Reshape Me Review – Is it Worth The Investment?

As the world of health and fitness becomes more and more ingrained in all things digital, we’re seeing a big uplift in fitness apps, designed to help you achieve your goals. Reshape Me is one of those subscription apps, focussed on delivering workouts, meal plans and health results. But is it worth your money? We’ve performed a thorough Reshape Me review, to help you find out. 

Read on to find out more about the interface, the workouts, the food plans and all the little bits in between. 

Of course, before we start our Reshape Me review, it’s worth remembering that, without commitment, this app won’t guarantee anything weightloss, or fitness-wise. If you don’t open the app, do the workouts and stick to the food plan then you won’t see the results you’re looking for. 

So, with that in mind, let’s start our Reshape Me review. 

Reshape Me Review – A personalised plan?

Before you sign up to ReshapeMe, you have to input your fitness goals, height and weight into their website, and pretty quickly it gives you a trajectory of what you can achieve and in what timeframe. At first, we were pretty dubious about how quickly we could expect to see a difference in weight loss, but if you follow their meal and workout plan, we were actually pretty much on track throughout.

Unlike other apps you don’t have to sign up or put your email address in until you’ve seen what it can do for you. Click on the link below to find out more and input your details. From there, you should see a personalised weight loss plan.

Find out More

At the ReshapeMe Website

Reshape Me workout review

Reshape Me review of workouts

The core of the Reshape Me app is the workouts. The app has everything planned out for you, which takes the indecision and procrastination about going to the gym out of the equation. 

In our Reshape Me review, we really enjoyed how you could see how long the workout will take you and how many calories you’ll burn too. It made it much easier to plan our day around the workouts, and make the most of every minute in the gym. 

We really enjoyed the workouts. Not only do you have a workout planned in for each day, so you can click and go, there are also a selection of other workouts to choose from just in case you’re not feeling the workout of the day. 

There was a good mix of cardio (as you’d expect with an app focussed around weight loss and body shape change), as well as some more ‘tightening’ workouts that are a bit more muscle focussed. 

In our Reshape Me review of the workouts, one thing we would like to see is more weight training, however we admit that that would probably be suited to a different type of application, focussed more on strength training rather than weight loss. 

During the workout…

On the home screen you’ll see the workout of the day, and the option to look at other workouts too. 

When you click into the workout, you can see before you start what’s in the plan for you, with each movement listed, including your warm up, rests and each movement. You can get a really good idea of what to expect and how the workout is structured before you start. 

When clicking start, we found the interface very helpful. You’ll see the name of each movement, a video displaying how to do it correctly, the number of reps and a bar across the bottom indicating how far you are through the workout. 

When you’ve performed the set number of reps, you click next, and it will move on to the next movement, with another helpful video to show the movement.

In our Reshape Me review, we not only found this easy to use, but we found the videos were excellent in helping to inform the correct movement with good form. This would be particularly useful if you’re a beginner. 

When you click on the workouts tab at the bottom , you’ll find your personalised workouts where you can keep track of what you’ve already achieved. Under that you can log your own manual workout, and explore other programmes available to you, that are designed to suit activity and experience levels. 

Overall, we found the number of workouts on the Reshape Me app was comprehensive and provided something for anyone of any experience level. The videos are an excellent addition and will be invaluable to beginners, or even intermediates who are looking to perfect their form. 


Reshape Me food review

Reshape Me Meal Plan review

One this that’s always difficult to follow when looking to lose weight is diet. Built in within the Reshape Me app is the a meal plan. 

You have the option to scroll through breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, all of which display their caloric value, so you can make informed decisions.

After exploring the meal plan, we found that, if you add the calories up, it comes out as your recommended daily intake if you choose one for each meal. 

In terms of taste, we found the meals to be really tasty, and offered a good variety of protein, fiber, fats and carbs too. They were also something a bit different to what we’d normally cook in the kitchen, which made for a more exciting week of food. 

It’s also not always ‘super healthy’. What we mean by that, is that the Reshape Me dishes offer a few treats too, which we appreciate as it can be easy to be discouraged by a very restrictive diet. 

Initially, when we started looking at the dishes we thought the number of ingredients was a little overwhelming, and not necessarily the most accessible ingredients from our own cupboards. We did have to go to the store and restock for a number of dishes. But that’s one small drawback as we found the meal plan made our meals much more interesting, varied and colourful. 

However, in our Reshape Me review, we found that this slight drawback was mitigated with a really helpful part of the interface, which we thought was actually a very simple stroke of genius – the shopping list. 

You can add the ingredients from the dishes you select to your ‘list’ so you can use that to plan your trip to the supermarket. 

When you click in to the meals, you’ll find helpful step-by-step instructions on how to create the dish, the measurements for each ingredient and, of course, all the allergen information you should be aware of. 

Overall, in our Reshape Me review, we found it really helpful to have the meals planned out for us. This meant we didn’t have to make any decisions or think about calories too much, which made it incredibly easy to hit the right calories and protein levels etc. 

