Super Simple Fluffy Vegan Protein Powder Pancakes

Who here loves pancakes? Silly question really! The answer is surely everyone! 

But, if you’re on a health kick, or you’re trying to put on some muscle, then having these fluffy sweet treats probably won’t help you along the way, right?


With our delicious vegan protein powder pancakes, you can fit delicious pancakes into your food diary, without completely going off the rails! In fact, the protein and carb content in there can be a great way to prep you for a workout and aid with recovery. 

What more could you want?!

Plus, our vegan protein powder pancakes are super easy and super quick to make, with just four ingredients and a few minutes work, you can have delicious, nutritious and completely plant-based fluffy pancakes on your plate. 

So, whether you’re after a pre-workout glucose charge, a post workout recovery treat, or even just an indulgent, high protein breakfast, fire up the cooker because these vegan protein power pancakes are your new go to! 

vegan protein pancakes

When to eat your vegan protein pancakes

The magic of these delicious sweet treats, is they taste good, but they can also be super helpful in supporting your workout routine. 

There’s a few carbs in there, so if you’re planning on using them as a pre-workout boost to get your energy levels up before you hit the gym (which is a great idea!) it would be a good idea to have the pancakes at least an hour before you’re planning to start your session. 

This will give you plenty of time to fully digest the vegan protein pancakes and let the carbohydrates start to work ahead of your workout. 

That way your body will have the energy it needs to restore blood sugar and glycogen levels to give you the best shot at a really great workout! 

If you’re thinking of using the protein content to give you that recovery support when you’ve finished in the gym (also a great idea) then why not whip these up as soon as you get home from your session! It will give you the energy and protein boost your body needs to start that all-important recovery process straight away. 

What’s more, because they’re so quick and easy to whip up, you can head straight hope and make a batch within about 15 minutes! It really is the recovery meal of dreams.

Or, throw all that workout stuff out the window! And just have your pancakes for breakfast as a treat. Use lots of fruit as a delicious topper too, I like to use frozen raspberries, as I find the cold provides a nice contrast to the freshly cooked, hot pancakes. 

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Vegan Protein Pancake Topping ideas

Sure enough, you vegan protein powder pancakes are going to be delicious, trust me! But, if you really want to take your pre-workout meal to the next level, you have to perfect your topping ideas!

We’ve rounded up our favorite vegan pancake toppings so you can mix it up, depending on what you’re in the mood for! Check them out: 

  • Nut butter – Peanut? Almond? Tahini? You name it, there’s plenty to choose from!
  • Sliced banana
  • Caramel Dates – take some dates, leave them in hot water for about 10-15 minutes, then blend the dates to create a delicious caramel pancake toping
  • Fresh berries
  • Maple syrup

What do you put on top of your pancakes?! We’re always on the look out for a new, delicious pancake topper, so don’t be share! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Vegan Protein Powder Pancakes – The Recipe


  • 120g plain flour 
  • 30g of vegan protein (we go for vanilla for a sweet, pancake taste)
  • 1 tbsp of baking powder (NOT Baking Soda!)
  • ¼ tsp of Salt
  • 2 tbsp Maple Syrup


  1. Use a sieve to get out any lumps from your flour, protein powder and baking powder and mix them all together in a bowl with the salt until they’re all well combined. 
  2. Add the maple syrup to the mix and then slowly pour in about a cup of water, mixing until it’s all just combined. Due to the sticky maple syrup, we do expect there to be some lumps in there, but overall the mixture should be thick and pourable. If you think it’s too thick, add a little extra water until you’re happy with it. 
  3. While you let the mixture rest for 5-10 minutes, grab yourself a small pan (pancake size!) and heat on a medium to low heat. Add some cooking spray to the pan so the mixture doesn’t stick to the bottom. 
  4. Once rested, scoop about a quarter of the mix into the pan and move the pan until the mixture covers the full base. 
  5. Continue to use a low-medium heat and cook until you start seeing little bubbles appear, and the edges start to look firm and cooked.
  6. At this point, flip the pancake over and cook for another 1-2 minutes. 
  7. Serve up with your favorite toppings and enjoy!!

Nutrition for half of the recipe (two pancakes without toppings): Calories 295, Sodium 10.2mg, Fat 1.1g, Carbohydrates 60g, Fiber 2.5g, Protein 16g.

Notes on the recipe: 

  • You can mix up which sweetener you’d prefer. We’ve gone for maple syrup, but it’s also possible to go for agave, or use stevia powder for a sugar free alternative. What’s more, you can also opt to go for a flavored vegan protein powder, which may mean you want to change your sweetener level, or remove it all together! Give it a try and see what you think.
  • For the fluffier pancakes, just use one cup of water. However, if you don’t like your pancakes fluffy, or you want to make more pancakes, you can add more water to taste. It’s completely up to you! Just add the water in slowly so the mixture doesn’t go runny.

Try these vegan protein pancakes out for yourself! They’re the perfect combination of indulgent treat, with protein and carb boosting benefits to support your workout too. 

What more could you want?! Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear how your pancakes went! And let us know what you think about the toppings! We always love trying something new on our stack!


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