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5 Best Fat Burners for Women – UPDATED 2021 REVIEW

Looking for the best fat burners for women? We’re here to help. We’ve reviewed, rated and ranked some of the most popular weight loss supplements for women to find the best products on the market – so you don’t have to. 

Don’t want to read the whole review of the best fat burners for females this year? No worries! After a careful review of all the newest products and formula updates that took place in 2020, we found that the best fat burner for women in 2021 is the popular, well-reviewed Leanbean fat burner for the SECOND year in a row!! This product just never fails to impress us.  Buy it here to try it for yourself:

leanbean best fat burner for women

If you want to get into the nitty gritty of fat burners for females, we’ve performed an in-depth review of the best products below. Check it out. 

Fat Burners for women – an overview and a disclaimer

A “fat burner” is a dietary supplement made up of natural food and plant extracts, along with vitamins and minerals. These formulas are meant to help support your goals of weight loss.

This type of supplement has come under fire across the health and fitness industry, as they’re often marketed as some kind of shortcut, or magic pill to weight loss – especially when targeted towards women. In actual fact they’re not proven to work, they are not regulated and they can’t be relied upon on this way.

Fat burners for women should always be approached as a kind of support, to help you achieve a calorie deficit – which is the only proven way to lose weight.

To achieve weight loss, you need to be enjoying a healthy, calorie-restricted diet and doing plenty of exercise. A fat burner may complement this and offer support along the way, but it isn’t responsible for weight loss. You may try it and find it helps you stick to your goals, or it might not do a lot for you. 

If you are looking for a support, then finding the best fat burners for females may help. At the end of the day, these are very popular products and many of the ingredients used in top quality products are shown to support weight loss in scientific studies. The struggle is finding the supplements with the most promising servings, using natural ingredients that promise a safer, more reliable experience.

To help you find the best fat burners for women that show the most potential, we’ve carefully reviewed and ranked some of the market-leading supplements in this category. 

As we review the best fat burners for women, we’ll be using a strict criteria, discussing the quality and quantity of ingredients involved, the research surrounding them and the likeliness they’ll impact your weight loss effort. On top of that, we’ll be putting safety and pricing under the microscope to make sure you find the best all-round women’s fat burner.

Let’s delve into our best fat burners for women right here. 

The 5 Best Fat Burners for Women in 2021

1. Leanbean

leanbean best fat burner for womenAt the top of our list of the best fat burners for women is the very popular Leanbean from the people over at Ultimate Life. 

Leanbean comes with a huge amount of testimonials and reviews from women all over the world, claiming it’s helped them to drop unwanted fat. Overall, according to what we found online, Leanbean is a fantastic fat burner for women. 

It’s this support, along with the great selection of ingredients, that have helped to earn Leanbean first place on our review of the best fat burners for women.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this such a popular product with both fitness fanatics and women looking to lose weight. 

How does Leanbean fat burner for women work?

Once again, by looking into the ingredients within this supplement and the research surrounding them, we can get a good idea of what you can expect from Leanbean. 

Boosts metabolism – This supplement contains a selection of thermogenic ingredients which should help to boost metabolism

Appetite suppression – Leanbean contains an optimal serving of glucomannan to help keep your appetite and portions under control.

The website claims this supplement helps to energize you, however it does this through green coffee beans, and the serving sizes are so small they’re unlikely to provide much of a boost.

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Leanbean ingredients

There are a number of key ingredients we like to see in quality fat burner for women, and Leanbean has a huge number of them. Here’s a rundown of the most important elements.

  • Glucomannan – This is the anchor of this formula. It’s available in an optimal 3000mg serving, which has been linked to weight loss in studies.
  • Garcinia cambogia extract – Not the most highly researched ingredient, but may have a link to reducing cravings
  • Green coffee bean extract – A very popular and widely used ingredient which could help to energize you and increase thermogenesis through caffeine. The serving on this is very low though. 
  • Turmeric – A well-researched thermogenic ingredient. Again the serving size is quite low.
  • Acai berry extract – A popular berry known for a range of health benefits.

Here’s a list of the full ingredients: 

leanbean ingredients list

How to take Leanbean 

One bottle of Leanbean provides enough for one month of supplementation.

Take two capsules, three times a day. Take each serving with a meal or snack and a glass of water. 

Avoid taking this supplement too close to when you go to bed, as the caffeine in the green coffee bean could keep you awake at night. 

