9 Best CrossFit Gifts for Women in 2022

It’s that time of year where you’re trawling shops and websites looking for the best gifts for CrossFitters in your life! 

It seems like she might have everything they could possibly need for their daily trip to the Box, so what could you possibly buy them?! 

Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up all the best CrossFit gifts for women in 2022, to bring you the definitive list of must-buys for any female CrossFitter this year! So call off the search! There’s bound to be something in our list below that will be just perfect for them. 

We brought out team of CrossFit mad women together to hash it out, and find our top picks for the 9 categories below. With so many products out there to choose from, it came down to which products we all use the most ourselves, to bring you the best gifts for CrossFitters this year. 

Check them out below:

Best CrossFit Gifts for Women – Reviewed! 


  1. Best CrossFit Gift for Women – Built for Athletes Backpack

Built for Athletes backpack best crossfit gift for women

The Small Built for Athletes Gym Backpack is our top pick for best CrossFit gifts for women in 2022. She might have all the kit, but does she have THE staple CrossFit BackPack to make sure she gets everything to the gym safely and securely? 

With 25L capacity, lots of nifty compartments and 2 side bottle holders capable of taking your bigger bottles and protein shakers, the design has been specifically developed with your average CrossFitter in mind. 

What’s more it’s water resistant, made from super hardy material and has multiple straps for hiking and running too. 

For our review of the best gifts for female CrossFitters, we’ve gone for the small version (which is still pretty big btw! When our team tested it, we found the compartments plenty big enough for our kit, including towel, shoes, gym clothes and our jump ropes, without being completely overwhelming when we put it on. You might find that your gift recipient might want the bigger, 45L version. Check out the selection on the Built For Athletes website to find out more. 

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  • Popular CrossFit Backpack
  • 25L – big enough for your gym kit
  • Plenty of compartments
  • Designed with CrossFitters in mind
  • Durable Material


  • Price

2. Best CrossFit Gift under $20 – BlenderBottle Pro Shaker

Crossfit Gift Under $20 Blender bottle

Whether it’s a secret Santa or a distant cousin who you know loves the Box, we all know there’s no such thing as too many protein shakers! And, for under $20 on, it’s a great way to win her over, without splashing too much cash. 

The BlenderBottle brand is well known for its high quality and sturdy design. And, with a handy protein powder storage compartment on the bottom, it definitely offers more than your standard shaker. 

When we tested this out, we really loved the compartment at the bottom, because mixing a protein drink is asking for leaks, and if you leave the powder at the bottom of the mixer, then add the water later, it all clumps at the bottom. Even a good mixing ball can’t help with that!! 

So, we found it a bit of a life saver actually, when it came to topping up our protein on the go. For many of us, it’s now our favorite go-to shaker! You really can’t go wrong for a CrossFit Gift under $20. 


  • Great Price
  • Handy Protein Powder Compartment
  • Great Quality

3. Best CrossFit Gift under $15 – Stance Socks

Stance Socks gift for crossfit athletes

Find that CrossFitter in your life the perfect stocking fillers, with our top pick for best CrossFit Gifts under $15. 

You can never go wrong with socks at Christmas! What’s more, Stance is pretty much THE CrossFit sock brand. They’re comfortable, they are super durable through any WOD, everyone in the box knows they’re great and they look good too – could this be the perfect CrossFit Gift on a budget?! 

There’s plenty of options to choose from too! Head to the ROGUE website to discover the perfect pair! 


  • Cool CrossFit Brand
  • Super high quality
  • Great Stocking filler


  • Expensive for socks!

4. Best Gift for the CrossFit Influencer – Flexible iPhone Tripod

Tripod for best CrossFit Gifts

These days so many budding athletes out there are recording their progress and shouting about it on social media – and we love it! So, if you’re trying to find the best CrossFit gifts for the influencer in your life, then you should definitely check out this tripod! 

We’ve tested a few in the gym, and we were looking for something sturdy, with flexible legs that we can attach to the rig, so we can get the best angles on our workouts! And this one from came out on top! 

