5 Best CrossFit Shorts Women Should Try!

If you’re looking for the very best CrossFit shorts women can buy, that offer comfort, style and peak performance, then you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve tried, tested and reviewed the best CrossFit shorts women should try for any WOD, competition or even just lounging around in. 

Often, on the competition floor, you’ll see all the best female CrossFit athletes don a pair of shorts for the most comfortable approach to a workout, that doesn’t hinder movements, and keeps them cool throughout. 

If you’re thinking of trying out some CrossFit shorts for women too, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve tried and tested several popular products on the market to bring you our top picks. 

We’ve worn them in workouts and assessed them ourselves to bring you our honest opinion on which might work for you, so you don’t have to go through the expensive process of doing it all yourself! Let’s take a look at what we found.

5 Best CrossFit Shorts Women Need to Try:

Disclaimer: Here at gymgirlfit, we use our own judging criteria to evaluate and assess these Crossfit Shorts for Women. As such, you may find that these items aren’t best suited to you. However, we’ve done everything we can to find some top quality items to help you in your search for the perfect pair. 

Best All Rounder CrossFit Shorts for Women: WOD Gear Clothing Booty Shorts

We found these shorts to be comfortable, reliable and made with a great material! The wider band makes for a comfortable mid-rise fit that we found stayed put throughout the workouts – no hitching them up half way through a set! 

Online, it says they’re made from a nylon spandex blend. We’re not entirely sure what that means, but in our opinion, we found the material soft, supportive and comfortable. It gives the shorts a nice, snug fit without being restrictive in any way. We also found the shorts to be flexible and light, helping to keep us cool throughout a tough workout. 

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A few people in our team tried out these CrossFit shorts on a number of different workouts and the general consensus was that they were comfortable and could be used in just about any discipline – which is exactly what you want from our top pick for CrossFit shorts for women. 

Whether it was weightlifting, gymnastics or running, we found them to be a good fit, they didn’t fall down at the waist and overall we felt and looked good in them! It’s a great product. 

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best Crossfit shorts women should try

ROGUE WOD Gear Clothing Booty Shorts

Our top pick for best all-rounder, they fit well, look great and are excellent quality.

Find out more at the ROGUE Website

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  • Comfortable
  • Mid rise design that doesn’t fall down
  • Light and breathable 
  • Felt and looked good! 
  • Tough, yet flexible material that doesn’t restrict movement
  • Available in a range of colors


  • May be a little short for some

Best Looser Fit CrossFit Shorts for Women: ROGUE Women’s 4” Runner Shorts

While they may be called runner shorts, this versatile option gives you the flexibility, lightness and durability you need in a pair of CrossFit shorts. Women are all different, and some of us definitely felt better in a looser fitting product when we were trialing shorts. With that in mind, we thought these runners deserved a spot on our list of top picks. 

While these aren’t baggy at all, they do provide a looser fit that other options on this list, and have a flattering wide band which gives them a mid-to-high rise that sits just above the hip, without being high-waisted. This also doubles up as a great way to ensure the shorts don’t fall throughout workouts. 

They are, obviously, great for cardio including running and rowing, and felt comfortable when we were doing gymnastics too. Our only thing to consider is, because they are a looser fit, they can move or bunch up during some lifts. Think deadlift or sumo deadlift where you have to keep the bar in contact with the leg. 

They also don’t offer as much flexibility as the more skin tight options, so they felt slightly tight in the bottom of our squat. 

But, that’s just something to be aware of when you head off for your WOD. It definitely didn’t hold us back at all!

Other than that, we thought these were a brilliant pair of Crossfit shorts for women, and wouldn’t hesitate to wear them again! 

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best crossfit shorts for women looser fit

ROGUE Women’s 4” Runner Shorts

A great fit, with a looser style that we found both flattering and comfortable.

Find out more at the ROGUE Website


  • Great material
  • Flattering fit
  • Light and breathable
  • Flexible
  • Don’t fall down during workouts


  • Felt tight at the bottom of a squat
  • Can bunch up on some lifts

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Best CrossFit Shorts With a Longer Leg: ROGUE Nike Women’s 7” Shorts

This collaboration between ROGUE and Nike was easily one of our favorites across the team, and secured a spot on our list of top picks for CrossFit shorts women should try with ease. 

The longer 7” leg is a brilliant option if you feel the booty shorts are too short, but still would like that classic CrossFit style of the closer fitting look. What’s more, the waist is high rise, which made quite a few of us feel more comfortable in how the shorts looked than a low- or mid-rise option.

It also added that extra security that they wouldn’t fall down or need pulling up mid-WOD.

Both the longer leg and the higher waist made the majority of our team feel really secure and comfortable, especially those who were worried about shorts being a little too revealing. 

In terms of material and performance, the shorts area lightweight polyester spandex mix according to the websites. On using them, we found that they still kept us cool throughout a WOD, despite more coverage, and were flexible and didn’t bunch up.

What’s more, these Crossfit shorts for women also feature Nike’s Patented Dri-FIT technology which helps to wick away any moisture from sweat and keep you cool and dry. We saw this in action when we were using them – some of us got pretty sweaty in our workouts and we were happy to see there were no awkwardly placed sweat marks!! 

best Crossfit shorts women with a longer leg

ROGUE Nike Women’s 7” Shorts

Secure, comfortable and super flattering, this is one of our absolute favorite pairs of CrossFit shorts for women.

