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Weight Lifting for Women – The Lifts You Need to Know

If you’re starting out on your weight lifting journey, or are a regular in the gym, there are a few lifts you simply have to know.

Whatever your goals, learning a few key lifts is a great way to build the foundations of a transformational fitness routine.

Weight lifting for women is an amazing way to boost your fitness levels and change your physique. With more muscle on your frame you can shape your body, burn more fat and improve your overall health.

Read on for:

  • Why weight lifting for women is important
  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Bench Press
  • Lunges
  • Hip Thrust
  • Shoulder Press

Why weight lifting for women is important

Unfortunately, so many women forgo weight lifting, as they thing it can make them bulky and masculine. We’re here to tell you that, unless you’re taking some kind of anabolic steroid, that simply isn’t the case. A female fitness revolution is taking over the industry and women everywhere are discovering that lifting weights is a fantastic way to stay healthy and craft an enviable physique.

Growing strength and muscle is a great way to improve your body, but it goes far beyond just aesthetic. Lets check out exactly why weight lifting for women is so important.

First up, muscle takes more calories to maintain [1], which means it immediately boosts your overall calorie burn and metabolism. That means, the more muscle you have, the more fat burning potential your body has.

Not only does that help you to lose fat if that’s your goal, this has numerous benefits for your health [2]. With the right diet, it can help to lower blood pressure so your cardiovascular health is greatly improved. On top of that, regular strength training can help to combat the feelings of anxiety and stress, giving your mental health a boost too.

We’re sure you know more muscle means a stronger body. But on a deeper level, stronger muscle also helps to shore up your skeletal structure and significantly reduce your risk of injury. In short, it fortifies your body to keep you strong and healthy for longer.

From leg workouts to a full body session, we’ve got you covered with some essential movements that are key to weight lifting for women. Check it out.

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woman with barbell on her back

Everyone knows squats are good for you. It’s one of the best compound movements you can do for your lower body and is a staple of just about every half decent legs workout.

It recruits a huge number of muscles throughout your legs, including quads, glutes and hamstrings. What’s more, when you add weight to the movement, it can help work your core muscles too.

Once you’ve got the bodyweight squat nailed, you can move on to weighted variations. This is where you really start growing strength and shape in your muscles.

The front squat puts the load through your quads, helping you craft shapely legs. Opt for the back squat and you’ll feel the burn through your butt more.

We know a lot of women out there have the aim of toning and shaping their legs. If that sounds like you, drilling the squat is a great way to get started.


Mastering the deadlift is an amazing way to work your body from head to toe – it’s the queen of all compound movements.

Getting your form nailed on the deadlift gives you access to a whole new world of gains. From your back to your hamstrings, this movement recruits a huge amount of muscle to work in a functional way. By drilling deadlifts on the regular you can grow strength and power throughout your body.

In the modern day, it’s more important than ever to drill your deadlifts. So many of us sit at desks all day, weakening the essential muscles we need to keep our bodies strong – the posterior chain. The deadlift works all of these areas, helping to keep your body working like a well-oiled machine, which it’s why it’s on our list of essential lifts for women. 

Bench Press

When it comes to weight lifting for women, so many of us shy away from the bench press. Fair enough, the benches are usually guy territory, but every girl should be out there smashing out a few reps too.

This is another compound movement and a fantastic way to get your upper body working hard in a functional way. It pulls in your chest muscles, shoulders and arms for an all over upper body burn. 

The bench press is also one of the big three lifts in powerlifting, so if you’re looking to craft strength and toned muscle in your upper body, getting this one nailed is a must.


For a lot of women, weight lifting is about developing shape and power in the lower body. If that sounds familiar to you, you need some lunges in your life. They’re the staple of every good booty session and something you need to have in your arsenal if you want to get that peachy look.

This movement puts your glutes right in the firing line, so you can grow strength and size in your butt. Add weight to this movement and you’ve got even more muscle-building potential right at your fingertips.

With this movement you’ve got options too. Whether you’re going for a reverse lunge or a walking lunge, it will help you grow and shape your booty. If you’re feel like you really want that butt to burn, check out the split squat. You’re welcome. 

Shoulder Press

women performing a shoulder press

This movement is another staple of a good upper body workout. It pulls in all three heads of your deltoid, along with a range of muscles in your arms.

This is essential, as the muscles within your shoulders are some of the most easily injured and highly fragile in your body. It’s very easy to damage the rotator cuff or one of the deltoid heads in another lift or sport if they don’t have strong muscle shoring them up.

That’s where the shoulder press comes in. By drilling this movement on the regular, you can build the right muscles to create a strong and stable upper body.

Hip Thrust

This is another game changer for booty gains. The hip thrust is about as close to glute isolation as you can get and it helps to build size and shape unlike any other movement.

It places load directly over the hips so your glutes are taking all the weight. So, whether you need to work on building strength in your butt or growing size, this is a great way to turn up the heat.

Mastering technique in this movement is essential, so make sure you’ve got the form nailed before you start adding bigger weights to the movement.

The final rep – gymgirl hints and tips

When it comes to weight lifting for women, having these movements in your arsenal is an absolute must. It’s about more than just working those glamour muscles, they’re important to helping you create a strong all-round physique.

Whether you want to keep injury at bay, or perfect a peachy butt, there’s something here for you.

Add them together to create a full body workout, or select a few for an upper or lower body split to really home in on those areas and shape powerful muscle. Throw in some isolation accessories to really feel the burn.


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