It ticks all the boxes for us, with a light, yet sturdy design that’s compatible with just about every smartphone out there. Plus, we found the rubber coating on the legs meant it gripped on to just about anything we wrapped it around! Perfect! 


  • Sturdy design which can withstand the gym
  • High compatibility with Smartphones
  • Rubber legs grip on to everything!

5. Best CrossFit Fashionista Gift – Women’s NoBull Black Gum Trainers

NoBull Trainers for best gifts for CrossFitters

If you’re still new to the world of CrossFit and you’re buying clothes or trainers as a gift, there’s one thing you should know – NOBULL is pretty much THE clothing brand. You’ll see plenty of NOBULL tops, sneakers and leggings at every CrossFit event. 

For good reason too! Not only are they top quality, they look great too. So, if you’re buying for someone who loves that classic CrossFit look, then NOBULL is the way to go. 

We’ve tried these sneakers ourselves and they’re super comfy, true to size, the look cool and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be showered in compliments and envious looks when you step foot in the box with them on! We love them! 

If you’re thinking of something other than sneakers as a gift, check out the rest of the apparel on NOBULL too, you really can’t go wrong. 


  • Much-loved CrossFit Brand
  • Great Quality
  • They look brilliant


  • Can be pricey

6. Best CrossFit Gifts for Recovery – Hyperice Vyper Go Vibrating Roller

Vibrating roller gift for crossfitters

When buying the best gifts for CrossFit, so many people forget just how important recovery is to a CrossFit Athlete. With the right kit, you can bounce back from a grueling workout much more quickly. 

Our top pick for the best CrossFit gifts for recovery is an improved version of the classic foam roller, for that extra special touch. From a science perspective, with the addition of vibration in the roller, it encourages blood flow in muscles where there might be a build up of knots and lactic acid to encourage healing and reduce pain in the long run. 

When we tested it, we enjoyed the addition of the vibrations and felt stretched and ready to go for our next workout the next day! 


  • Science says it’ll help you heal quicker
  • Can help to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness


  • Quite pricey!

7. Best Massage Gun for CrossFitters – Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun

Massage gun Crossfit Gift

When it comes to boosting recovery, a percussive massage gun can be a game changer. They’ve really taken off in the last few years across the sports and fitness industry, and for good reason too! 

We picked the Bob and Brad Massage gun as a great gift, as it’s been designed by the famous YouTube physio sensations, Bob and Brad! It comes with a range of heads, great speed options and is a top quality product too. 

Plus, we found that, while it offers up all the speed and variety of a great massage gun, it doesn’t come in at the top of the price spectrum! Some of the massage guns out there can be really expensive, but this one offers up a lower price, for a brilliant helping of quality. 

What’s not to love?! 


  • Great speed
  • Top quality
  • Designed by physios
  • Not too high on the price spectrum

8. Best CrossFit Gift for Beginners – ROGUE Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps for crossfit gifts for women

If the lady in your life is just starting out at CrossFit, we’ve found the perfect gift for her! Wrist wraps are a a great way to protect the wrists through heavier lifts as she builds up strength, especially in those overhead positions too. 

Plus, they’re very much part of the CrossFit look and will be in her gym bag for years to come! In our team, we all agreed we’ve relied on ours since the early days – they’re just super handy and supportive! 

What’s more, they’re not too pricey either. So they can be a really handy stocking filler that she’ll use for years to come. 

9. Best CrossFit Gift for Heavy Lifters –  EXO Sleeve 5mm Knee Sleeve

Best knee Sleeve for

We all know these athletes can lift some pretty impressive weights, and really, what better way to support your fitness fanatic than with a gift like knee sleeves! 

They work by supporting your knees through compression allowing you to provide extra stability in lifts like Squats and deadlifts. Perfect if your giftee loves those heavier lifts! 

For this, we’ve picked our tried and tested EXO Sleeve 5mm Knee Sleeves, which came out on top in our review of the best Knee Sleeves for women. Many of our team use them regularly, and find they offer great flexibility, which is essential in a CrossFit WOD, whilst also adding that extra support too! 


  • Comfortable Neoprene material 
  • Offers great support 
  • Great for heavy lifters and CrossFit WODs!


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