Find out more at the ROGUE Website


  • High waisted for secure fit
  • Longer leg isn’t too revealing
  • Made us feel comfortable and secure
  • Looked great
  • Light and breathable
  • Performed well in a range of workouts


  • None!!!!

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Best For the CrossFit Look: No Bull High-Rise Short 8”

On top of the workouts, the community and the amazing fitness results, CrossFit also comes with a certain badass look. And, if you want to look the part alongside the athletes, there’s a pair of CrossFit shorts for women from NoBull. 

The official apparel brand of CrossFit is definitely the place to get your fix of style, and our top pick looks cool, and combines that classic tighter fit you see on the competition floor, with a standout print. 

It’s made of sturdy, yet flexible material that’s breathable too. Due to the quality of the item, we think it’ll last many workouts too, so you know you’re investing your money into something worthwhile. 

Conversely, because these are from NoBull, the official CrossFit sponsor, you do pay a little more than you would normally for a pair of CrossFit shorts for women. But, if it’s the look you want, then you may be happy to splash the cash a little more.

We certainly felt great in these CrossFit shorts, and kinda felt like we could put in a Tia Toomey-worthy performance in every wod! 

No Bull Crossfit Shorts for Women

No Bull High-Rise Short 8”

A super comfortable, high-quality option from NoBull, the official CrossFit apparel partner

Find out more at the NoBull Website



  • Good length
  • High rise
  • Look great
  • Made by the official apparel sponsor of CrossFit Games


  • More expensive than other options.

Best Budget CrossFit Shorts for Women: Nike Pro 3” Training Shorts

Let’s face it, CrossFit can be an expensive sport. So, if you’re looking for some CrossFit shorts, women on a budget should think about the Nike Pro range. 

Made with the same high standards of all Nike products, Nike Pro is the slightly cheaper range, which comes in closer to $30 for a pair of shorts rather than $40-$60 like others on this list. 

What’s more, we find Nike Pro shorts to be light, breathable and comfortable. And, they even feature the Dri-FIT technology that Nike are known for. We found they kept us comfortable and dry through the most intense CrossFit WODs. 

While they are slightly cheaper, we think they’re reliable and look good too, with a range of different color options available to you. 

Of course, if you’re paying slightly less for something, there is bound to be compromises. In this instance, we found the waistband was good, but rolled up easily therefore making it more likely we’d have to pull the shorts up in a workout. Not that they fell down, but it was occasionally uncomfortable. 

budget crossfit shorts women

Nike Pro 3” Training Shorts

A great budget option with plenty of premium benefits.

Find out more at the ROGUE Website


  • Light, breathable material
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Cheaper than other options available
  • Reliable and made of good material


  • Can roll up during workouts

How We Reviewed the Best CrossFit Shorts for Women

When it comes to CrossFit Shorts, women often have a very specific style in mind. On the competition floor or at the Games, you’ll often see women in tighter shorts, designed specifically to keep the athlete cool and achieve maximum range of motion through any tough WOD. 

With that in mind, we went out to the market looking for those specific types of shorts popular with women who do CrossFit. From there, we selected a few and tried and tested some, to bring you our top picks for the best CrossFit shorts women need to try. 

When we reviewed these shorts, we took a few key criteria into consideration: 


If you’re going to be wearing them through a hardcore WOD, you need to be sure they’re going to be a comfortable fit. 

From placement of the seam to the flexibility of the waistband, we know how easily something can throw you off your game. Ideally, you don’t even want to have to think about your shorts!

So, we kept comfort in mind throughout our workouts while we were testing these options out and judged each option on whether we noticed any issues with comfort. 


While this is in part about how we looked in them, it’s also about how the style of the garment can impact your workout. 

In terms of how you look, it’s important to feel good in the gym, so you can put in your best performance with confidence! 

However, in terms of how it can affect your performance, we were thinking about how the waistband can keep the shorts in place, so you don’t have to stop and hitch them up mid-set. 

On top of that, the length and fit of the shorts can impact movements like deadlift, where they could bunch up or pinch depending on how the shorts are styled. 


When it comes to CrossFit shorts for women, we found that the material impacted on a huge number of elements that should be taken into consideration. 

First up, we found it impacted quality and durability. The better the material choices, the more you can rely on the shorts to maintain their shape and fit over longer periods of time, and many workouts. 

On top of that, it also had an impact on comfort, as many have a wicking quality that reduced sweat marks. 


On our list, we’ve listed items that come in at a range of $30-$40 apart from the CrossFit Look NoBull shorts which come with a higher price tag thanks to the position of official apparel brand. 

As such, we were really questioning anything that come in higher, or lower than this range. With these figures we were sure you could get an excellent quality pair of CrossFit shorts for women without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.  

Performance in a WOD

All of the above is important, but arguably the most important query here is whether these women’s CrossFit shorts perform in a workout. 

We want to see something that doesn’t bunch up, doesn’t need adjusting and keeps you cool in a tough WOD. Without that, the shorts really can become a hindrance rather than a help. 

So, with that in mind, we also took into account whether or not the shorts slowed us down, made us uncomfortable or required adjusting while we worked out. From there, we had a good idea of how well they helped us perform. 



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