Leanbean price and value


  • $59 /£39: One bottle
  • $118/£79: Two bottles + FREE US and UK shipping
  • $185/£117: Three bottles + One FREE bottle + FREE US and UK shipping + FREE ebook workout guide


Once again, this supplement is not the cheapest, but we believe you often get what you pay for when it comes to finding the best fat burners for women, and the price really does reflect the quality of the formula in this case. 

The value of Leanbean increases if you decide to opt for their multi-buy bundle. Aka pill for pill, you’ll be paying less and will get a free month if you opt for the larger bundle. This could be more attractive to someone looking to achieve long term weight loss – and long term is often one of the most realistic ways to lose weight, and helps you keep it off. 

At the website, you can pay securely with card, PayPal or Amazon Pay.


  • Natural formula
  • High appetite suppressants 
  • Backed by customer reviews
  • Popular product with good reputation
  • Thermogenic support
  • Suited to women
  • Vegetarian friendly


  • Some ingredients not well served
  • Premium price

What we think 

This supplement comes with a lot of hype. After reviewing the customer reviews, social media testimonials and other website best pages, we felt the Leanbean reception was overwhelmingly positive. Basically, women everywhere love it and are more than happy to recommend it – that’s a big thumbs up from us, reviews from so many customers rarely lie. 

It’s strong formula, that offers one of the best appetite suppressant servings we’ve seen for a fat burner for females.

Overall, we think it’s a strong supplement with a great reputation and, as so many women out there do, we’d recommend it as our top choice for best fat burners for women.

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Read our full Leanbean fat burner review here.

2. Powher Fat Burner For Women

powher fat burner supplement

Next up is the new kid on the block. Powher fat burner is a fresh face on the market, but a glance at the supplement facts was enough to inspire us to perform a review. Now, upon a 2020 update, we’ve boosted this new supplement right up to 2nd place putting it on the podium for best fat burners for women, and for good reason too!  

It’s part of a new three-part range for women from Ultimate Life and, although we’re yet to see reviews online, the supplement facts certainly appear to deliver a top quality selection of ingredients. 

It seems to be a well-formulated product, so let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

How does Powher fat burner for women work?

This particular supplement may help to support your weight loss efforts in the following ways: 

Appetite suppression – This supplement contains an optimal serving of glucomannan which could help to control portion sizes and cut down cravings

Energize – A small serving of caffeine may stimulate the body and mind, without being too overpowering for women

Support metabolism – Some ingredients within this mix could play a part in metabolism support, and the metabolism is key to promoting weight loss

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Powher fat burner ingredients

This supplement doesn’t have the longest ingredient list, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Strong servings often trumps small, ineffective dosing when products are just trying to cram more of the big names onto their supplement facts. And, from what we can see, Powher fat burner has included some of our favourite ingredients and provided great serving sizes too. That’s a huge plus from us. Here are the main ingredients that helped it gain second place on our review of the best fat burners for women:

  • Konjac root – also known as glucomannan, the 3000mg serving is optimal for short term weight loss
  • Natural caffeine – Widely researched and very popular, this is one of our favourites for both energy and metabolism support
  • Choline – Although not the most popular choice, this has been linked to metabolic processing
  • Chromium – Found in veggies, this trace mineral is very popular for its ability to support nutrient absorption and overall health benefits
  • Magnesium – This key mineral has been added to help you support a healthy body, as women are often thought to have lower levels than men

Note: While the aim of this supplement is clearly to help you stay in control of cravings (which is key for women) we’d also like to see a little more focus on thermogenic ingredients, to promote a more rounded approach to fat burning.

powher fat burner ingredients

Taking Powher fat burner

Powher fat burner is taken over six capsules. You should take two capsules before breakfast, lunch and dinner and wash them down with a large glass of water. 

By taking it just before you eat, you’re giving the very strong glucomannan serving a chance to start working.

Whenever taking a supplement that contains a serving of stimulants, always be wary about taking it too close to bedtime. If you take it too close you may struggle to fall asleep. 

Powher price and value


  • $69/£49: One bottle
  • $138/£98: Two bottles + FREE US and UK shipping
  • $199/£145: Three bottles + one FREE bottle + FREE worldwide shipping


This is definitely one of the more expensive fat burners on this list. However, the strong serving of glucomannan is very rare, and could warrant the higher price. You do get what you pay for when it comes to finding the best fat burners for women. 

Once again, if you opt to purchase a bundle, you would save a good amount of money and would have enough of the supplement to support you for a longer period of time. 

The supplement comes with a 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee. This should take the risk away from purchasing a larger bundle. 

