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Hourglass Fit Review – How Good is it Really? [2023 UPDATE]

We’ve left no stone unturned to bring you the most up-to-date and detailed, Hourglass Fit review out there, as tried and tested by our team. Read on to find out why we ranked Hourglass Fit as one of our top products on our best fat burners review

Sold as a female-focussed product, Hourglass Fit claims to help women lose weight. In 2023, this supplement has now been on the market for a few of years, meaning we can look more closely into the the Hourglass Fit reviews from real customers, as well as the ingredients and research surrounding them.

To help you find out if this is the right option for you, we’ve created a comprehensive assessment of every element of this formula to the list of Hourglass Fit reviews out there.

Our team have put then put the formula to the test, trialling the supplement themselves to share our opinions and reflections on the experience of taking Hourglass Fit.

By doing this, we hope you have all the information you need to make a decision about whether this supplement could give you the support you need on your diet.

We’ll cover everything, from ingredients so you know exactly what to expect from Hourglass Fit.

We’ve reviewed plenty of supplements in our time and we’re aware of all the latest research surrounding each ingredient in Hourglass Fit. With that in mind, we’ve taken meticulous care to analyse and assess just how effective this supplement might be.

Now, before we start it’s worth remembering that a fat burner supplement cannot be responsible for weight loss. The facts are straight forward: you can only lose weight by creating a calorie deficit through a combination of a calorie controlled diet and an active lifestyle. However, depending on the quality of the supplement, it may help to support you in this. And, after rigorous Hourglass Fit reviews, we think it might be a contender for just that.

What’s more, this review is a culmination of our team’s honest opinions and personal experiences on taking this supplement. We do our best to bring you a helpful review of a product, but everyone is different and you may have a different experience to us.

Hourglass Fit reviews

Hourglass Fit Review – Quick Overview

  • 9.5/10 Quality
  • 9/10 Research support
  • 8.5/10 Customer Feedback
  • 9/10 Price

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Key features:

  • Metabolism Boosting
  • Completely Natural Ingredients
  • Appetite Suppressant
  • No Stimulants
  • Suitable for Vegans

Research shows:

  • Could reduce portion sizes
  • May improve fat metabolism
  • Reduces cravings

Brand info:

  • Roar Ambition Ltd.
  • GMP Facilities used
  • USA Made Product

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Hourglass Fit Review – Ingredients 

In every supplement, it’s the ingredients used that tells us how well it’s likely to work. As part of our Hourglass Fit review, we’ll be looking into the research surrounding each ingredient choice to find out whether it’s likely to help you with your weight loss attempt. 

Let’s examine the detail and take a look at what’s gone in to this formula: 

  • Glucomannan – This widely used and well-researched appetite suppressant has been linked to weight loss on a number of occasions [8]. It does this by expanding slightly in the stomach to make you feel fuller, taking the edge off of cravings, cutting down snacking and reducing portion sizes [9]. One researcher has called it the potential solution to America’s obesity epidemic [10].  It may help you to reduce your cravings and to control overeating
  • Vitamin D3 – Women who regularly supplement with vitamin D3 and enjoy a healthy diet and active lifestyle were shown to lose more weight than women who did not supplement with the vitamin [3]
  • Vitamins B6 and B12 – Both of these vitamins play a key role in your metabolic processes. Those who supplement with it has been shown to increase fat oxidization [4] and long term use has been linked to weight loss [5]
  • Chromium – This trace nutrient has been shown to reduce sugary cravings [6], which is key to helping women during a diet as research reveals sweet treats are the most prominent craving [7]
  • Green Tea Extract – This is proven to contain powerful antioxidants called catechins, which induce a thermogenic reaction that increases metabolic rate [11]. This has been proven to influence weight loss [12]
  • Capsimax – Cayenne pepper extract is a powerful thermogenic that has been shown to improve calorie burn and fat oxidization [13]. In Hourglass Fit, they’ve used Capsimax, a highly concentrated version of the extract that should be more potent. 
  • Guarana – This ingredient is rich in thermogenic antioxidants and provides caffeine which can increase metabolism too [14]
  • Black Pepper Extract – This ingredient has been shown to help your body absorb more nutrients, which may help you to get the most out of this formula [15].

After a good Hourglass Fit review of the ingredients, we consider this a good formula that provides a well-rounded supplement for women. It has a lot of potential to support all the key areas we consider to be important for women, such as appetite control.

On top of that, Hourglass Fit offers a low caffeine content, which is great for women, as women have been known to react more strongly to caffeine than men. So many products out there are pumped full of caffeine, however Hourglass Fit offers a much more gentle approach that we find safer and more reassuring.

To back this up, when we tested Hourglass Fit out as a team, non of us had any adverse reactions to the caffeine content, which can be the part that causes the most side effects in many women. A couple of us did comment that they felt slightly bloated after taking it, which we put down to the glucomannan, which swells in the stomach.

