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3 At Home Resistance Band Workouts for Women

The humble resistance band is one of the most underrated, and effective pieces of gym kit you can have. With our three resistance band workouts for women, you too can get the most out of these amazing fitness tools.

While some simply use them to stretch, other savvy gym goers and home workout fanatics use them to their full potential, and achieve killer workout as a result.

You may have looked at someone doing a resistance band workout and thought that it doesn’t really seem that hard compared to lifting weights – well you’re for a treat. Never underestimate them, because you’re about to see for yourself what a resistance band workout can do for you. Whether it’s legs and butt or upper body, our resistance band workouts for women are sure to hit the spot.

WHat’s more, all of these resistance band butt workouts for women can be done from home, the gym or just about anywhere!

So, grab your resistance band and check out these resistance band workouts for women right now!

Resistance band workouts for women – what you’ll need to check out our favourite resistance bands 

Resistance band butt workout

best glute exercise banded clams

For your butt, you’re going to need a short-looped band, that will help you up the ante on your glute muscles and grow that peachy shape. There are plenty of amazing resistance band workouts for women and we’ve rounded up all the best exercises for this booty-burning training session.

Resistance bands are particularly good for a butt workout. They can be used to help you home in on just about every muscle in your butt, and build strength and size. Try this resistance band workouts for women and find out for yourself!

Exercise Sets Reps
Side raises312 each side
Glute bridges315
Monster walks310 each side
Single leg hip thrust312 each side
Clams 312 each side

Resistance band butt exercises

Side raises each side

  1. Lie on one side with your legs straight and together, with the band just above your knees
  2. Keeping your knee in place, bend the bottom leg so it’s at a 90-degree angle
  3. With your top leg straight, raise it up to until it’s at about 50 degrees from your bottom leg
  4. Lower the top leg back down to the floor, in order to start the next rep

Glute bridges

  1. Lie on your back and place the band just above your knees
  2. Plant your feet on the floor
  3. Pushing through the heels and raise your hips until your body is in a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Step your feet out if you feel your balance moving on to your toes
  4. Be sure to keep your knees strong throughout and don’t let the band pull them inwards
  5. Squeeze the glutes at the top of the movement, then lower your butt back to the floor to start again

Banded monster walk each leg

  1. Place the band just above your knees, then drop down into a squat
  2. Step one leg out to the side so you’re in a wide squat, maintaining the depth of your squat
  3. Step the other leg in so you’re back in a normal squat
  4. Continue until you’ve completed all the necessary reps
  5. Step out using the other leg when you want to work the other leg

Single leg hip thrusts each side

  1. Sit alongside a bench with your back resting against it
  2. Plant your feet in front of you and place the band around your knees
  3. Lift your bum off the floor by leaning on the bench and check to ensure your foot is completely flat on the floor and your knee isn’t tracking over your toes – at the top of the thrust it should be perpendicular to the floor
  4. Lift one leg off the floor and straight it slightly so your foot sticking out in front of the other leg
  5. Maintaining this angle at the knee and the hip, push through the heel of the grounded foot and raise your hips. Stop when your body is flat from the knee to the shoulders on the bench
  6. Your free leg should now be higher than the other if you’ve maintained that hip angle, and the band should be pulling on them both
  7. Slowly lower your hips back down so the top leg is aligned with the other, before starting the next rep

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12 clams each side

  1. Lie on your side with the band looped around the top of your knees
  2. Keeping your knees and ankles together, bend at the knees to create about a 90-degree angle
  3. Without tilting your hips or moving your feet apart, raise your top knee up in a smooth arced motion as far as you can, then return it back down so your knees are touching again
  4. Repeat until your reps are done then roll onto the other side to do the other leg

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Resistance band arms workout for women

beginner workouts for women

For your upper body session, you’ll need a long looped resistance band. Adjust your grip on the bands to change the resistance you feel. This is one of the best resistance band workouts for women and it focusses right in one some of those key upper body areas. Think shoulders, biceps and triceps too – it’s one of our top resistance band workouts for women.

