Phengold Review [2023 Update] – Worth the Money?

Discover more about this supplement and read our in-depth Phengold review. We analyse each ingredient, explore real customer reviews and compare it to top competitors along with try it out ourselves to help you make the most informed decision you can, before it comes to buying!!

With claims of increased metabolism and satiated hunger, this widely known supplement caught our eye. Looking at the ingredients list, this is a veggie/vegan friendly supplement, offering high-quality, all natural ingredients – but does it actually live up to its claims?

To help you make the most educated and informed decision on whether it’s worth your time and money to buy this product, we’ve put the supplement under the microscope and tried it ourselves to give you an honest overview of our experiences of taking Phengold.

From the research behind the ingredients, to what real women who’ve taken the supplement are saying about it, our Phengold review brings you a write up you can rely on. 

Phengold Review Overview – what did we find?

Our Phengold review revealed a high-quality selection of ingredients, which really focusses around boosting metabolism. While we might’ve liked to have seen an appetite suppressant in the mix, we found a range of well-known ingredients, and the metabolism focus, making it a competitive product in the industry.

With an all natural formula, we would say this supplement is a good start for someone who doesn’t mind caffeine in their fat burner and who wants to focus on metabolism over appetite.

Impatient to find out more yourself? Head to the Phengold website:

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Light Disclaimer

Before we get started, as always, we want to remind you that, if you’re looking to lose weight just by taking a few supplement capsules each day we will stop you right here. A fat burner supplement alone, like Phengold, will not lead to weight loss – only a healthy, calorie controlled diet and exercise can do that in a sustainable and healthy way. 

To really find out how good this supplement is, we need to view it for what it is – a crutch or support alongside this healthy lifestyle. If it is any good, the most it can do is help you along the way. Please bear that in mind as we explore this supplement. 

So, without further ado, let’s kick off our Phengold review.

Gymgirlfit note: While the information provided on this site has been researched as well as possible, it is only intended for informational purposes and does not constitute professional, medical or healthcare advice or diagnosis. Therefore, the information in these articles shouldn’t be used in this way. None of the information written in these articles has been reviewed by a medical professional or the FDA. Therefore, neither this website nor the information on it should be used to treat an illness or to try to prevent any kind of illness, disease or condition.

Phengold Ingredients

  • Vitamins B3, B6 and B12 – offering a top up of three key vitamins is always great, we definitely can’t fault it as these are essential to offering health benefits, as are most vitamins. However, they claim it’s in the mix to help with appetite control, but we can’t find any further information on that. We do know they are super good for you and play an important role in your metabolic processes too [1]
  • Green Tea – Something of a heavyweight when it comes to health foods, but also a great source of catechins, which have been shown to help boost thermogenesis which may, in turn, increase your metabolism too [1
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – One of the most widely consumed elements of the Phengold formula, or any fat burner most likely, you’ll find caffeine in your daily cup of coffee. As such it’s very well researched and has also been proven to increase thermogenesis which has then been linked to increased metabolism[4]. At 225mg served throughout the day, this should give you a steadier burn and may help to keep you energised too. 
  • Cayenne Pepper – This is another very popular choice for a fat burner. Cayenne pepper has been shown on several occasions to influence thermogenesis, and has been linked to increased metabolism [5]. At 200mg it’s a competitive serving compared to other, similar supplements. 
  • Green Coffee – Yet another well-used ingredient in these fat burner arena, green coffee offers up small servings of caffeine, as well as chlorogenic acid, which has been linked in trials to fat reduction, but we’re not certain the serving sizes will tick the boxes for effective results [6].
  • BioPerine Black Pepper – This is also a well-known ingredient and has been created from black pepper extract. It’s in the mix as clinical research suggests it may help to improve the bioavailability of the other ingredients in the formula[7] . So it could, in theory, help to improve the performance of this formula overall. 

A closer look…

Looking at the Phengold formula it’s clear that the main focus is on the metabolism boosting. We found a great selection of well known and well researched ingredients in the mix, that offer competitive servings, all focussed on boosting your metabolism which may have an impact on weight loss. 

This is great if that’s your focus or if your metabolism needs a boost. Usually, when looking for a strong fat burner for women, we like to see a gentler approach to caffeine and a bit more of a focus on appetite suppression, but it’s down to the individual and we think this might be a good choice if you are planning on focussing on your metabolism. 