One of us did comment that they felt slightly more thirsty than usual, which might be because the glucomannan absorbs some water in order to swell up, but she just had an extra glass of water and everything seemed fine.

As with many other Hourglass Fit reviews we’ve seen online, we all agreed the research and our personal experiences of a palatable fat burner make this is a very strong ingredients list.

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Hourglass Fit review ingredients table

Does Hourglass Fit work for women?

Our Hourglass Fit review revealed that this appears to be a suitable supplement for women. 

There are no added stimulants, and while the green tea and guarana may contain some caffeine, the amount is so small it shouldn’t lead to the unpleasant side effects often associated with high-caffeine products. These can include racing heart, jitters and anxiety. 

A low level of caffeine is far more reassuring as it shows genuine consideration has gone into the formulation of this product about its suitability to women.

Through the use of both chromium and glucomannan, Hourglass Fit should also help to combat cravings and may keep you fuller for longer. This has the potential to put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to cravings and overeating. 

A couple of us did say we felt fuller after taking the supplement right before eating, but without a controlled study, it’s difficult to say whether we actually ate less or lost any weight due to this. When it came to personal opinion, a few of the team did say they thought it helped with snacking.

With that in mind, if you are prone to overeating, you may find it helpful to plan your intake of Hourglass Fit to just before you eat. This may allow the glucomannan time to work, and help to make you feel fuller sooner.

The gentle nature of the Hourglass Fit formula, along with the focus on suppressing the appetite, makes it clear this is a well thought out fat burner supplement, that should cater to the needs of women very well.

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How effective is Hourglass Fit?

While we’ve examined the ingredients so far in our Hourglass Fit review,  but it’s also important we take a look at the serving sizes of each one. This should give us a good idea of how effective it could be. 

We’re happy with the servings of Vitamins D3, B6 and B12, along with the chromium. All of these exceed your recommended daily value, giving you a very strong chance of enjoying the benefits of them. 

The research we found suggests that a serving of between 2-4g of glucomannan is key to seeing the best weight loss results. Hourglass Fit sits just under this at 1500mg. While this isn’t the most optimal serving, we still think it’s a good one, as many other similar supplements out there significantly under-deliver in this area.. 

After reviewing the research and the Hourglass Fit formula, we found we were very happy with the green tea extract and the cayenne pepper in this mix. Both are widely researched and shown to have some noticeable impacts over metabolic rate in a range of studies, making them good choices in general. The servings are also strong in comparison to other high-end fat burner supplements. 

Guarana is also available in a good serving of 100mg. It’s not the most generous serving we’ve seen, but it’s still competitive. 

While we cannot say for certain whether this supplement will indeed have an impact on your weight loss,  our Hourglass Fit reviews revealed it appears to offer competitive servings of well researched ingredients and doesn’t over do it on caffeine. In our books, this makes for a reliable supplement.

The generous servings used in Hourglass Fit indicate it could be an effective option. Compared to other supplements on the market, it offers some of the best ingredients and doses, which may also impact effectiveness.

Hourglass Fit Reviews – What did other women think?

One of the most important part of analysing a product is finding out how well it works in real life situations, which is why we’ve looked at Hourglass Fit reviews from the women who’ve bought and used it, and tried it out ourselves.

Overall, we found an overwhelmingly positive reaction to this supplement when we looked at Hourglass Fit reviews. Although it’s a relatively new product at just a few years old, women all over the world claim it’s helped to support them on their weight loss diet and helped to directly contribute to these excellent results.

When we’ve looked through the Hourglass Fit reviews, we found it was well received by customers. Now it’s had a little time to settle in to the market, we can see clear patterns emerging from the testimonials online.

Not only do many women claim the supplement helped them feel fuller and support their dieting efforts, the Hourglass Fit reviews showed that very few felt the negative side effects that are often associated with high caffeine supplements.

On the testimonials section of the official website, we found fantastic Hourglass Fit reviews such as this one from Nicole in San Diego:

The hardest part of dieting for me has always been controlling cravings around my period. As soon as it gets to ‘that time of the month’ all my good intentions go right out of the window and I’m binging before I know what’s happening. And, let’s be honest, salads just aren’t the same as chocolate!

Since I started taking Hourglass Fit, I’ve felt completely in control. I’m fuller and more satisfied after meals, and I find it so much easier to say no to treats (finally!). I’ve managed to stick to my healthy diet (and dropped 8lb already) even through my period, which has always been when I go off track!

Vicki, UK

I’d tried other fat burners that were full of green coffee beans and other highly caffeinated substances. I found my sleep was interrupted and my stomach was upset. I was literally shaking after taking them. So, Hourglass Fit was a revelation!

