AddsFit Mini Review [2023 Update] – How Good is This Mini Massage Gun?

Find out whether the world’s smallest massage gun is worth your money with our AddsFit Mini Review. Or, discover how good it really is compared to similar products in our review of the 5 Best Massage guns

When we’re looking to recover from a tough workout, or work through those knots and aches that occur every now and then, a massage gun can offer an edge stretching and rolling just can’t compete with. 

The AddsFit Mini massage gun caught our eye from early on. With a dinky size and a great little portable case, it seemed to offer the best of both worlds. 

Advertised as a portable mini massage gun, the AddsFit Mini claims to be small and easy to store, but maintaining the power you’d need to break down tough muscles. A difficult balance to achieve! 

However, after we took this pint-sized piece of kit for a spin, we found it didn’t disappoint. Our AddsFit Mini massage gun review found that, while it’s a super convenient size, it still offered enough power to offer genuine relief from aches, pains and muscle tightness. 

What’s more, because it’s on the smaller side, it comes in at the lower end of the price spectrum, meaning you won’t have to fork out loads of cash either. 

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Read our full AddsFit Mini review to find out more about this fantastic portable massage gun. 

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The benefits of the AddsFit Mini massage gun

After a thorough AddsFit Mini massage gun review, we found the following to be the main benefits of this product: 

  • Convenient and easy to store – Simple design, protective case and light weight means it’s ideal if you’re on the go or don’t have a lot of space to play with 
  • Three speeds – With three speeds, you can massage your muscles with ease and adjust the intensity to suit you
  • 400 minutes battery life – The rechargeable battery offers 400 minutes of massaging which means you’ll rarely have to recharge 
  • Great price – Compared to larger massage guns, this is much cheaper. Plus, the quality of the product means it’s great value for money
  • Quiet – Due to its small sound, the AddsFit Mini is one of the quietest massage guns we’ve ever reviewed. 
  • Worldwide shipping – Whether you’re in the UK or the US, AddsFit deliver all around the world.
  • 30-day risk free refund – If you’re not completely satisfied you can return your AddsFit within 30 days, making this a fantastic, risk-free purchase.

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What is the AddsFit Mini massage gun?

The small, yet powerful AddsFit Mini can be used on muscles to help relieve muscle pain and break down stubborn knots that can cause discomfort. The vibrating gun helps to massage soft tissue, which can help to reduce pain and tightness, allowing your muscles to relax. This vibrating motion also helps to improve blood flow in the massaged areas, allowing the body to naturally flush out toxins that can build up during a workout and reduce muscle soreness. 

All of this can make you feel more comfortable and can help you to perform better in upcoming workouts, or feel ready to hit the gym again. 

Our AddsFit Mini review found that this massage gun really fills a gap in the market. Where many massage guns are quite hefty, large and often expensive, this smaller option is perfect for those looking for a more slimline solution. 

With a sleek, simple design and a conveniently sides carry case, you can throw this in your gym bag, take it with you on business trips or even store it easily in your home – all without compromising on space. 

Overall, we found that the AddsFit Mini is a unique and well-designed product for those on the go, or who just need a bit of extra help recovering between workouts. 

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What do you get with the AddsFit Mini massage gun?

AddsFit Mini Review - what's inside

When we first started unboxing the AddsFit Mini, we were happily surprised with what we found. 

The packaging with simple, yet sleek, which helped to support the reassuringly good quality of the product. 

When we opened the box, we found the small yet sturdy protective case. This is similar to the type you get when you buy an expensive set of headphones. The outer layer is hard, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the contents when you’re on the go or putting it into a well-stocked cupboard. And, weighing in at just 400g overall, you don’t feel like you’re lugging it around at all. 

Ours protective case came in a smart matte black with a simple design with a hard shell, that means that the occasional scuff is likely to go unnoticed. For the price of the product overall, we thought the case was a lovely, high-quality touch. 

AddsFit Mini Hard shell black case

Inside we found both a ‘thumb’ and ‘flat ‘triggered’ head for the gun, which provides two different massage experiences. We’ll get into how they performed later on in our AddsFit Mini review!

The case provides small compartments where you can keep the attachments, the gun itself and the charging cable in a neat arrangement. We love a no fuss, no mess approach! 

It’s worth noting that, as this is a smaller, portable product, you don’t have as many attachments as you might from a larger massage gun. However, we didn’t really find this an issue, as we found from previous experience, that the thumb shape and the flat headed option provide the kind of therapy our massage needs. 

Our favourite element of the AddsFit Mini massage gun is it’s compact, convenient nature – by adding more heads and attachments it would just overcomplicate things unnecessarily. 

The charging cable included is a C-type which is compatible with many android devices making it even more convenient to find a charging cable when you’re on the go. 

Inside the case the AddsFit Mini massage gun also came with a super useful handbook, which shows you how to use the product and more details on the warranty. 

You also get a one year warranty with this product, with the option to extend this for an additional three years for free. We’d definitely recommend taking advantage of this, so you can rest assured your product is protected for that time span. 

AddsFit Mini massage gun Spec and Power – What to Expect

We said that, despite its size, the AddsFit Mini puts in a great performance when it comes to power. But, to really get an idea of what to expect, let’s take a look at the most numbers. Now, we’re really not down with all the technical jargon, so we thought we’d pull out the most important facts for you: 

Size and weight: 12.9cm by 4cm by 10.4cm, 0.36kg

Speeds: 1600/2500/3000RPM

Battery Life: 400 Mins

Material: Aluminium

Let’s take a moment in our AddsFit Mini review to find out what these facts mean for you, the user. 

