Hydragun Review – The Quietest Massage Gun Around?

Find out more about this popular massage gun, in our Hydragun review. 

We’ve reviewed quite a few deep tissue massage guns in our time, and after performing a Hydragun review, we were impressed with the specifications, the power and the quality of the massage gun. 

From the moment we unboxed it, through to a thorough test of all the different speeds and heads, we found plenty to be excited about, especially when there are now so many similar products on the market. Find out if this massage gun is for you and read our Hydragun review. 

The benefits of the Hydragun Massage Gun

During our Hydragun review, we’ve tested this product out using the different heads and different speeds to get a thorough understanding of what it offers compared to other, similar products on the market. These are our findings:

  • Sleek Design –  Compared to other, bulkier products on the market, we found the matt dark silver of the metal and the sleek design of the control dial gave it a smart look
  • Easy to use – with just one button to turn it on and off, and change the speed it couldn’t be more simple to operate
  • Six speeds available – The Hydragun offers six speeds. Others might offer more, but upon research, we found it still matched top players in terms of top speed and power
  • Six hours battery life – This product offers a rechargeable battery that gives you up to six hours of use.
  • Excellent ergonomics – The angle of the handle and the silicone grip give the Hydragun a very comfortable experience
  • The quietest gun we’ve used – Despite the Hydraguns incredible power output, this is very quiet. We didn’t find it disruptive at all when using around the house
  • Fantastic range of heads – providing you a fantastic selection of six heads, there is a huge range of options when it comes to the intensity of the massage
  • Pressure meter – The Hydragun offers a torque meter, which lets you know when you’re applying too much pressure, helping you achieve the ideal deep tissue massage that shouldn’t hurt
  • Comes in a protective case – easy to store away or take with you, the Hydragun comes in a hard shell protective case
  • Comes with 1.5 year warranty – take advantage of a 1.5 year warranty that protects your purchase

After performing a careful Hydragun review and thoroughly testing it ourselves, we found a huge number of positive benefits of this product. Overall, using it was a fantastic experience and we saw great results.  

What is the Hydragun massage gun?

Hydragun review - inside the case

The Hydragun is used to help promote faster recovery and help you warm up your muscles before a workout. As a deep tissue massage gun, it can help you to work on knots in your muscles by massaging at a deeper level than your hands alone. The vibrations target deeper, breaking down knots in your soft tissues, so you can recover more quickly and reduce discomfort and tightness after a workout. 

These vibrations also help to ensure blood is flowing well through your muscles, helping to flush out toxins, reduce inflammation and improve your ability to recover efficiently. 

The Hydragun claims to be the quietest massage gun on the market. With something called SmoothDrive technology, the Hydragun comes in at 30-50db, making it 10db quieter than a normal conversation apparently. 

Well, we don’t know much about decibels, but after performing a Hydragun review, we found it was definitely the quietest massage gun that we’ve ever used before. 

Find Out More About The Hydragun  at the official Hydragun website:

Find Out More about the Hydragun

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What do you get with the Hydragun?

Hydragun box

In the unboxing of the Hydragun, we found a note at the bottom of the box saying they take a lot of care with creating a positive experience, and about making sure it looks and feels great. 

We really think they’ve achieved this. 

The box is as sleek and smart as the gun itself, and is of extremely high quality. As soon as we saw the smart, minimalist design we were excited to get into the box to see more. It felt like a really high-end product. 

Inside the box we found the Hydragun case. This is a hard shell matte black case, with the word Hydragun written across the front. 

Although the case is fantastic, we’ve felt others that offer a sturdier outer shell. Despite this, we still think it’s more than enough to protect and store your Hydragun safely.

Inside the case, we found compartments for each single head, as well as the gun and charging cable too. This is great as everything is well organised and doesn’t rattle around in the case so it’s a breeze storing everything, whether it’s in your home or bringing it with you to the gym. 

Along with the Hydragun, you get six heads to use. Each one offers a different experience, which can help you to achieve the massage you want or need. You also have a selection of lightweight plastic options, and some with steel heads too. This should help you find the perfect head you need for your desired body part and massage. 

The heads: 

Let’s take a closer look at what the heads are and what they can do for you. 

  • Plastic Flat Head  – Impact level – Soft 
  • Steel Flat Head  – Impact level – Medium
  • Steel Rounded Flat Head  – Impact level – Medium
  • Ball – Impact Level – Medium/soft
  • The Bullet – Impact Level – Hard
  • The Fork – Impact Level – Hard+

With six different heads to explore, you have plenty of options to try and find the right massage for you. The plastic flat head is soft, as the plastic has a good amount of grip and the bigger surface area means it won’t be too targeted if you need a softer approach. 