You can also pay on card, with Amazon or PayPal – payment is secure and safe.


  • Completely natural
  • High appetite suppressant serving
  • Should energize 
  • Well researched
  • Suitable for women


  • No thermogenic support
  • Premium price

What we think 

The main objective of this formula is to help you combat cravings, which we believe it could do, due to the extremely generous serving of glucomannan in Powher fat burner.

Each of the ingredients in the formula comes with a very generous serving, and is of a high quality.

We do however think the added benefit of a thermogenic like cayenne pepper could go a long way to boosting the calorie-burning aspect of this formula.

Having said that, if you suffer from cravings a lot, then Powher fat burner could be the product for you. 

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3. Hourglass

Hourglass fat burner review

As a specifically-made supplement for women, Hourglass caught our eye. Upon review, it landed itself in our top position for best fat burners for women in 2019, however after an update in 2020, it’s dropped down to 3rd place as other supplements, like Leanbean, became ever more popular.

Having said that, Hourglass contains some excellent ingredients, each well-researched and backed up by studies – it’s just not as popular and well-reviewed as other products out there right now. 

The range of ingredients in this formula, offer a full support system that approach fat burning from all angles, including metabolism aid, appetite suppression and energy boosting. 

We believe it’s also been formulated very well for women, and therefore is unlikely to give you any side effects. 

Upon research into testimonials, we found it performed well with customers, and other review sites, but it’s still new to the scene, which is why we dropped it to 3rd in 2020. 

Created by the well-known supplements company Propura, we found this to be a well-formulated product that’s been carefully created for women. In short, it definitely deserves it’s place as one of the best fat burners for women. 

How does Hourglass work?

By taking a look at the ingredients in this weight loss supplement and reading reviews online, we were able to get a good understanding of how it could support you in your weight loss efforts. 

Metabolism support – Several well-served thermogenic ingredients are included in this mix. This could help to boost your metabolism and increase calorie burn. 

Combat cravings – A well known appetite suppressant has been added. This should help women to control their cravings between meals and stick to their diet.

Portion control – The appetite suppressant should help to keep you ‘fuller’. If taken before a meal this could contribute toward portion control and could even help you stop snacking between meals.

Energizing – Although it doesn’t contain added stimulants, the green tea and guarana in Hourglass should help to keep energy levels comfortable on your low calorie diet. 

Hourglass has taken a number of approaches to weight loss when it comes to ingredient selection

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Hourglass ingredients

The benefits we mentioned above all come back to the ingredients within this fat burning supplement. Here, we’ll take you through the main players to explain the role they play, and how effective they may be in this formula. 

  • Glucomannan – A well-researched appetite suppressant, this is a soluble fiber that expands slightly in the stomach making you feel fuller. It’s linked to short term weight loss in a range of studies. Hourglass offers a good serving compared to many other similar supplements, but comes in under the recommended amount. 
  • Green tea extract – Another well-known ingredient choice. Research has shown it is a powerful thermogenic that has been proven to increase metabolic rate in a wide selection of studies, and is a regular in quality fat burner supplements.
  • Cayenne pepper extract – This is also a widely researched thermogenic that could help you to burn through more calories. The serving size is generous in comparison to other similar supplements. 
  • Guarana – Not the most highly researched ingredient, but it offers catechins and caffeine, which are thermogenics in green tea. 
  • Vitamins B6 and B12 – Two essential vitamins that play a big role in energy metabolism and could help you stay alert.

Here is the full list of ingredients:

Hourglass fat burner ingredients table

Taking Hourglass

You should take one capsule of Hourglass, three times a day before meals and washed down with a large glass of water. 

Taking it around 30 minutes before a meal is key as it allows the appetite suppressant time to settle in. Aim to be as consistent as possible when taking Hourglass, as this may improve your results over time. 

Don’t take it within 4 hours of going to bed, as the stimulants in the green tea and guarana may make it hard to fall asleep. 

Hourglass price and value


  • $55/£35 – One bottle
  • $110/£70 – Two bottles + one FREE bottle
  • $220/£140 – Four bottles + two FREE bottles + FREE worldwide delivery


This women’s fat burner comes with a bigger price tag than many other products. However, we believe that the ingredient formula is a good one, and that it is worth the additional cost if it’s in your price range.

The value increases if you opt for one of their multi-buy options. 

You can only buy Hourglass from the official website, which is reassuring as it means you won’t be missing out on a lower price elsewhere, and every bottle will be regulated to the same quality.