The size is, as we mentioned, pretty small! It fits nicely in your palm without being too slight that you can’t apply a good amount of force when you’re massaging. Plus, the longer handle means you can reach difficult areas like the back with relative ease. 

We’ve actually found that other, bigger massage guns are harder to use on the back, as the handle isn’t in a convenient place to reach this area. 

The weight doesn’t seem like a lot and, as something you’re packing in your bag it really isn’t noticeable at all. However, when we opened the package, we were impressed with the feel of the AddsFit Mini. It’s by no means heavy, but it had a little heft to it which we felt indicated quality.

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The speeds are important with any massaged gun. We were very impressed to see just how fast the AddsFit Mini massage gun went when it came to vibration! When we used it to massage our legs and back, we pushed it to the 3000RPM option and felt it definitely had a positive impact on our muscles. Needless to say, we were almost surprised by how impressively powerful it was for its size. With these three speeds to choose from, we think all your massage needs should be taken care of here. 

Let’s not forget, the AddsFit Mini is a portable massage gun, so the battery life is a very important factor to consider. We were happy to see it was fully charged when we opened it, which meant we could test it out straight away.

With 400 minutes of uninterrupted massaging with each charge, you may find you go weeks without recharging – Ideal if you’re buying the AddsFit Mini as a piece of travel kit!

Finally, we were happy to see that the material for the AddsFit Mini is aluminium. You may not know this, but equipment in the gym can quickly attract bacteria with sweat and dirt lingering on handles and in every nook and cranny. However, aluminium is an extremely hygienic option for a piece of kit like this. It’s easy to wipe down and keep clean in the long run – much more preferable to us over a rubber handle! 

Buy The AddsFit Mini Massage gun at the official AddsFit Website:

Find Out More about the AddsFit Mini

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How to use the AddsFit Mini massage gun

During our AddsFit Mini massage gun review, we found that it was super easy to use. 

  • Before you turn it on, choose your attachment and push it firmly into the gun until it clicks into place.
  • To turn it on, hold the button at the bottom of the handle down until the lights come on and the vibrations start. 
  • To up the speed, press the same button again.
  • As you press the button you should cycle through the three speeds.
  • Target the gun at the problem areas and begin to alter the pressure or speed depending on what is comfortable. Aim to move the gun over the area to help move the toxins out of the area. 
  • Use the flatter head for a more gentle, wider spread approach or the thumb head for a more targeted, focussed massage.
  • When you’re done, just hold the button down until the vibrating stops and the lights go off.
  • Then, remove the gun head, pack it neatly into your protective case and you’re good to go!

Disclaimer – Before you use the AddsFit Mini massage gun…

Don’t forget, while the AddsFit Mini might be a lightweight design, we know that it can pack a powerful punch – literally. The gun delivers thousands of blows a minute, so it’s worth being a little cautious before using any massage gun. 

When using it, keep the following points in mind:

  • If it starts to hurt, stop using it. This gun can be very powerful and while it might feel a little sore on muscle knots, it shouldn’t be unbearable at any point. Stop using it and take a break if it starts to hurt. 
  • Only use massage guns on soft tissue. That means muscle only. Avoid targeting bone, nerves or joints.
  • Don’t use a massage gun on your neck. Your carotid arteries run up either side of your neck and can be damaged by the vibrations of the gun.

AddsFit Mini Design

AddsFit Mini Design

After a review of the AddsFit Mini, we found the design to be sleek, smart and easy to use. 

The aluminium material is a very hygienic choice, but also adds to the streamlined style of the massage gun. While small, the handle is large enough to gain a good grip and apply a good amount of pressure during use. 

One of our favourite parts about the design is the consideration AddsFit have put into noise. This is one of the quietest massage guns we’ve ever reviewed, which is amazing as so many can be very loud. 

The design of the attachments is also fantastic, as the thumb and flat headed attachments offer enough variety and a great amount of targeted massage. 

Overall, we found it perfectly marries functionality with style, which is a very difficult balancing act to maintain. 

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AddsFit Mini Price and Value

AddsFit Mini Price: $105/£99

After carefully reviewing the massage gun market, we found that the AddsFit Mini comes in quite low on price. It’s worth bearing in mind that this product isn’t as powerful as others and only comes with two attachments. However, we found that this didn’t matter to us.

The price is excellent, the gun was plenty powerful enough to work through our aches and knots and the attachments offer enough variety for us. We couldn’t fault it.

What’s more, if you’re looking for a high-quality item that’s easy to use, convenient to store away and can be easily taken to the gym with you, then the AddsFit Mini is ideal. Overall, we rate it as excellent value for money.


  •  Excellent value for money
  • Great price
  • Fantastic power output
  • Brilliant quality
  • Good size
  • Easy to store or bring with you
  • Comes with high quality case
  • Three year warranty available for FREE
  • 30-day risk-free return policy
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Other, more powerful options are available

GymGirlFit AddsFit Mini Review – Conclusion

This palm-sized powerhouse blew us away. Not only is it smart, stylish and convenient, it delivers a fantastic performance when it comes to power. 

In short, we think this is worth every penny and will do a fantastic job in helping you to loosen off and stay supple between workouts. 

You can also buy your AddsFit Mini from Amazon, so you know you can get it quickly and easily. Take a look. 

Buy The AddsFit Mini Massage gun at the official AddsFit Website:

Buy AddsFit Mini

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  1. A silent three-speed massage gun which fits in a small package seems like an offer that cannot be refused! With the compact size and high-quality metal finish, it will be the most hygienic choice indeed. As there will be plenty of useful variations that depend on the person using it, the output of this will also vary.

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