Heckin Fit Resistance Band Review – 2023 Update!

Discover what makes the Heckin Fit resistance band so good. 

After scouring the market and testing and trialling all the best resistance bands out there, we rated the Heckin Fit resistance band as our favourite in our best resistance bands for glutes review. 

But what makes this band so good? To make sure you’ve got all the information, we’ve written a more in-depth review of the Heckin Fit resistance band. Now, let’s take a closer look. 

What are the benefits of using the Heckin Fit resistance band?

Here, we’ll take a look at what benefits you can expect from using the Heckin Fit resistance bands in your workouts. Take a look! 

  • Great for anyone – The Heckin Fit resistance band offers a great level of resistance. We found it to be challenging for a great, burning workout, but without it being too difficult you simply can’t move it. They’ve created a brilliant balance.
  • Fantastic results – With this resistance band, you can expect some fantastic results. The challenging, yet manageable resistance on the Heckin Fit band allows you to pull in an effective, high rep workout that guarantees size and shape. 
  • Roll and slip free experience – With a thick fabric band and a double line of elastic on the inside, you won’t experience any uncomfortable rolling or slipping, even during a really energetic workout.
  • Workout anytime, anywhere – The Heckin Fit resistance band is lightweight and small, meaning it’s a breeze to take with your wherever you prefer to workout.
  • Longevity – The excellent quality of the Heckin Fit band means you can count on this piece of kit for the long term. With a strong seam and durable, thick fabric material, you’ll get many, many hardcore workouts out of this resistance band, without worrying about it stretching or breaking.
  • Look good!! – Unlike a lot of samey resistance bands, Heckin Fit have created a bold design that will look great when you’re working out. We’re a particular fan of the Pink Lemonade design. 

What makes the Heckin Fit resistance band so good?

As we’ve mentioned, the fitness market isn’t short of resistance bands. In fact it can be very hard to sort through the bad products to find the ones that will really be worth your money. 

With that in mind, we’ve used our years of experience in the health and fitness industry to test the Heckin Fit resistance band and find out why it’s so good. 

Take a look: 

  • Premium Fabric – The Heckin Fit Band uses strong, durable premium fabric that will stand up to plenty of workouts and won’t damage easily – even in the gym! On top of that, the elastic used in this is strong, and shouldn’t stretch over time. 
  • Outstanding Design – On the Heckin Fit resistance band, the design is fantastic. With two (most other products only feature one!) elastic strips inside, you don’t need to worry about slipping at all. On top of that, the width of the band and thickness of the material means it definitely won’t roll up either – that can be painful! On top of that, it looks fantastic too. 
  • Perfect Resistance – We found that, compared to other products out there, the Heckin Fit resistance band offers a fantastic resistance. SO many bands are too hard to use, making it impossible to use, never mind build strength. Others are also too easy, which isn’t worth your money, as you won’t get the results you’re searching for. The Heckin Fit band sits in a fantastic balance between these two points. You should find it challenging, yet not too hard that it’s difficult to progress. 
  • Great Price – We found that the price for this product truly reflects the quality and effectiveness of the Heckin Fit Resistance band. While it costs more than other products out there, we found the price reassuring. The creators have clearly invested in quality, while other cheaper products are likely to offer lower quality material. 
  • Super convenient – One of the highlights of the Heckin Fit resistance band is that the delivery and purchase is super convenient. It’s available on Amazon Prime so you know you’re getting a safe, secure service, as well as a quick one!

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What can you use the Heckin Fit resistance band for? 

Heckin Fit resistance band

A Heckin Fit booty band is an excellent addition to your workouts. It’s particularly beneficial in a lower body workout, a butt focussed training session or even glute activation. Add it to your regular movements like squats and squat side steps and you’ll target the outer muscles in your glutes and legs to create a stronger, more rounded physique. 

In particular, add your Heckin Fit booty band to these movements to enjoy a burner of a butt workout. 

  • Banded Squats
  • Banded Hip Thrusts
  • Banded Clams
  • Banded Glute Bridges
  • Banded Kick Backs
  • Banded Monster Walks

Check out our selection of resistance band workouts to try your Heckin Fit resistance band out!

Heckin Fit Resistance Band Price and Value

Heckin Fit resistance band: £20 (but they always have a sale on! Check it out on their official website! It’s a great deal)

We’ve tested plenty of resistance bands here at and we can say that the Heckin Fit Booty band is worth your money. 

No doubt, there’s a lot of resistance bands out there and a lot of them come in cheaper than the Heckin Fit Resistance Band. That’s due to the simple fact that they’re just of lower quality. The Heckin Fit booty band is high quality, reliable and durable product that is worth spending a little more for. 

Plus, delivery is included in the price when you purchase from the official HeckinFit Website.



  • More expensive than other options, but worth the money
  • Only available in the UK right now!

Final word

After testing and trialing a huge number of resistance bands and booty bands, we found that the product from Heckin Fit was head and shoulders above the others. From quality, design and style points of view, it ticks all the boxes for us. We don’t think you’ll find a better small looped fabric resistance bands.  

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