How to Bent Over Row

Looking for the perfect accessory for your back day? Well call off the search, because learning how to bent over row is an amazing, strength-building movement that will put your upper back to the test. With the bent over row in your routine, you can bolster your deadlift and contribute to that all-round physique.

Note: If you suffer from back problems we don’t recommend you do this exercise. Consult your medical professional first. We don’t want you getting hurt, girl.

How to Bent Over Row

Woman showing the start and finish position of how to do a bent over row1. Stand in a neutral position, with your feet around hip-width apart

2. Grip a light bar with a medium grip, or use dumbbells with your palms facing down

3. Break at the knees and bend over until your back is almost parallel to the ground. Keep your weight on your heels at this point so the bar doesn’t pull you forward

4. Ensure your back is strong and straight and pull your scapulars together. Your arms and the bar should be hanging directly down

5. Keeping your back strong, lift the bar directly up by raising and bending at the elbow

6. Touch the bar at your lower chest, just below your nipple line

7. Squeeze your back together at the top of the movement

8. In a controlled motion, lower the bar back to the starting position, with a straight back and the bar hanging beneath you

Tip: Keep your back tight and don’t jerk the bar up towards you. If you find yourself dipping your back and jerking the bar, the weight is too heavy girl, and you’re at risk of injury. It should be a powerful, controlled movement.

The benefits of the bent over row

The back is one of the most powerful areas of the body, and one of the easiest to injure. By drilling your accessories and learning how to bent over row, you can hone in on these areas and build a strong set of muscles. The bent over row works the muscles in your upper and middle back, so whether you’re trying to create a certain physique, or plan to add power to your bigger lifts, the bent over row is key.

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