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A good multivitamin for women can help to support your body in gaining the nutrition it needs to keep ticking over healthily. Powher Multivitamin for Women has been created for women with the intention of supporting a woman’s body. We’ve performed a Powher Multivitamin review to help you find out whether it really can help you with your health goals. 

Before we get started, we want to throw out a disclaimer, as we always do here at Gymgirlfit, to ensure we’re being as honest and transparent as possible. 

Please note that you should not rely on a supplement like Powher Multivitamin for Women for your nutritional needs. The best way to get the nutrition your body needs is by enjoying a balanced and varied diet, which includes plenty of fruit, veg, grains and nuts. 

A product like the Powher Multivitamin is a good way of supporting a healthy diet, and plugging the gaps where you might not be getting an optimal amount. 

With that in mind, let’s start our Powher Multivitamin review, or check out the product yourself at the official Powher Site:

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At the official Powher website 

Is the Powher Multivitamin for you? 

The Powher Multivitamin for Women is pretty much what it says on the tin… it’s a multivitamin designed to be taken specifically for women. But should you take it? 

The concept behind any multivitamin for women is that it should help to support your lifestyle, your health and your fitness journey. So basically, it should really just help you stay healthy through pretty much anything. 

To do that, we need to ensure in our Powher Multivitamin review that it has an ingredient profile that enables it to support you in this way. We’ll look at the ingredients in more detail in a second. 

When it comes to the brand, we have reviewed a few Powher products before, and have always found them to be producers of high quality products. We find their websites to be transparent and honest, and they have, in the past, used good servings of well-researched ingredients. 

As we said above, if you have a healthy, well-balanced diet it’s likely that you will get all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs. However, if you think you could benefit from a top up, then the Powher Multivitamin might be the one for you.

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Powher Multivitamin Ingredients 

Powher Multivitamin Ingredients

The key to any high-quality supplement is in the ingredients profile. And, as this is advertised as a women’s product, the Powher Multivitamin for women contains some specific ingredients that have been linked to specifically supporting women’s health. With that in mind, it’s important it contains good servings of these ingredients, especially compared to generic or male-focussed supplements. 

In terms of generic ingredients, Powher Multivitamin includes some essential vitamins that will help to support your general health. For example, you’ll find vitamins B1,2,3 and 4, along with Vitamin C in good servings, amongst many others. 

Alongside this, you’ll find vitamin D and coenzyme Q10, which should help to support your workouts if that’s on your agenda.

However, the following are the key vitamins for women: 


Women are more likely to be affected by anemia due to monthly periods. And, if you’re vegetarian or vegan then you may find the lack of meat can further impact your iron levels[1]. 

As such, a supplement like Powher Multivitamin for Women can be an excellent way to ensure you get the right nutrients into your diet. 

Powher Multivitamin contains a strong 50% of your daily recommended intake at 9 milligrams of Iron. 

Folic Acid

This is one of the most famous vitamins for women, with a huge body of evidence supporting its benefits in supporting a healthy pregnancy [2]. 

However, even if you’re not pregnant, there are some excellent benefits to regularly taking on folic acid. It can help to produce red blood cells, which can help to avoid tiredness and fatigue, while promoting a bright complexion [3].

So, if you enjoy leading an active lifestyle or are pregnant, then ensuring you get a good serving of folic acid is important. 

Powher Multivitamin for Women offers 167% of your daily recommended value in each capsule, which is more than enough each day. 

Choline Bitartrate and Biotin

These are also well-known ingredients that we’ve noted are served at a comparatively high level when pitted against other similar women’s multivitamins. Both choline and Biotin are a very common choice for those looking to support healthy hair growth, and a lack of these nutrients have been linked to a thinning hair and even baldness [4].

Alongside these key ingredients that we believe have an important place in a woman’s multivitamin, you’ve also got all the essential B vitamins, which helps to combat fatigue. Coenzyme Q10, which is great in supporting an active lifestyle and promoting recovery and Vitamin D which is essential to stay stocked up on, especially in winter months when you aren’t going to be out in the sun so much. 

Overall, we found the Powher Multivitamin for Women really did tick a lot of boxes when it comes to being tailored specifically for women. We also found the selection of ingredients very promising and the servings competitive when compared to other similar products. 

Find out more

At the official Powher website 

The benefits of Powher Multivitamin for Women

Powher Multivitamin reviewThe ingredient profile of Powher Multivitamin is a good one. But aside from that, you might be considering whether this is a quality product, and whether you should invest in this product or another. 

