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20-Minute Kettlebell HIIT Workout for Women

Take this versatile piece of kit out for a spin with this fat burning kettlebell HIIT workout.

The kettlebell is one amazing bit of equipment. It’s promises resistance, coupled with some truly amazing cardiovascular benefits. As such it’s the perfect thing to kickstart a hardcore HIIT workout.

By combining the kettlebell into a HIIT training session, you can turn up the heat on those fat stores for a super effective weight loss workout.

Taking just 20 minutes out of your day, this kettlebell HIIT workout is the perfect way to incorporate a powerful calorie-blasting training session into your day, without spending hours on the treadmill.

Check it out.

What is high intensity interval training

HIIT or high intensity interval training, is a form of workout which alternates between short bursts of high energy exercise, following by short breaks which are repeated for around 10-30 minutes.

The time spans of both the exercise and rest periods can vary in length depending on the workout and the exercises involved.

TABATA is a form of HIIT which often uses weights to add an extra layer of resistance to the movements.

In terms of the benefits of HIIT, you can expect the following:

  • Increased fat burning
  • Higher metabolism for around 24 hours after training [1]
  • Promotes muscle [2]
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness

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Why do people love HIIT so much?

One of the main reasons people love to take part in things like kettlebell HIIT workouts, is because they’re so efficient.

In terms of time, a short sharp 20-minute kettlebell HIIT workout is much quicker and more enjoyable than an hour on the treadmill.

What’s more it’s efficient for fat burning too. Because of the extremely intense nature of this type of training, it’s been shown to use fat specifically for fuel, meaning it’ll help you drop those extra unwanted pounds of fat, whilst maintaining muscle [3].

As such, while it might be more demanding on the body, the workouts are so much shorter and more effective for weight loss – which we know is a motivation for many women.

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So, what’s kettlebell HIIT?

kettlebell hiit workout for women

The beauty of HIIT is that it’s completely adaptable to whatever kind of exercises and training you want to do. One of the most popular pieces of kit used to achieve a sweat-inducing session is the versatile kettlebell.

As a form of resistance, it further promotes muscle development and can really get your heart pumping, so you hit that all-important fat burn zone.

Check out our 20-minute kettlebell HIIT workout and give it a go yourself to see how it could benefit your body and your fitness levels.

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Kettlebell HIIT workout for women

Throughout this workout, remember to push yourself hard – A kettlebell HIIT workout will only be effective if you keep challenging your body. As soon as it starts to get easy, try to up the speed as safely as you can, or even up the weight slightly.

This is a kind of HIIT workout called an AMRAP, which in this case stands for as many reps as possible. So, when we say 30 seconds of kettlebell swings for example, we mean try to push yourself to complete as many swings as you can in that short period. This should help you to keep the tempo up throughout the workout.

Complete four rounds of:

A. 30 seconds kettlebell swing

B. 30 seconds rest

A. 30 seconds goblet squat

B. 30 seconds rest

A. 30 seconds kettlebell high pull

B. 30 seconds rest

A. 30 seconds burpees

B. 30 seconds rest

A. 30 seconds kettlebell thruster

B. 30 seconds rest


Work through each exercise consecutively to complete one round. Then repeat the process four times overall to pull in a fat burning kettlebell HIIT workout.

We’ve specifically used movements that recruit a range of muscle groups – this means you’ll burn more calories and work more muscles in every rep.

If you’re not sure on how to do any of the exercises, we’ve written step-by-step guides for each one below.

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Kettlebell exercises

Kettlebell swing

  1. Pick up the bell with both hands and stand with your feet at shoulder-width apart
  2. Hinge at the hip and let the bell drop between our legs
  3. Push your hips forward in a powerful moment that forces the kettlebell forward and up in a smooth swing. Be sure to keep your arms relaxed and straight
  4. When it reaches the top of its swing, which should be level with your face, let it drop back down between your legs and start the process again

Goblet squat

  1. Hold the kettlebell by the horns using both hands
  2. Left it up so it’s resting against your chest and your elbows are pointing directly down
  3. Push your hips back and down to drop into a squat
  4. At the bottom, when your hips are lower than your knees, push up through the midfoot until you’re standing again

Kettlebell high pull

  1. Stand with your fit at shoulder width apart and pick up a kettlebell with one hand
  2. Bring the kettlebell to the front of your body and hinge at the hips so the bell falls between your legs
  3. Extend your hips forward in an explosive movement to push the kettlebell up in a smooth arch
  4. When it reaches about shoulder height, pull the kettlebell in by bringing the elbow back quickly, being sure to keep it level with the shoulder
  5. From there, push forward again so the kettlebell returns to a downward swing and goes between the legs

Note: Be sure to swap arms as you go. You can either do 15 seconds on each arm or alternate every rep

Note #2: This is quite an advanced movement, so make sure you practice and are very familiar with the swing before you move on to this.


  1. Begin by lying on the floor on your front with your hands flat on the floor directly below your shoulders
  2. Push up through the hands into a press up position
  3. Jump your feet up so they’re under the hips
  4. From here, stand up and jump in a star jump
  5. When you land, reverse the motion so you’re ready to go again

Kettlebell thruster

  1. Stand with your feet at shoulder width apart, holding the kettlebell by the horns with it leaning on your chest
  2. Drop down into a squat, then push up through the midfoot in one explosive movement
  3. When you’ve reached full extension and are standing, press the kettlebell directly upwards until your arms are completely straight
  4. Slowly return the kettlebell to your chest to begin the movement again


Final thoughts

This is an incredibly effective kettlebell HIIT workout, which should help to target fat and improve your overall fitness.

By combining the versatility and resistance of the kettlebell with this type of highly intense training, you can pull in an incredibly effective workout.

Introduce it into your training program and let us know what you think!

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