The two steel heads have less give than the plastic option, meaning you’ll get a harder massage, without it still being too targetted or hurting. These mean it’s easy to glide the heads over your clothes or skin so you can keep the blood moving. 

All of the flat head options are great for getting the blood moving in larger muscles due to the bigger surface area. 

The ball offers a softer approach with a wide surface area, making it suited to bigger muscles in the legs or glutes. 

The bullet is really quite targeted, meaning it’s good for deeper penetration, or use on smaller muscles. 

The fork again is quite targeted and offers deeper penetration on smaller muscles, like those in your arms.

In the case you’ll find a high quality booklet which gives you detailed information on how to use the Hydragun, as well as all the heads that come with it. 

We’ve used products with silicone heads before and we weren’t a fan as we couldn’t glide the massage gun over our muscles which is the best and safest way to use the product. The use of plastic and steel heads is a big bonus for us, we found it extremely easy to use. 

You also get a  1.5 year warranty with the Hydragun which, while it’s not as long as other products offer, it’s still an excellent bonus that we really think everyone should activate. This will help to protect your product and it’s a show of faith from the creators that they have faith they offer a top quality product. 

The Hydragun itself is certainly very impressive to look at. The simplicity of the design gives it a very sleek look, that really shows the quality of the product. 

When we picked it up, we were surprised at how light it was to hold. Compared to other, bulkier products, we found it very easy to handle and use in difficult to reach areas like the back. 

The angle of the handle has also been emphasised a lot in the design features, and we don’t know much about the science of ergonomics, but we did find it really easy to use in difficult areas. 

The silicone handle is a really nice touch too (pun intended). It’s nice and grippy so it’s unlikely to slip out of your hands mid-massage, and it’s still easy to clean and keep hygienic. And, with a body made of aerospace-grade aluminium, it’s both light and incredibly sturdy.

With just one button on the Hydragun, we also found it really easy to use. No fumbling for the right button during a massage, instead you can turn it on and off, and cycle through the different speeds all with the click of a single button. 

One really fantastic feature we love is the torque pressure meter. This is a really great design feature that we haven’t seen before, that allows you to achieve the right pressure massage. If you push too hard while you’re massaging it will light up, indicating you need a lighter pressure. 

Overall, we loved testing this massage gun and think it offers a really fantastic experience and a brilliant design.  

Buy The Hydragun  at the official Hydragun website:

Find Out More about the Hydragun

Hydragun review of Spec and Power – What to Expect

We can sit here and talk about our experience and, while that is an extremely important element of buying the right massage gun for you, sometimes you need to know about the facts and figures so you can compare to other, similar massage guns. In our Hydragun review, we’ve listed the following key elements of the product: 

Weight: 1kg

Speeds: offers 6 speeds up to 3,200 RPM

Battery Life: 270 Mins

Material: Aerospace-grade aluminium, plastic, silicone, steel

Let’s explore what this means in our Hydragun review. 

While it why weigh around the same as other similar products, our Hydragun review found that the streamlined design meant it didn’t feel bulky or as heavy as other options. 

We don’t know what the lower speeds are, but the 3200RPM for the top speed is an excellent level of power, and is more than enough to make sure you get the massage you need. 

With up to 6 hours of massaging at your disposal, you shouldn’t need to charge too regularly. Having said that, there definitely are massage guns out there with longer battery life. But realistically, it’s unlikely you’ll need to use all 6 hours in one go. 

The materials used on this gun offer a great combination of durability with lightness. Not only did we find that, in our Hydragun review, the aluminium is lightweight very sturdy, but the whole gun in itself is strong and powerful. 

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How to use the Hydragun massage gun

How to use the Hydragun

After a thorough Hydragun review, we found it was very easy to use. Here’s how to use the Hydragun: 

  • Select a head for your massage and push it into the holster, making sure it pops into place
  • With a good grip on the handle, press and hold the on button for three seconds. You should feel it click slightly as it turns on and the lights on the back light up
  • Press the on button again to start the guns vibrations
  • Press the button again to increase the speed
  • Continue to press the button to cycle through the different speeds
  • To turn the Hydragun off, press and hold the button again to turn it off

Disclaimer – Before you use any massage gun…

As with any deep tissue massage gun, the Hydragun is very powerful and should only be used properly to avoid injury. When used correctly, it is of course, safe and a really brilliant piece of kit. 

