamins, minerals and consist of phytochemicals with antioxidant properties that protect against diseases and have been proven to mitigate the adverse effect of certain health conditions [2]

However, far from a truckload of health benefits and vitamin load, some fruits and vegetables actually leave us with loads of carbs. Yes, carbs as in sugar! (atleast better than the type you stir into your coffee every morning or your favorite sugar-sweetened cake). But maybe you’ve been told to set your mind at rest and not allow the slightest worry about the sugar in fruits as these are purely “naturally occuring”. That in itself is not a lie.

Although the statement above holds true for fruits and vegetables, the extent to which you can include them in your diet will largely depend on factors such as the type of diet plan you follow. For instance if you intend losing weight or are living with a condition such as diabetes you might want to incline towards low carb fruit and vegetables. They are potentially a better option for you!

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What is low carb fruit and vegetables?

Low carb fruit and vegetables are the kind of food you want to have a good relationship with if you’re concerned about your carb intake. These options are said to contain more water and lots of fibre as opposed a high carb counterpart.

Low carb fruit and vegetables will provide your with important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants without getting any of the drawbacks of excess sugar and weight in. They are relatively healthy and there are quite a number of them. But for the sake of this article, we will consider six nutritionally packed low carb fruits and veg.

Essentially due to the high water and fiber content, they help you feel full in no time. And studies indicate that eating these type of low carb fruit and vegetables may contribute to weight loss over time [3] [4].

Note that the information provided in this article all consider a measurement of 100grams of fruit (which is about 3.5ounce).

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Our top low carb fruit and vegetables

1. Watermelon

our best low carb fruit and vegetables, watermelon

Coming in at number 1 on our list of low carb fruit and vegetables, watermelon is an all-time summer favourite. And all that water that drips as if to form a river in your mouth when you eat it, accounts for its very low carb content. Watermelon consists 92% water with a 7.55g carbs for every 100 g [5]. It is an excellent source of vitamins A and C as well as a good number of disease combating antioxidants.

2. Strawberry

How about some delicious, juicy strawberries? Yes please. With a wide range of phytonutrients that support the body’s defences against a variety of diseases like heart disease, stroke, blood pressure, cancer, diabetes amongst others; this antioxidant-rich fruit is very low in carb and does not rapidly boost your sugar level. Eight medium strawberries, or one cup of slices, have about 7.68g carb (i.e about 7.68g per 100g) [6]

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3. Avocado

Little wonder they turn up almost anywhere from skincare essentials to food recipes including salads, smoothies and even pastries like cake. What makes this fruit any better than others? Perhaps its low carb content and an array of health benefits? Absolutely!

Avocado is said to offer nearly 20vitamins and minerals per serving(approximately 40g) and has been identified as a great source for vitamin B, C and E. It has a high fibre content and an estimated 8.53g of carb for every 100g [8]

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4. Cucumber

number five on our list of the best low carb fruits and vegetables cucumber

A good amount of water content (about 96% water) and soluble fiber makes cucumber an ideal choice for weight loss. With the skin peeled off, cucumber contains an estimated 2.16 g of carb for every 100 g. Conversely, consuming the whole nets about 3.63 g of carb. This is by far one of the best low carb fruit and vegetables around.

However, to maximize its nutrient supply, it is advised that they are eaten unpeeled.

5. Celery

Ever crunchy and crisp celery, quite popular in the world of salad and casseroles naturally occurs with an almost 95% water content. This vegetable has long been considered a low calorie diet food at just 10calories a stalk. Celery nets only 2.97g of carbohydrate per 100 g.

It is highly nutritional, as it is considered a great source of vitamins and minerals with low glycemic index, with over antioxidants and phytonutrients

6. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are very popular. Not only are they extremely versatile and delicious, they also are known to have an array of health benefits which includes reducing the risk of potential stroke. Tomatoes are a great option if you’re trying to stay low on carb. With an estimated 3.89 g of carb for every 100 g serving, it’s stands out as an ideal low carb choice.

Bottom line:

Fruits and vegetables are a healthier carbohydrate choice. Their sugar content should not deter you from eating them. Feel free to indulge in some of the low carb fruit and vegetable options available to you.


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