When you order from, you can also check out securely with the option to pay on card or PayPal.


  • Natural
  • No added stimulants
  • Well researched
  • Contains thermogenics
  • Contains energizers
  • Contains appetite suppressants 
  • Well suited to women
  • Quality ingredients


  • Premium price tag
  • Not vegetarian or vegan

What we think

For us, Hourglass performed well when we reviewed the best fat burners for women.

It’s a considered formula, that’s effective, safe, natural and supportive, so it should work well for women looking to lose weight. 

The ingredients used are well-researched and have the potential to help support you with weight loss as long as you’re dedicated to a calorie restricted diet and exercise. 

Overall we feel happy recommending this as a top choice for the best fat burners for women. 

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4. Instant Knockout

Instant knockout best fat burner for womenMuch like Leanbean, Instant Knockout also comes with a huge number of testimonials from customers all over the world, which has helping place it highly in our review of the best fat burners for women. 

You may be able to guess from the packaging, but this supplement hasn’t actually been designed specifically for women. Despite this, we believe the formula and the quality of this supplement warrants third place on our review of the best fat burners for women. 

Read on to find out why this fat burner from the people at Roar Ambition has earned its place in the top three. 

How does Instant Knockout work?

Based on the Instant Knockout formula and the many reviews we found online, you may find it helps to support your goals in the following ways: 

Supports metabolism – Instant knockout contains a range of widely-used thermogenic ingredients that may support your metabolism

Suppresses appetite – This formula contains a good serving of glucomannan to keep cravings in check

Energizes the body – Caffeine anhydrous has been added to the mix at a moderate serving to help you stay focused and physically energized

Find Out More


Instant Knockout ingredients

The Instant Knockout formula is a strong one, and contains some of our favourite ingredients, including some of the most popular elements on the market. Here’s a closer look at the main players: 

  • Green tea extract – A very popular ingredient in all premium fat burners, and served at an extremely generous level
  • Green coffee extract – widely-used and highly researched, should support your body in burning more calories 
  • Cayenne powder – This is a very well-researched thermogenic, served at a competitive level
  • Glucomannan – Our favourite appetite suppressant. Although served at a slightly less than optimal level, it’s good compared to other similar supplements
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – A moderate serving of this ingredient should both energize and raise metabolism 

At 300mg spread throughout the day, the caffeine level isn’t too high in this fat burner, but be wary of your overall stimulant intake if you do decide to take it. Do NOT take a supplement containing caffeine if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

instant knockout ingredients

Taking Instant Knockout

Take one capsule, four times a day with a large glass of water. In order to make the most out of the appetite suppressant, we’d suggest following this pattern: 

  • First capsule upon waking, at breakfast
  • Second capsule before lunch
  • Third mid-afternoon
  • Fourth and final capsule before evening meal

Aim to take your final capsule at least 5 hours before bed due to the caffeine content in Instant Knockout.

Whenever you take Instant Knockout, be sure to factor in the extra stimulants. Wherever possible, try to cut down you caffeine intake throughout the day and don’t drink a coffee or tea too close to when you’re due to take the supplement. This could result in side effects. 

Instant Knockout price and value


  • $59/£35: One bottle
  • $118/£70: Two bottles + FREE US and UK shipping
  • $185/£110: Three bottles + one bottle FREE + FREE US and UK shipping


This is also a more expensive supplement. But, as with the others, a bundle package does allow you to make some savings. 

Whether you’re planning to lose weight over a longer period, which is always the recommended way to see long-term results, or if you have a friend who’s also looking for a quality product, this could save you money. 

You’re also covered with a 90 day money back guarantee which takes a lot of the risk out of the purchase. If you don’t think it lived up to expectations after 90 days of consistent supplementation along with healthy eating and exercise, then you could get a full refund.


  • Natural formula
  • Contains appetite suppressant
  • Provides thermogenic support
  • Keeps you energized
  • Should support your goals


  • Premium price
  • Highest caffeine levels

What we think 

While this may not be a typical female-focussed product, we think it’s still one of the best fat burners for women. On the surface, you might not be attracted to the masculine design, but inside the capsules you’ll find a strong formula that’s suited to women. 

Overall the servings are excellent, the ingredients are of a high quality and customers all over the world sing its praises.

All of this adds up to a strong supplement. 

As such, we’re happy to say we rate this as one of the best fat burner supplements for women. 

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5. Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn best fat burner for women

Once again, this isn’t exactly the most feminine looking product, but behind the packaging, we’ve found an excellent product that could suit women very well. 

