How to do Skullcrushers

Ok. This one isn’t as violent as it first sounds. Learning how to do skullcrushers is one of my favourite ways to work the triceps. So many girls out there are worried about the back of their arms and, although you can’t spot train an area for fat loss, you can firm up the muscle. That’s wear skullcrushers come in. Plus it feels pretty badass programming them in.

Warning: You’re going to be lowering a weight towards your face here, so when we say pick a light weight, seriously, pick a light weight. And go for a short barbell or even a dumbbell, as a longer bar will be difficult to control. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can progressively increase the weight. 

How to do Skullcrushers

1. Pick a light, short barbell

2. Sit on a flat bench and grip the barbell with a close grip. If you’re using a dumbbell, just hold it in both hands

3. Lie on the bench and push the bar up so your arms are completely straight and the bar is directly above your shoulders

4. Keeping your upper arm completely still, bend at the elbow and lower the bar in a smooth arc towards your forehead

5. When your fingers are about an inch from your forehead, push the bar back up in a reverse arc until your arms are straight again

Do you feel those little tricep fireworks going off? By learning how to do skullcrushers you can firm up your arms and grow some serious strength.

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