Exercises Sets Reps
Bicep curls 315 each side
Chest flyes3 12
Triceps extensions312
Reverse flyes310
Standing shoulder press3 12

Resistance band arm exercises

Bicep curls each side

  1. Stand with the band under your feet and your feet at around hip width apart. Pull more of the band under your feet to increase the resistance
  2. Take the band with one hand and hold your arm straight down with your palm facing forward
  3. Keeping the upper arm tight to your body, bend at the elbow and lift the band up to the shoulder
  4. Slowly lower the band back down until your arm is straight again before repeating

Chest flyes

  1. Take the resistance band with both hands and put it behind your back at about chest height so it loops around the back of your body
  2. Begin with your arms slightly bent and out to the sides, ensuring your hands are at, or just below, shoulder height
  3. From here, bring your arms forward and in, maintaining that slight bend at the elbow until they meet in front of you
  4. Squeeze your chest as you bring your hands together, then slowly bring them back out to the sides, resisting the pull of the band as you go

Triceps extensions

  1. Put one end of the band under one foot, with the rest of the band behind you
  2. Step the other foot forward slightly
  3. Hold on to the other end of the band with one hand
  4. Raise your arms up so your upper arm is by your ear, your elbow is pointing directly upwards and your hand is holding the band behind your head
  5. Keeping your elbow completely still, push the band up until your arm is completely straight
  6. Slowly lower your hand back down to behind your head, keeping your elbow and upper arm still throughout
  7. Swap the band to the other foot and hand to work the other arm

Reverse flye

  1. Hold an end of the band in each hand directly in front of you at shoulder height
  2. In a smooth, controlled motion, pull the band apart by moving your straight arms out to the side
  3. When your arms are completely out to the side, slowly return them to the front until they’re directly in front of your chest again

Standing shoulder press

  1. Loop one end of the band under one foot, and step the other back slightly
  2. Take the band in both hands, leaving about a shoulder width distance between them
  3. Bring the band up, so your elbows are pointing down, palms are facing forward and your knuckles are in line with your shoulders
  4. From here, push directly upwards until your arms are straight
  5. Slowly bring the band back down to your shoulders to start the movement again

Core resistance band workout

resistance band workouts for women

For this one of our resistance band workouts for women you’ll need the both the longer resistance band and the shorter one. You may need a firmly closed door with a closes handle or a pole to wrap your band around in this workout, so make sure it’s a strong object that won’t move if you pull on it.

Exercises Sets Reps
Reverse crunches315
Kneeling crunches315
Banded twists320
Standing knee tucks316

Core resistance band exercises

Reverse crunches

  1. Wrap one end of your band around your pole or door handle
  2. Lie on the floor with your feet towards the pole or door and wrap the other end of the band around the top of your feet
  3. Adjust your position so the band is taught and your hips create a 90-degree angle, as well as your knees
  4. From here pull your knees into your chest by contracting the abdominal muscles
  5. Slowly roll back to a flat back to start the next rep

Kneeling crunches

  1. With the band wrapped around your door handle or pole, hold the other end of the band at your shoulders, with it behind your neck, not in front
  2. Kneel down at a point where the band is taught
  3. From there, bend at the hips and lean forward until you’re close to parallel with the floor
  4. Slowly come back up to begin the next repetition

Banded twists

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs out in front of you, wrap the resistance band around both feet and hold the other end with both hands
  2. Bend the knees slightly and lean back about 45-degrees so there’s tension in the band
  3. From here, rotate by bringing both your hands to your right hip, while keeping your lower back in place
  4. Contract your oblique muscles to move your hands over to your left hip

Standing knee tucks (you’ll need a smaller loop for this exercise)

  1. Stand with your feet at hip width apart with your small loop resistance band around the middle of both feet
  2. Put your hands behind your head so your elbows are sticking out
  3. Lift your left knee in towards your chest and twist your body so your right elbow comes in to meet it at the top
  4. Try not to round the shoulders as you lean down
  5. Return the leg to the floor and do the exercise on the other side

The Final Word

With these three resistance band workouts for women, you can do an amazing full body session and get a real muscle burn going.

These handy bits of kit are both versatile and challenging, so you can do these resistance band workouts wherever you are.

Try these resistance band workouts for women today and let us know how you get on.



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