It doesn’t contain any added stimulants, provides great thermogenic support and offers a very high serving of appetite suppressants – all of which make it a top contender in our review of the best fat burners for women. 

Let’s take a closer look at what Hunter Burn has to offer.

How does Hunter Burn work?

The ingredients within this formula should provide you with the following benefits. 

Suppress appetite – Hunter Burn contains an optimal serving of glucomannan, which should help women effective combat cravings

Boost metabolic rate – Several ingredients within this formula are added to help boost your metabolic rate

Energize – Although no stimulants have been added, some ingredients will help to provide a gentle lift

Find Out More


Hunter Burn ingredients

The Hunter Burn formula provides a short, but interesting set of ingredients. We found some of our favourite names on there, at some of the highest servings we’ve seen. Take a look at the key elements: 

    • Konjac root extract – Hunter Burn offers an optimal 3000mg serving, which makes it one of the highest doses we’ve seen. 
    • White kidney bean – studies into this ingredients say it’s a carb blocker, which limits the amount of calories you absorb from carbohydrates
    • Matcha green tea – this form of green tea has been shown to be stronger than normal strains, which could make it a powerful thermogenic
    • Cayenne pepper – Hunter Burn provides a strong serving of this popular fat burner ingredient
    • L-theanine – although normally seen in nootropics and pre-workouts, this has been added to improve mood on a low calorie diet


Taking Hunter Burn

This supplement requires that you take six capsules a day. You should aim to have two capsules before breakfast, two before lunch and two before your evening meal. Wash each serving down with a glass of water. 

Aim to be as consistent as possible, because we know weight loss takes place over a long period of time, and all the research we found indicates that consistent supplementation over a longer period is a common theme for results.

There is a small amount of caffeine in the matcha green tea, so be aware of that if you plan to take this supplement close to bed. 

Hunter Burn price and value


  • $75/£55 – One bottle 
  • $150/£110 – Two bottles + FREE US and UK shipping
  • $225/£165 – Three bottles + one bottle FREE + FREE US and UK shipping


This is the most expensive supplement on this list. Although the formula is fantastic it’s the price that has brought it down toward the bottom of our review of the best fat burners for women.

Despite the high price, we think the value of Hunter Burn is good due to the quality and serving sizes in the formula. 

As you can see, by opting for the larger bundle, the price of the individual bottles could become lower, and as the manufacturers offer a 90 day guarantee, you’re protected.


  • Natural formula
  • High appetite suppressant serving
  • Contains popular thermogenic ingredients
  • Gentle – no added stimulants
  • Excellent quality ingredients
  • Well researched
  • Suited to women


  • Marketed towards men
  • Most expensive option

What we think

Although designed to suit men, we think this is one of the best fat burners for women. It’s gentle, high in appetite suppressants and uses popular thermogenic ingredients.

Although the formula is exceptional in our eyes, we know the price might make be a sticking point for many. However, in our opinion, the quality of this formula makes it worth the cash if you can afford it. 

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hunter Burn. 

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Ranking – How do we rank the best fat burners for women? 

The world of supplements is a confusing and complicated place. Without regulations in place, anyone can make a supplement without really even looking into any research and call it ‘the best fat burner for women’. 

Luckily, we’re pretty familiar with all the most popular ingredients for this type of supplement, and the most recent research published about them.

We’ve looked into the ingredients, the science, customer reviews and answered all the most common fat burner FAQs to bring you a complete guide to finding the best fat burner for women. 

Here’s what we had in mind throughout the review: 

Is it effective?

Are the ingredients within this supplement well-known and highly researched? And if they are used, do the serving sizes match up to the research and other similar supplements? 

Once we answered those questions, we took a look at customer reviews. The ingredients may add up on paper, but the best way to assess effectiveness is to find out how it performed in real life situations. 

Is it safe?

When it comes to safety, we know fat burners don’t have the best reputation. So we took extra precautions when it came to assessing safety.

In particular, we kept an eye out for ingredients that have been well-tested and are deemed to be generally safe to use.

We also kept an eye on the stimulant level too. While caffeine is one of the most highly-researched thermogenic ingredients in the industry, it’s also abused by some manufacturers who serve it at extremely high levels. 

This is particularly dangerous for women, as research shows we can be more sensitive to the negative side effects of caffeine than men [1]

To keep our readers safe, and to avoid any nasty side effects, we have chosen not to include any product that contains more than 300mg of caffeine for a daily serving. 

Is it intelligent?