Alongside the ingredient profile, Powher Multivitamin also comes with these benefits:

Created alongside a registered dietician

This is extremely reassuring to see. A product that has been specifically created by an expert in dietetics always helps us to feel secure in the fact that this is a well researched formula, supported by someone who really knows what they’re talking about. With this, you get a little more peace of mind that the ingredients are served to the levels necessary to benefit your health, and that the right ingredients are included in the profile. 

A convenient way to supplement

As the Powher Multivitamin comes in convenient capsules that you take just once a day, adding this vitamin to your daily routine shouldn’t be difficult. What’s more, because it contains so many of the essential nutrients, it’s a convenient way to plug any gaps in your diet. 

Formulated for women

The dietician who developed this formula has made it clear that they’ve done so specifically with the nutritional needs of women in mind. We can see that, based on the research and the popularity of some of these vitamins, it’s clear that this product has been specifically created for women. 

Subscription service

As with many other similar products, you can benefit from the Powher Multivitamin subscription. Each bottle contains 30 capsules, equating to 30 days of supplementation. If you sign up for their subscription service you can ensure you receive a new bottle every month. We like this option, as it ensures you continue to keep your nutrient levels topped up, without having to worry about ordering your next bottle in time. It’s also possible to get a discount if you choose to subscribe to Powher Multivitamin for Women. 

GMP Certified, FDA or BRC approved facilities

Powher Multivitamin for women has been Good Manufacturing Practice approved, meaning Powher create their products up to certain standards. 

These Multivitamins have also been made and bottled in facilities that are both FDA and BRC registered. Again, this shows that they have been created in a facilities that adhere to certain standards. 

Find out more

At the official Powher website 

Powher Multivitamin for Women reviews from customers

A big part of any product review at Gymgirlfit is looking at what real customers think about it. At the moment, Powher Multivitamin reviews aren’t that common as this is a new product. We’ll keep an eye out for more as they arise in future.

Powher Multivitamin for Women Pricing

As mentioned above, there is the option to subscribe to Powher Multivitamin for Women, and there are a range of pricing options to choose from. 

1 bottle: $39.99/£29 per bottle

1 bottle subscription once every 30 days: $35 /£27 per bottle

(Ultimate) 3 bottle subscription once every 3 months: $96/£71.97 (£23 a bottle)

Depending on how you get on with Powher Multivitamin, you might want to opt for a subscription. As with many vitamins, consistency is often the best way to ensure your nutrient levels are consistently topped up. 

So, if you find that, after 30 days, you are enjoying the benefits of Powher Multivitamin for Women, a subscription might be a good way to save money per bottle. 

Obviously, this would only be a benefit if you’re thinking of taking Powher Multivitamin in the long run, so it might be worth testing the supplement out beforehand. 

Powher Multivitamin Trial – what Lauren thought

To find out how good this product was, one of our team, Lauren, trialed the supplement for two weeks to see if there was any noticeable difference to the way she felt. Here’s what she found.

Lauren: I trialed Powher Multivitamin for two weeks to give the supplement time to work and to note down any difference in the way that I felt.

Overall, I do feel like I have a good diet so Powher Multivitamin wasn’t completely necessary, but it’s always good to top up on those vitamins and minerals anyway.

To be completely honest, I did feel more wakeful throughout the day and didn’t get my usual 3pm lull during work hours, which was the biggest difference I felt.

On top of that, I got my nails done just before I started taking Powher Multivitamin and one big thing I noticed was that my nails seem to have grown quite a bit. I know that’s a big thing with women’s multivitamins, so I was quite pleased to see that as a result.

Of course, these are just things I noticed that I felt were different to normal while I was taking Powher Multivitamin for women, so I can’t say the vit was completely to thank, but I do think these things wouldn’t have normally happened if I hadn’t been supplementing.

How to take Powher Multivitamin for Women

The manufacturers recommend you take one capsule of Powher Multivitamin once a day with a glass of water (around 8 oz is recommended). 

As the ingredients in this supplement don’t contain anything that will affect your sleep, you don’t need to worry about when you take this multivitamin. Instead, just ensure you take it every day regularly. 

Powher Multivitamin for Women the final word

Overall, we think Powher Multivitamin for Women is a well-devised option if you’re looking for a female-specific option. On a Powher Multivitamin for Women Review, we found that the research surrounding this product supported it’s suitability for females, and the fact it’s been created with the expertise of a dietician is extremely reassuring to us. 

Find out more

At the official Powher website 


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