When we tested it out ourselves, we definitely felt an energy boost from the caffeine, green tea and the green coffee. It wasn’t overwhelming, but definitely something noticeable if you’re not keen on additional stimulants.

That’s not to say there were any side effects though. While we felt the boost, non of us reported any headaches or nausea, which is a plus! Overall, it was noticeable but palatable and comfortable to take. No bloating, headaches or nausea.

However, it is worth noting we took this supplement slightly differently to the directions from the manufacturers. We’ll go into this slightly further on in the review, but it can change how you react to the supplement, so it’s important to read that section too.

Overall, we love to see an all-natural formula that offers competitive yet responsible serving sizes and well-researched ingredients. And, with Phengold, that’s exactly what you get, so it’s a good start for us. 

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At the official Phengold Website

Is Phengold designed for women?

Despite it’s quite masculine looking design, we think that, after a careful Phengold review, it might have some great benefits to offer women. While it wouldn’t be our number one pick for women simply because it doesn’t offer appetite suppression, it’s certainly got some promising metabolism focussed attributes if you’re ok with a serving of caffeine throughout the day. 

Our team just reduced the amount of coffee they drank in a day if they felt it was a little too much.

To assess whether this product is appropriate for women in our Phengold review, we’ve highlighted two key areas that we know can be key considerations for women when buying a fat burner – appetite control, caffeine consumption and metabolism. 

Phengold and appetite

Appetite is a big on one our list when it comes a women’s fat burner. Women do often fall victim to cravings, and portion size can be an issue for anyone of any sex. So it goes without saying that, for us, there has to be an element of appetite control in a good quality supplement like Phengold. 

On the side of the box it does say that they offer appetite control in the form of vitamin B6. Now, for us this is ok, but it’s by no means the best option out there.

For us, we would like to see the offering of glucomannan, which has been shown on several occasions to help reduce the impacts of cravings and appetite [12]. 

It’s great that they’ve considered this, but I think there’s improvements to be made in this area. 

Phengold and caffeine levels

Some supplements out there in the fat burner category offer some crazy levels of caffeine, and that’s neither safe, nor effective – especially for women who can be more sensitive to the effects of the stimulant [13]. 

So with that in mind, we’ve used our Phengold review to take a close look at the levels of the stimulant offered. In Phengold we found a serving of 225mg of caffeine. Initially, we thought this was very high, but when considered over three capsules taken throughout the day, it comes in at well within healthy limits to be taken throughout the day [14].

If you are sensitive to caffeine, this might not be the supplement for you, but if you feel like you appreciate an energy boost when on a low calorie diet then you may find this beneficial. Just consider the extra stimulant intake when making your normal cups of tea or coffee throughout the day, and try not to take your last capsule too close to bed time. 

Phengold and metabolism

If you feel like your metabolism might be an issue, then Phengold could be a good choice to help support metabolic function. Due to the focus on the metabolism when it comes to the ingredients, there’s plenty of research on this formula to suggest it might be a positive support for someone with this aim. 

There are four separate elements within this formula that have been linked to increasing metabolism and, compared to other similar supplements, you have a good serving of them too. So that’s something interesting to consider as you continue reading this Phengold review. 

It’s worth noting too that, aside from the sciencey bits above when our team (all women!) tried out Phengold, none of us had a bad experience on it. It’s hard to attribute any weight loss to the supplement without a controlled study in place, but it’s worth noting we didn’t experience negative side effects, felt comfortable taking the supplement and generally, felt energised throughout.

Will Phengold make you burn fat?

Looking at the ingredients in this supplement in our Phengold review, fat burning is definitely the main aim of the formula. But, of course, we cannot say whether taking these will make you lose weight. 

We all know that the only way to burn fat is to exercise regularly and follow a healthy, controlled diet. 

So, if you want to lean on Phengold alone for weight loss then we’re sorry – it’s just not possible. With this supplement or any. 

However, if you are committed to weight loss and you pair this supplement with a health calorie controlled diet and exercise, then Phengold may help to speed things along by potentially having a positive impact on your metabolism. We can’t say for sure, but with the research we’ve found and the servings, it’s a possibility. 