When using it, keep the following points in mind:

  • If your massage hurts, stop. A massage shouldn’t hurt, and, although it might be uncomfortable over knots etc, it shouldn’t be a painful experience
  • Soft Tissue Only! Don’t use this massage gun on anything apart from soft tissue muscle. Do not use it on joints, bones or nerves.
  • Never use a massage gun on your neck. Your carotid arteries run up either side of your neck and the vibrations from the gun can cause damage.

Follow these rules and you should be absolutely fine to use your Hydragun massage gun in a safe and effective way. 

Hydragun Design

Hydragun review

After a careful Hydragun review, we found the design was strong, from both an ergonomic and style perspective. 

With an aerospace-grade aluminium body that comes in a sleek black colour, it’s certainly a good looking machine. The matte black style is both modern and stylish.

This is also excellent in terms of hygiene, as it’s easy to keep clean and fresh with a wipe down. 

The silicone on the hand offers extra grip, as well as a smart style that looks good and offers a practical function too. It shouldn’t slip out of your hand and you should be able to reach difficult places, like your back, with relative ease. When testing it we found it was very handy to have the silicone handle on the Hydragun.  

After our Hydragun review, we also found the design of the heads was excellent too. With both steel and plastic options, we found they looked great, but also that they glide across muscles with ease, making it easy to use and more effective too. 

What’s more, the SmoothDrive Motor technology means a lot of design effort has gone into making this a very quiet massage gun. It really pays off too, it’s significantly quieter than other guns we’ve tested. 

Overall, we found a huge amount of thought and consideration has gone into creating the Hydragun massage gun, and it really shows. This is a fantastic massage gun that’s easy to use and worth every penny. 

Hydragun vs Theragun

When it comes to comparing Hydragun vs. Theragun, there’s a few things to bear in mind.

The Hydragun is a premium massage gun for sure, however when it compares to Theragun you might notice it has a more simple interface. For examle, with a Hydragun, you don’t get the bluetooth support to use the app alongside, and you don’t get the OLED display.

But, during out Hyrdragun review, we found that that doesn’t really matter. The Hydragun is powerful, effective, quiet and easy to use. In fact, we’d even say it’s easier to use than the Theragun.

Plus, one of the key things that wins us over to the Hydragun side is, you get a very easy-to-use, premium experience, without such a large price tag. So, if you’re looking for something that matches up to the Theragun, then a Hydragun may be a slightly cheaper alternative that still gives a premium massage experience.

Hydragun Reviews

One thing we noticed about the Hydragun, is the number of positive reviews it’s achieved from athletes. 

Athletes like Abbie Taddeo, NSW State Hurdles Champion and Angela Lee, ONE Women’s Atomweight Champion and Five Times World Champion, among many more have put their name to the product, claiming they use it to promote recovery. 

Although it’s clear that athlete affiliations are often paid, it is a great sign of trust in a quality product if athletes are willing to provide Hydragun reviews and put their name to it. 

We also saw that a number of big name magazines and websites have provided positive Hydragun reviews, showing how well received and popular this product is. 

If you want to read more Hydragun reviews, you can find them on their website by clicking on the below link. 

Discover More at the official Hydragun website:

Find Out More about the Hydragun

Hydragun Price and Value

Hydragun Price: $299 USD

This is by no means the cheapest product on the market. However, when we look at price, we always have to look at the value too – is it worth this price?

We found that, while this product is undoubtedly expensive, it really does offer a great spec and therefore, would be worth it for us. 

 A quality product like this will always cost more money, so if you want a really reilable, high-performing and genuinely quiet massage gun, the Hydragun product is a strong choice.

And, we believe, it really is the quietest gun out there. After a Hydragun review we’ve found it’s certainly the quietest we’ve used. 


  • The quietest massage gun we’ve ever used
  • SmoothDrive Motor technology
  • Stylish, good looking design
  • Aerospace-grade aluminium
  • Six different speeds to choose from
  • Pressure meter
  • One button – easy to use
  • Six different heads
  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • Six hours battery life
  • Protective case included
  • 1.5 year warranty included


  • Higher price

Hydragun Review – Conclusion

It’s clear if you’ve read this far into our Hydragun review, that we had a great experiencing reviewing this massage gun. From looks, down to how easy it is to use, we found it to be a really strong competitor.  

We very much enjoyed using Hydragun and we now use it regularly after workouts and to help break down knots and relieve tightness. 

The price is, no doubt, at the upper end of the spectrum, however we just can’t argue with it. It’s an excellent product and excellent products do come with a bigger price tag. 

So, if you are looking for a high quality product, that’s quiet and effective, we would happily recommend the Hydragun.

Find Out More about the Hydragun


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