How to do a Bicep Curl

Bulging biceps is absolute goals for just about every dude in the gym. For girls, it’s just as important – it’s the fast track to gorgeous toned arms. So if you want to achieve that athletic, upper body (which we know you do), learning how to do a bicep curl is essential.

Whether you want to start with the dumbbell and work your way up, or go straight for the big guns (see what we did there) with a light barbell, nailing down your form is key to avoid injury and maximize gainz.

It main seem pretty simple, but trust us, learning how to do a bicep curl is a must. You’ve all seen those guys jerking their whole upper body with a massive weight right? Nooooo, that’s not how we roll here at gymgirl.

Check out our guide and perfect your form for fabulously toned arms.

How to do a bicep curl

1. Take a dumbbell in one hand

2. Lower your hand until your dumbbell hangs straight down by your side

3. Tuck your elbow in to your side and move your hand forward slightly, until the dumbbell is in just front of your leg and in line with your shoulder. Your wrist and hand should be facing forward

4. Keeping your elbow tucked in and without moving your upper body, lift the dumbbell up in a smooth arc until it almost touches your shoulder

5. Slowly reverse, stopping at the start position with the weight just in front of your leg

Tip: When you start the next curl, avoid the temptation to swing your arm by stopped in front of your leg, taking a second, then going again.

Tip #2: Two tips?! We’re treating you today. No matter how heavy it gets, do not jerk or swing or move your body to complete the curl. Keep it tight and you’ll maximize the outcome of every movement.

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