They were so gentle I thought they couldn’t work. But my bathroom scales prove they do! I began taking Hourglass Fit alongside my regular gym routine. Within two weeks I was noticing a difference in how toned I was looking. It definitely jumpstarted my metabolism, as I didn’t massively change my lifestyle, yet saw the results I was looking for – I’ve lost 15lbs already! And because it’s 100% natural, it means I can take it worry free.

After carefully looking through countless Hourglass Fit reviews, we were happy with what we saw.

We already knew that the ingredients list was strong, but seeing how many real women are taking the supplement and responding so positively is very reassuring. It supports our findings that it has a great deal of potential when it comes to supporting a healthy lifestyle and a calorie controlled diet.

These Hourglass Fit customer reviews also showed us that the majority of women out there found it to be a gentle supplement, that didn’t leave them with side effects.

However, this may not be the case for everyone, so if you do feel unwell at all when taking this supplement, stop taking it immediately and contact your doctor. If you’re concerned about reacting to any supplement, speak to your doctor before you buy it

How to take Hourglass Fit

As good practice, we always start with the guidelines of the manufacturers when it comes to taking a supplement like Hourglass Fit. Especially since there’s an appetite suppressant in the mix, which means timing can make such a difference to get the most out of it. 

All the results we came across when reading the research on these ingredients suggests that the best way to see results is to take the supplements consistently over a prolonged period of time. As such, we would recommend taking Hourglass Fit as consistently as possible. 

This also supports a healthy, sustainable weight loss plan as, as you’ll know, the best way to lose fat and keep it off is slowly and over a long period of time. Stay consistent, be patient and be healthy in your approach to weight loss.

There are also appetite suppressants to factor into timings, so we recommend taking Hourglass Fit around 60-30 minutes before you’re due to eat. This should help combat cravings and reduce portion sizes.

With all this in mind we suggest you take Hourglass Fit like this: 

  • First capsule before breakfast
  • Second capsule before lunch
  • Third capsule before evening meal

Try not to take Hourglass Fit too close to the time you normally go to bed. While the caffeine level is low, it may affect your ability to sleep if taken too late. A couple of us are quite sensitive to caffeine and found it really beneficial to leave a few hours between the last capsule of Hourglass Fit and bed.

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Hourglass Fit side effects

Due to the fact there are no added stimulants in this formula, we believe it’s unlikely you’ll experience side effects whilst taking this supplement. However, some ingredients do contain small traces, so if you think you’re particularly sensitive or worried about a reaction, speak to your doctor before you try it. 

On a personal note, none of our team noted any side effects whatsoever. The low caffeine content meant we didn’t get any jitters or headaches, and because the glucomannan serving was also a little lower, we didn’t see any bloating either.

If you find you’re particularly sensitive to stimulants or you generally consume a lot of caffeine, consider cutting down a little maybe. 

There are no fillers, synthetics or proprietary blends in this mix which also work in favour of Hourglass Fit fat burner.

As always, if you’re unsure, we recommend you speak to your doctor before deciding to take Hourglass Fit or any other supplement.

Hourglass Fit review – price

One bottle of Hourglass Fit equates to one month worth of the product.

$55/£35 – One bottle

$110/£70 – Two bottles

$220/£140 – Four bottles + two FREE bottles + FREE worldwide delivery

As you can see, opting for a larger bundle could save you money in the long run. While it’s a larger upfront cost, it may be more suitable if you’re planning to keep the momentum going over a few months, which is always the best option if you’re planning to lose a good amount of weight, and keep it off. 

From all of our Hourglass Fit reviews and from what we know about healthy and sustainable weight loss, we know that long term is the best way to keep the fat off.  The people behind Hourglass Fit are also aware of this and therefore offer a multi-buy bundle, which makes the four bottles option the most cost effective option. offer the option to pay by American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal through secure check in.


  • Completely natural
  • Well researched
  • High quality
  • Suited to women
  • No added stimulants


  • Higher price than others

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Hourglass Fit Review – What did we think?

Our Hourglass Fit review left us feeling happy with this supplement.

It’s of a high-quality, uses smart ingredients and most importantly, was designed with women in mind. When we looked at the number of Hourglass Fit reviews out there from real women who’ve invested their own hard-earned money into the product, we found we liked it even more. 

It’s super important to ensure our findings are matching up to women who have bought the product, so it’s a good job Hourglass Fit seems to be supporting women with their diets and exercise efforts.

Compared to other similar supplements, with think this one is a great choice. While our Hourglass Fit review found that the price might be higher than some others, we believe it’s worth the money. 

If you take this supplement to work alongside a calorie restricted diet and plenty of exercise, Hourglass Fit could be a great supporting act. After a complete, and thorough Hourglass Fit review, we’re happy to recommend it to someone who needs a little help with their weight loss efforts. 

Find out more at the Hourglass Fat Burner Site


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