It takes the hard work out of it for you. 

We also found that the meals made us flex our culinary muscles a little bit, which we first thought was time consuming, but we actually really enjoyed. It’s also great that you can choose alternatives that might be easier to cook, but will still allow you to meet your calorie requirements. 

Find out More

At the ReshapeMe Website

Reshape Me review – interface and usability

The Reshape Me app was incredibly easy to use. With an application all you want is something that’s smart and simple to use. For us, we found Reshape Me ticked those boxes. 

Whether it’s following the workouts, with the very handy videos to guide you through, or the useful shopping list to help you plan your meals, as we used the Reshape Me app it felt like they’d really thought of everything. 

You can also integrate the Reshape Me app with your health app on your phone, so you can count your steps on the app, without having to manually add anything in. 

We enjoyed the branding too, as it gave it a consistency that looked fantastic throughout the app. 

The amount of content on there is also impressive, as we found it allows you to tailor your experience according to your own skills and your own abilities. This meant that, for us, it was really suitable for beginners and intermediates looking to take the complications out of your workout and food routines. 

Reshape Me reviews from real people

As with any product review on GymGirlFit, we like to ensure that our findings are in line with feedback from real customers. As such, we’ve taken to the internet to find out more about the Reshape Me reviews from people who’ve tried and tested the app. 

This is important for us as, we might have a great experience with a product, but by looking at a cross-section of Reshape Me reviews from real people, we can develop a much stronger understanding of how effective it actually is at helping people achieve their goals. 

So, with that in mind, we’ve explored the Reshape Me reviews to bring you the key takeaways to be aware of. But first, it’s important to remember that to achieve any kind of weight loss, you need to be consistent with exercise and diet. So, if you read some really positive Reshape Me reviews, don’t forget you’ll need to put in the effort to achieve the same results! 

When exploring the Reshape Me reviews online, customers have been verified by the company, which is reassuring as it shows that we can be a little more sure about these being genuine reviews. 

Here’s a sample of a few Reshape me reviews from customers on the Reshape Me website: 

Elizabeth H. Says:

On my Terms

I like having the different timed workouts. Even if I’m feeling lazy I can do a 12 minute workout – I’m a fan. 

Elma says:
Quick workouts

As a new mom this app has quick workouts that I can do when the baby is sleeping. It has really helped me to get back into shape.

Sophie M. says

Good but could use some improvements

I like the recipes but a couple of things could be added to the food logging section. Like carb counting and more foods with carb information.

Overall, we found that the website Reshape me reviews from customers identified the workouts as being a big selling point, as they were convenient, and can be quick if you need them to be. 

Generally , we identified that many enjoyed the food, but would like a little more detail on their macros, as highlighted by Sophie M. above. 

It’s worth bearing in min that these are the reviews on the Reshape Me website, so it’s likely they’re probably only posting the more positive reviews. To further look into this and get a fairer view of Reshape Me reviews from real customers, we explored the Trust Pilot reviews online, as this is an independent source of reviews. 

Overall, at the time of writing, the Reshape Me App reviews were 92% excellent and 8% good. That’s a really positive starting point. 

Let’s take a look at what customers are saying: 

Juste says:

Love this app

Love this app, one of the bests out there. Great tips on nutrition & easy to follow workouts. Strongly recommend

Tom says:

Best exercise and meal plan app

Best exercise and meal plan app I’ve ever used. It was very easy to start for me as a beginner. I strongly recommend it for everyone who’s just starting their weight loss & nutritional based food journey!

Ebony says:

It is good and has helped me with my… weight loss journey

It is good and has helped me with my weight loss journey and encouraged me to keep going and not give up.

This seems quite aligned with what we saw on the Reshape Me website, so we’re happy to confirm that, like us, customers who’ve used the app found it easy to use, and very helpful when it comes to taking the complications out of dieting and exercising. 

Find out More

At the ReshapeMe Website

How much is the Reshape Me app?


If you go through their app or website, these are the savings options: 

12 month plan: 

$66 one off payment. (Would be $264 – saving of 75%) – $1.25 per week 

6 months plan:

$46 one off payment. (Would be $92 – saving 50%) – $1.75 per week

3 months plan:

$33 one off payment (Would be $33 – saving of 50%) – $2.55 per week 

As you can see, there are some considerable savings if you go for one off payments rather than a monthly subscription. Having said that, we looked around online and we couldn’t find clear information on the monthly rate, and looking at the above, it’s quite difficult to tell what it would be from these numbers. 

However, having said that we think it’s quite reasonable if you go for the $66 for the 12 month plan, especially when you look at the cost per week. 

Reshape Me review – the final word 

Overall, we found this app to be smart, easy to follow and it takes a whole lot of complication and consideration out of our workout and diet plan. It makes workouts and food planning super easy and we think that’s why it’s so popular with customers too. 

Find out More

At the ReshapeMe Website


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