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How to take Phengold

According to the instructions on the supplement, the creators have suggested  that you should take Phengold in the following way: 

Take three capsules approximately 20 minutes before your breakfast. Directions should be followed on both workout and non-workout days. 

Now, we have a slight issue with this. 225mg of caffeine in one hit is quite a lot. While we didn’t experience side effects ourselves, not everyone is the same and it is possible you might have a reaction to the stimulants. Think jitters, anxiety and maybe even headaches. 

To avoid this, we’d suggest taking the supplement at intervals throughout the day rather than all at once, as this will also help you to maintain that all important thermogenesis for longer, and should ease the effects of the caffeine too. 

When we took the supplement, a couple of us did take it all at once at the start of the day, as per the guidelines, but it became pretty clear that that as a very strong serving of stimulants. By taking it at intervals throughout, it was a lot less intense, and a lot easier to digest.

What’s more, you don’t particularly need to take it before a meal, as the focus on appetite suppression isn’t very strong in this supplement. 

The only other thing we’d say is try to avoid taking your last capsule too close to bed as you may struggle to sleep. 

Phengold side effects

We’ve found the ingredients within this formula are natural, well known to us and generally well researched. 

The only element you may find that you want to be careful with is the caffeine. As we mentioned above, it is suggested by the creators you take all three capsules at once, but we’d recommend you avoid this as the caffeine may make you feel anxious, jittery and even nauseous. 

If you are sensitive to the effects of caffeine then we suggest you reconsider taking Phengold, take it throughout the day rather than all at once or look for a low or no stimulant alternative.

And, as always, we recommend you speak to a doctor before you consider taking a supplement like Phengold. If you do experience any side effects of taking a supplement like Phengold stop taking it immediately and consult your doctor. 

Phengold reviews – what do customers think?

While this is a relatively new supplement to the market, we have found some Phengold reviews from real customers for us to explore. 

This is such an essential part of any fat burner review as it’s all very well us reviewing it and saying we think it could help with metabolism, but we need a wider cross section of results from real customers to understand just how well this supplement actually performs in real life.

Phengold reviews from customers also give us a great idea of how well received they are in terms of side effects too. 

So, by looking at Phengold reviews, we can help you to gain an even better understanding of whether this supplement is worth your money. Let’s take a look

But first…

Disclaimer alert: we can’t verify these Phengold reviews personally. And, as we’ve mentioned, please bear in mind that weight loss does come with hard work, exercise and a calorie restricted diet – not supplements alone. So, while we can share these Phengold reviews for you, we can’t say for sure that they are entirely accurate. Having said that, it does help to give us a better idea of the quality and efficacy of Phengold. 

“I started working out three times per week and eating healthier. At first, I struggled with eating fewer calories which inevitably led to snacking. That’s where PhenGold made the biggest difference. Within four weeks of adding PhenGold into my routine, I dropped 9 pounds and lost 2 inches around my waist! 

Seeing the weight dropping off gave me the boost I needed to keep going. And for the first time in months, I can feel my confidence starting to return.”

– Laura, New York, US

In this Phengold review Laura claims that it was Phengold that helped her to lose the baby weight she’d put on through pregnancy. We can’t say whether it’s true, but it’s good timing and she doesn’t say anything negative about taking the supplement. 

“When my sister recommended PhenGold I was sceptical. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t even take pain killers, so using a weight loss supplement was not a decision I took lightly.

After taking PhenGold for 3 weeks I felt I had more energy and better focus. For me, that was the kick I needed to keep going.

I’m so glad I didn’t give up because over a period of four months I was able to lose 21 pounds! That was the magical number for me because it meant I was finally back to my original weight.

I now feel confident enough to join a gym and I plan to keep on using PhenGold as a way to control my snacking and maintain my weight.”

– Kristina, London, UK

Kristina highlighted an element we expected in our Phengold review, which is energy levels. She has done just as we’ve suggested and used the supplement as a support alongside healthy eating and exercise and it appears to have paid off for her. 

As time goes on we’re sure more Phengold reviews from real customers will pop up on the internet, and we’ll add any further helpful reviews to this article as and when we find them. Hopefully this should help our readers stay up to date on the latest information regarding this supplement. 