As we mentioned a moment ago, a lot of supplement manufacturers overfill their capsules with caffeine, because it’s backed by research. However, if you really look into the science, studies show that too much could actually be detrimental and dangerous [2] [3]

This is just one example of how lazy fat burner design can be damaging to your health and a huge waste of money.

Instead we looked for supplements that provide a safe experience, and that should help you lose weight through a number of different avenues.

For example, we were on the lookout for raised metabolism, appetite suppressants, portion control and energy boosters. All of these should work together to offer a range of supports. 

What’s the company and product reputation like?

There’s a reason so many of us trust well-known brands – because they inspire trust and they’ve created a good reputation through good practices. 

By looking at the reviews of previous customers, and the other supplements offered by the manufacturers of these products, we managed to get a good idea of whether these were quality fat burners. 

To help guide this, we looked at good manufacturing processes, the facilities the products were made in and whether a supplement is available worldwide. 

The best fat burners for women – FAQ’s

There’s a lot of confusing information out there about what a fat burner is, and what it can realistically achieve for your body. Here we answer all the most frequently asked questions about fat burners, to help you get a good understanding of what they are and how they work. 

What are fat burners for women?

A fat burner is a dietary supplement, often made up of natural ingredients that have been linked to weight loss in some way. They usually contain food extracts, plant extracts and vitamins and minerals with the intention of supporting weight loss. 

They are not a magic pill that will make you lose weight and should not be relied upon to do so. 

The key to weight loss is achieving a calorie deficit through an energy restricted diet and exercise. A women’s fat burner may help to support this process, but it is extremely unlikely it alone will lead to weight loss. 

Do fat burner pills work?

As we mentioned above, a fat burner is not powerful enough or strong enough to influence weight loss alone. There is also no scientific research to prove that they will work.

As the industry is also unregulated, there’s absolutely no guarantee that any formula will ‘work’.

Some supplements may offer a higher quality formula through research backed ingredients, optimal serving sizes and good manufacturing processes, but there is still no guarantee it will work.

The best fat burners for women can only support your weight loss efforts and offer you an additional crutch, which may help you to stick to your weight loss plan for longer, or more easily. 

How long do fat burners take to work?

Weight loss happens when you stick to achieving a healthy calorie deficit over a prolonged period of time. Therefore, this is the key to seeing the results you’re looking for, a fat burner may help you get there faster, but expect to put weeks of dedication into this. 

In terms of a fat burner, they will start to take effect on your body as soon as they’re digested. Usually, this is around 30 minutes after you’ve swallowed them.

Are fat burners for women?

A fat burner supplement can be used by any adult, man or woman. They contain natural ingredients that should be received well by your body. However, high stimulant fat burners can be dangerous, and are more likely to leave women with uncomfortable side effects. 

As such, we’d suggest women choose a fat burner with a maximum of 300mg distributed throughout the day. Or, if you’re particularly sensitive, go for an option with no added stimulants. 

Are fat burners for women safe?

The safety of a fat burner depends on the formula. Overall we’d suggest avoiding the following things in a fat burner supplement:

  • Caffeine levels higher than 300mg
  • Proprietary blends – unknown blends of undisclosed ingredients (potentially dangerous)
  • Synthetic ingredients – lab made ingredients aren’t tolerated well and could lead to side effects
  • Yohimbe, bitter orange extract, synephrine – all ingredients have been linked to health issues and should be avoided

ALWAYS consult your doctor or physician before taking a fat burner supplement. Especially if you’re already taking medication.

NEVER take a fat burner supplement or anything containing caffeine if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Are there side effects to a fat burner?

The potential side effects of a weight loss supplement for women depend on the formula. If it’s high in caffeine, you could expect heart palpitations, headaches and migraines. 

It could also interrupt sleep if taken too close to bed. 

Always read the ingredients label and research the ingredients involved before you purchase it to ensure you’re fully aware of potential side effects. 

Speak to your doctor if you’re concerned about side effects. 

Final word

In our review of the best fat burners for women, we found that, when paired with a restricted calorie diet and plenty of exercise, each of these products should have what it takes to help support you with your goals.

They all provide different benefits and therefore may help to promote weight loss in a number of different ways.

Each supplement is of a high quality, is well researched and should be safe to use.

We picked out Leanbean as our top choice for best fat burners for women, but you may find one of the others suits you better. Either way, we’re happy to recommend them all as a good support.


gymgirlfit was created by health and fitness enthusiasts, with backgrounds in powerlifting and writing. We've written for a number of well-known fitness publishing companies.

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