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At the official Phengold Website

Phengold vs top competitors

As always, we like to compare a supplement we’re reviewing against some of the more popular options out there, including some of the supplements we’ve reviewed several times. 

We think this is essential as we want our readers to know how good a supplement is compared to other, similar options out there. That way you’ll know if this product really does tick all the boxes for you. 

So, as part of our Phengold review, we’ve compared Phengold to three other, similar fat burners for women. 

Phengold vs Leanbean

Leanbean is one of the most popular female fat burners on the market right now, and it’s come in top on our review of the best fat burners for women for two years running. 

As such it makes sense that we compare Phengold vs Leanbean. 

In terms of ingredients, Leanbean offers both appetite suppression, as well as thermogenesis, which is great for women. However, we will say that, while it lacks in appetite control elements, it does provide a really good thermogenesis offering – but that comes at the price of high caffeine levels.

So, if you’re not worried about appetite suppression and you don’t mind high caffeine levels then Phengold might work for you. But, if you’re after a low stimulant all-rounder designed for women, check out our Leanbean review. 

Phengold vs Hourglass

Another great women’s fat burner supplement, Hourglass offers a good appetite suppression, combined with thermogenesis too. 

Again, Phengold holds the victory when it comes to thermogenesis overall, but if you are looking for appetite suppression then Hourglass takes the crown. 

One thing Phengold does have is a really strong focus. Hourglass offers half the appetite suppression of Leanbean, and not as much thermogenesis as Phengold, so while we think Hourglass offers a little more diversity, it doesn’t have the focus that Phengold offers when it comes to thermogenesis. 

With that in mind, Phengold should be a good shout if you really are focussed on boosting that metabolism. 

Read our Hourglass review. 

Phengold vs Trimtone 

For us, Trimtone offers similar ingredients to Phengold (caffeine, green coffee and green tea) but ther servings in Phengold offer so much more. 

This is because the serving size for Phengold is three capsules, whereas Trimtone only offers one a day. So you’ve got three times the ingredients in Phengold which is a massive positive. 

Because of this, we have to say that Phengold is a very good choice in comparison. 

Read our Trimtone review. 

Should you take Phengold?

During our Phengold review we’ve pulled out all the pros and the cons of this supplement. As such, we realise that it might work for some better than others. So, with that in mind, we’ve pulled out who should take Phengold and who should consider looking for something else.

Who should take Phengold? 

  • Someone who is ready to put the work in with a good diet and exercise
  • Someone looking to pay a little more for a quality product
  • Someone who isn’t sensitive to caffeine
  • Someone who’s looking for a vegan friendly option

Who shouldn’t take Phengold

  • Someone looking for a quick fix
  • Someone sensitive to caffeine
  • Someone who need appetite suppression

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At the official Phengold Website

Phengold price and value

In a single tub of Phengold you get enough capsules for 30 days of use (three capsules a day)

  • One month supply – $79.95 / £59.95
  • Two month supply + one month free – $239.85/£119.95
  • Three months supply + two months free – $399.75/£179.95

In terms of value, Phengold is definitely at the more expensive end of the spectrum. However, we think that it’s worth paying a little more for this supplement for a few reasons: 

  1. Successful, sustainable weight loss happens over a long period of time, not a couple of weeks. Therefore you might need more of this supplement and Phengold offers some of the best multi-buy deals we’ve seen in this area of supplementation. So, if you’re serious about losing weight, this supplement does offer some great discounts for long term effort.
  2. This is a high quality, all natural formula, which offers well researched ingredients that are generally considered safe. That’s a rare thing in this area of the industry.
  3. We’ve noticed they regularly offer sales. So, keep an eye out for discounted prices, as you might be able to bag an even better deal and make it even more worthwhile. If you do see this act fast as they generally go out of stock quite quickly. 

Phengold review – the final word 

There’s no doubt this is a formula that’s really geared around metabolism boosting. While we usually like to see some appetite suppression in there, we’re not mad about this.

Our Phengold review revealed a well-thought-out supplement that offers a focussed formula, strong serving sizes and a well-researched set of ingredients.

If you are sensitive to stimulants, then maybe steer clear, but overall we thought this supplement could offer women a good support in their weight loss efforts. 

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